Earth: A REAL fallen planet


I have not written in awhile and don’t know what to say in regards to a title. I have been through absolute hell on this planet. I feel like I was born for a torture program and everyone around me are liars and sit in silence. I know that earth is totally a fallen planet and yes it is run by Lucifer.  Today, around 10:00 am or so.. they induced me into a sleep and I received a very negative cuban like elite man giving me shit about me. This whole entire AI thing is designed for them to have their astral sex and abuse people that won’t go along with their sick human trafficking and human eating andrenochrome.  I don’t care what the world thinks of me at all. I know what has happened to me from these lizards that look human because I know that Lucifer used his seed to hide his destruction. He has an army and he has built it with loyalists and clones and machinery now.  Yes he walks this planet. He is about 5’5″ tall and has brown copper hair and very handsome. He did a video called Cooking with Trash with his so called mom. Who knows.  At first when I met him his hair was frazzled out. Then I saw his halo. The illuminated one. Oh yeah and that is when I closed my laptop. I was like oh No you don’t. Not interested.  He is the stealer of dreams. He takes what does not belong to him by putting a spider like AI thing in your eye to watch what you do in real time. Of course, all your shit is done in real time and that is how the gangstalkers know when you go out the door because the technology is fallen.  Yes the greys are involved too and they are part of his situation. I received very heavy psychic attacks from them. I don’t like them at all.  I used to look at them in comic books and just not like them at all.  My mother is a secret witch who is loyal to lucifer and now it makes perfect sense her behavior towards me.  While I was going through heavy gangstalking she even wanted to put in a psych ward and said that “she would pay for it.”  She even wanted to call the cops on me. Her own daughter. So, now that I look back on a lot of shit in my life.. it is a Holy War. A war only from the Creator when he kicked Lucifer out of Heaven. Lucifer used his seed to infect man kind and has done a bang up job of getting everyone to love him via through the fallen technology and his gifts.  I remember one day I was driving my car and thinking to myself , ” How in the world do these people get fancy cars?” Now, I know. They somehow sacrifice something for Lucifer to “show their love for him.”  I have a pretty good idea of how this planet works. A shit load of Tis who pretend to be targeted by him are now fading away. They are going silent.  Do you know why? because they don’t have the truth. and also work for Lucifer.  I have run into a ton of worshippers. The chemtrails are the reason for the brain washing. So, you get to meet him in the 4d via your pineal gland. I remember my first meeting with him. He punched me in the face in the 4d.  He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt from the 1970s.  Then one day I ran into him. He gave off a very negative attitude to me. He stopped right in front of me on his bike. He wore a helmet so I could not see his face, but I definitely could feel his hatred towards me. This is why I am here just to get a report card on Earth and the inhabitants and leave back to the Creator. I hate it here. I can’t stand it and No.. I will complete what I can and be happy to leave this section of the Universe and go Home, finally.  I will have a report on soul level achievements.  I think he is working his way up to Heaven to infect it and get God’s throne in the dimensions.  He wants that throne. Of course. He is using Earth as a springboard in my opinion. Anyhow, Chemtrails are a bio-weapon used on the central nervous system and your Dna is then given to him to torture you with. I recommend that you do not smoke dope when you are a Ti because you will see things in 4d that is really not suitable.  Marijuana is a form where you are vulnerable and you can’t really fight back. So, no dope.  Try to stay off of medication from the pharmacology people.  I just know that I don’t like it here and my last mission. I do not want to be recycled here again for torture. I have grown up. I really have and know now what this planet is all about.  I wish to go Home back to my loved ones. That could be a planet or Heaven itself.  I hope it is away from this joint.  VIP club. haha.  I hope my writings help someone some day. I have been literally thrown down in the dirt with this targeting.  My whole life ruined due to who I am on a soul level.  It is wrong to track and trace someone based on who they are on a soul level. However, it is here.  Bio metric scanning is what lucifer wants and most of the people on the planet worship him so they don’t have a problem with it.  They get their information via the inversion of the pineal gland anyhow.  They get their information from Lucifer on children of God and then they are stalked at a later time.  Well, I am going to write later because I am getting tired and being hit with ELF.


The time is 6:42 am. I couldn’t get any real sleep and that is done on purpose from Lucifer/ Darpa.  I want to sue the shit out of Lindsey Graham and Al gore. How? I don’t have anyway to do it?  I have no money and this planet is designed for money. I know what has happened to me and it should not happen to anyone else, especiallay to a child who grew up happy and into adulthood. I will never accept the fallen angel, Michael. I would rather die than work for that  spider thing.  I have an implant so that thing can monitor me.  The greatest violation is for someone or something to put an illegal object inside someone and track and hunt them down.  However, we are dealing with Orion, now aren’t we. The hunter of men. They steal your medical files and give it to that thing michael so that a laser can hit you in the eye and put this tracking device inside your body and violate your mind and sleeping consciousness.  The chemtrails are behind this big time.  I met the mother fucker yesterday. He was playing golf and I wonder why that thing did not confront me?  I was right there. However, he was playing golf. “He became man.”  Remember this. The fucking cops protect that thing.  So, does the rest of society because they all love this thing call Jesus or mohammad . He is actually a living nightmare.  He steals from you. however, there are people who just love what they do and want to be violated by that thing called Lucifer.  Some of these people are NOT human. They are cross bred things. Grey/ human. I believe that most of the children cases are children who are designed to be abducted and murdered to feed that thing lucifer.  I wonder why I am alive. ?  It is not my mom. She fucking  sat in silence while all my gangstalking was going on and she knows darn good and well what has happened to me. She did nothing. She will be punished somehow some way by not being accepted into Heaven. No way. She can stay with Lucifer. There is no way she will infiltrate Heaven. She is the biggest liar too and fits in with all the other woman on this planet.  I was a very happy child. I did that on my own. I looked up to my dad. He was great. I don’t think he was happy with my mom though towards the end.  I think my mom just picked him because he was smart.  She wanted a smart guy so that she could leave home. 

So, the way this works is that the chemtrails are sprayed all over the world. Then if you have a job.. you are mobbed to death to quit. It was done to me twice.  I used to work for TSA/ DHS , which is a made up agency from the bush reptilian family. Cody Johnson an 18 yr old kid did not show up for work and people were blaming me because we talked about lizards on You Tube. Well, he did not show up and the people I worked for played this fucking game on how he was going ballistic and grabbed his guns and went to Las Vegas. His mom came and said that he did not take his “medicine.”  Anyhow, for about 48 hrs No one  knew where this fucker was. So, management and my supervisor wanted to blame me for “talking” to him about lizards.  Someone else did a report and said that he was fine, but acted strange on his own accord.  The last time I saw that fucking kid was down in bags and he told me that I had a golden halo or some shit like that.  I was down in bags and the call came in that he was finally with his mom. I was relieved because I did not know if he went off the deep end.  Do you see the game that was played? All of them knew this psychological game that is being played by Lucifer and his followers.  Very fucking cruel.  The second fucking time was right after I met stupid Al Gore. He pretended to be flying out.  However, he did check me out. He gave me a very dirty look.  I did nothing, but check his stupid bag and said adios.  Fuck him. Then a few days goes by and the lizard follower gangstalkers all started to act on me. I was being followed and harassed by everyone. Bike, Car, walkers, People with dogs, kids, teenagers.. etc.  At work every fucking passenger threw their illuminated egyptian symbolism at me in the x-ray.  I was just trying to do my job when those fuckers decided to be pricks to me. I had to quit because I did not know what was going on. I lost a $40,000 job due to this fucking reptilian planet.  Why? because Lucifer runs this shit hole and YOU need to know this.  It is because of a holy war that occurred in Heaven and YOU are probably one of God’s good guys.  Here to get a status update on Lucifer and his horseshit.  Now, yes, he does walk this planet and he is a real nasty motherfucker.  Especially, when you try and sleep. REM cloning. It is one way that people are loyal to him. He taps into everyone’s mind. Mind mapping is done to let that thing know that YOU work for him. It is one way for him to “check” who will work for him and do his nasty deeds. I mean nasty. Like murder.   So, the voice in the head or v2K is done on purpose to make a person crazy.  It is one way that Lucifer can get “rid” of God’s people on the planet. ( Don’t listen to Santos boracci) He believes the earth is flat and is a sophisticated satanists.   His music is good, but that is about it. Anyhow, all of this is coming together and it is real simple: Michael is the fallen one and walks this planet and he is real nasty and pretty much everyone worships him and will do his bidding if called upon.  This is why everyone allows him into their house.  It is a mind fuck,  I know, but all of this is true.  The reason why I have an implant is because HE knows that I am NOT a worker bee like the rest of his other people.  I saw this in action at an early age. Probably around 5th grade. I was friends with a girl by the name of Amy Liggett. ( at least I thought i was friends) Anyhow, one day I waited for her  to walk down and her entire attitude disappeared. She was not smiling. He hair was pushed inside a sweater and being very shut off.  She did not want to talk.  I was like whoooo. What happened.  Well, I will tell you what happened. That night, a ritual occurred where during her sleep she met Lucifer. She went through some bullshit ritual that “traumatized” her and fucked her up and then he told her to stay away from me.  I was the bad guy. He told her by mind or synthetic telepathy that I was the bad guy.  I wasn’t . I was just a kid who wanted a friend.  He fucked my relationship with her. So, I moved on. I found other things to do like cheerleading etc. I made new friends, but I will never forget how she literally changed over night. Seriously. I knew her mom too and she gave me NO explantation . I can look back on this now and see the writing on the wall of what happened to her.  She went through a black mass ritual that really scared the shit out of her and was told NOT to be my friend and to start immediately hating me.  That is what is going on this planet. Synthetic telepathy used as a weapon to hate people.  All because of an old war that occurred in Heaven. Well, in that case : fuck planet earth.  Have a good one. I got the report card of this planet and nothing is going to change that.  Later kids. P. S. All the major kidnapping murder cases are done for Lucifer via through the parents who are satanists. 

Casey Anthony – neighbor said that the anthony’s were Masons. There was no real boyfriend. She got pregnant from some ritual or just had DARPA get her pregnant. 

Madeline McCain ( Belgium case or where it occurred) 

Ramsey Jon benet ( the little girl dressed up in those competitions)

 Cops are protectors of real murdering crimes because they take a second oath to Lucifer.  It is a nasty feudal system and there is nothing I can do about it. It has been on the planet for a long time.  

TWO things I want : This implant out and to be left alone to get a stupid job on this rock. I wish to be alone. I don’t want anything else.  ( side note- most doctors don’t have the balls to remove this because then they will get in trouble.) 








The Greys are the ones that imposes religion on the planet to get humans to conform to mind control.

No. I am not going to give  you the satisfaction. I have been violated beyond belief because ALL OF YOU are insecure about your position as a person on this planet. I don’t care about your churches, government, school politics because I know it is all a false flag operation.  All I can say.. is that everything is controlled on this planet. I have done everything correct in this timeline. Everything. I went to your institutions and applied at your false jobs where false money is generated. I have done everything in my power to get a long and so far what did I get in return? I got implanted and poisoned by a bunch of boys in a secret society acting like gods with small  dicks and like to manipulate people left and right.  War has always been on this planet and I don’t wish to participate in it.  I know that they are attacking people and property with this weaponry and NO one wants to address it.  So, it is the old saying.. don’t cry on my shoulders when shit goes down because I have been warning you ALL.  You worship this fallen god stuff from ancient egypt and that is your business. I never wanted it. I just wanted to be left alone. I just wanted a job where I could take care my needs and be left in some quiet time. I don’t bother you and tell you how to live your life now do I?  I leave you alone because your fake world is designed to persecute me and label me as a heretic, crazy bitch, gun freak, racists and suicidial.  So, you know what people of Earth.. you need to grow up.. you really in truly do.  I am not going to play your anti-Semitic nazi game.  I know what I see with my own two eyes and that is all that counts and you wonder why your place is fucked up. Well, it has to do with the fact that you do not address the secret cult that you have joined up.  It is no different than an alcoholic. I can tell you are an alcoholic , but it is up to YOU to stop.  Until I see things really improving like hearing a doctor say that he can remove implants from Targeted Individuals.. I don’t care about your world.  I just want my life back from your esoteric world. I don’t care about your hybrids or your greys. I could care less.  My feet touch the ground and I have been violated by DARPA.  I don’t care about your mixing of the genetics. I don’t care.  I want my life back in which was violated and interrupted by two men in politics ( al gore and lindsey graham) . I want justice and I would love to sue the shit out of the government, universities, and corporations that have designed this weaponry. I can’t right now without again.. being labeled a mentally ill person.  I am not going to risk what I have for your sick game of swiss nazism. You know what. .. wait until you get DEWED because I heard that Lucifer eats his own.


Ella F. in regards to this web information, it is just a basis of information for Ti. I have contacted this individual an it turns out that they did not want to talk. Handed me off to some other shit. Ella F. is just a data collection agency for Ti’s. It is amazing how people just clam up when you talk abut stuff more in depth. Oh well.

Just amazing how people protect the elite . I can’ believe it, but I can. Amazing. I can’t believe how I could be so stupid. I try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but it is a joke. All I have ever wanted was just to do my own thing. I never was religious and shit. Just wanted a job and take care of my own personal stuff. I never bothered anyone. Just walked down the street and I got hit with all this horseshit


So, you want to know how this crap starts? It starts when you are born and your soul attaches to the central nervous system. Yes there is an old war going on. It is a war between Lucifer and God because the shit I have gone through there is no answer.  I suppose I carry the answer to God to let him/her know that lucifer is a piece of shit.  I will never come back. I am done. This is my last rodeo. I don’t want to do this ever again. I have illegal implants in me for their cheating asses. I have one in my eye because they want to see what I do all the time. My dreams..e everything. Why? because I come from a different place and they don’t like their structure upset.  These people work for him and that is that. I don’t like this place . I never have and I never will.  I knew when I was a kid things were just wrong. People just walked around like they were eye balling me. Even my own mother. She is still true to the sister of isis.  She is a sisterhood clan person.  Yes, she has betrayed me big time. These parents give up their kids to lucifer.  I have wiring in my from head to toe and implants. The wiring comes from the air, the chemtrails.  The implants comes from the military or satellites. I know that Lindsey graham did this to me because  I was fully conscious at the time of the implant. It was a laser of some sort that hit me and then I saw him plain as day via through my pineal gland sitting there in all red with a septor thing just smiling and laughing. Fucking prick.   Once I was implanted with an “emotion” chip things have been hell. They monitor every reaction I have. Why? because I am a  sensitive. My DNA has amazing light codes. Pastel color.  They have this spinning holographic DNA thing and i saw what they did to me.  The MILAB girl acknowledge yes for something.  So, that is me.  I suppose they were verifying  something.   They read my thoughts and everything. This technology is coming from the greys. Yes. the little Grey.. who are absolutely little shits that need to get their asses kicked and killed.  I am not going to apologize at all for this remark.  The greys are part of the fallen one’s crew. I saw them again in 2013. Real nasty and they give off a negative character. You can feel the hatred they have for me. The hatred for mankind.  It was giving off this mental thing where it was a captain. Captain of what?  Military based attitude. I know there is a link between these greys and the way people are. These people are TRAINED to be gangstalkers and I know from history that this shit has been going on for a long time.  So, yes we are talking about the fall of lucifer. Everyone worships mar duke/ Jesus/ Enki/ lucifer/ Siva/ whatever.  I read these people on the streets and they just have a horrible shitty protection about them worshipping lucifer.  So, in essence they “protect the king.”  So, what the fuck do you want me to do about it?  Tell you that 99 percent of the population worship the fallen one.  I was happy just living my fucking life when these stupid masons’ from my job followed me. Every kid that is born is tracked and traced by lucifer. That is why there is a blood bank because he wants to know who that person is on a soul level because he is in constant war with God.  Well, thats now my problem because I have fucking implants in me and his minions follow, follow and lie about shit. Who controls the media? He does.  I don’t get excited anymore about the media because I know it is his stupid empire: octogon.  I can read pretty much through false flag operations because his operation is to have man fight man so that he can bring in  his clones.  I remember in the 1980s this woman got on the news and said they cloned their first human.  It was on an island and the govt did not give a shit. So, what does that tell you? I saw it with my own eyes.  Then they started cloning a sheep and a cat.  Hollywood clones their own dogs now. People must be desperate for that kind of  love.   Wow. It is stupid actually.  To make a copy of something that you know has passed away. There is something wrong with that. Why not let it go?   release and move on?  You have to. However, you have a reptilian crew in hollywood.  You have to be reptilian to work in hollywood or be a mason. That is pretty much it.

I remember being a young girl learning how to swim and I was going to jump off the high dive. I remember the guy below saying he would catch me, but he didn’t he barely even touched me.  Promises. They mean nothing. Oh sure, I made it because I was determined, but he was working for lucifer. You see when you are born he knows who God’s people are and your life will be very hard and difficult because this is where he fell or should i say landed here. Boom.  I remember as a very very young child he was a black cat watching me.  He is a shape shifter.  He did that not took long ago now. He was a dog and a cat.  Anyhow, so you come here and attach to a body, latch on through the central nervous system and try to walk until one day you get attacked.  The chemtrails are a bio-weapon to be used by him to keep you under control. It is all about steering you in a certain direction and basically mind control for him, the pharaoh.  Yes he is Jesus. All you have to do is look at Canterbury Cathedral and see him. That is it in a nut shell. Max Spiers told everyone that when he went to Kent, UK.  He points him out. He is on a different dimension/ level.  Just prior to my implant I saw that statue in a video on you tube and knew then.  The video of max spiers showing you Jesus was later on through Bases 21.  So, I know I saw the false one prior to max pointing it out.   I watched that video on an old Macintosh and that is how I remember it. I saw it first on a you tube video and could see the alien on the wall.  This was him showing me that he was an alien. The shadow from one of the hands was obviously very different from the structure of the statue.  This is of course when I was going through my bible thumping trying to figure out why I was gangstalked.  The time frame on this is 2013-2014.  I quit my job March of 2013 when the general public were dicks to me and throwing their eye of ra crap at me.  So, Jesus is an alien. Plain and simple and it is HIM.  He has always been a pain  for me. It is the reason why I could never get a REAL job and my friends leaving me. it is the reason why I am in the position that I am in. It is because I come from a different dimension and I see things differently. Humanity is fucked up because of him and most of the people follow him anyhow. So, like I said: What the fuck do you want me to  do about it? Maybe I should just watch on the side lines?  I try to get involved and talk, but  I just find out that there are blocks with these people.  They block. So, perhaps a hard core knock in the head for these people when they can’t think, reproduce, breathe, will wake them up?  Perhaps it will have to get so bad that they don’t even have a job and look  at themselves and say.. what do I have?  I would say: you got nothing because you allowed it. I tried to bitch slap you, but you would not listen.  You wanted to lock me up and give me to DHS instead. I have told you: he wants to destroy God’s creation and that is YOU.  So, are you going to wake up or continue to worship?  He eats your kids you know.   He takes what is given to you naturally without a care in the universe.  He takes and then does whatever he wants: mimic’s it by cloning or whatever goes on in that head.   I wonder within his own family like the illuminate  if  those kids want to break away.??  I am sure that is difficult because he has them mind mapped due to his blood being them.  High concentration of his DNA.  I am sure it is hard to escape.   I listened Kieron on You tube and he said that he was told by someone that the wealthy.. if they wanted to help they would be targeted.  That whole family gone. So, Lucifer has everyone by the  balls. Everyone. well except me. fuck him.  I don’t own him shit. He knows it too. Just because I have fucking implants in me doesn’t me I can’t fuck him up too.  You know how?  Gee…. could it be love and devotion to the big boss and having the instinct of right and wrong?  Yeah. I like having my own personal psychic fucking powers.  You see most of the shit you see in the media is concocted by his actors and that is how law and rules get passed on the planet.  Duh.  So, I just kind of look around and realize  the show that is being performed. Do bad things happen to people? yes. However, overall, I am finding that some of this stuff is  staged.  For example, the child trafficking over on Valencia in Tucson that was all staged and the cops and the people involved are all actors.  To scare people. Is it tied to the Clintons.. maybe. However, in general the whole thing was staged up because I could tell these people were not sincere.


I  am in the process of uploading a bunch of swiss templar information from a man in Europe who knows really what is going on and how it has been going on for a long time. I woke up today at 6:15 and I was full of sweat. I think I was radiated. My right arm is in pain. I wake up with lash marks all over my body. Horrible / hot/ lash marks and you wonder why I won’t  be like the rest of them.  My eyes are red and has white junk in them that is sticky and that white stuff is from the chemtrails. I have had this before when I was a child. I remember going into my mother’s room because she always had a glass of water in her room. I remember waking up and drinking that water because in the middle of the night I was very thirsty.  I even smell different this morning.  Do people want to know the truth. Probably not. They are happy taking orders, but we are dealing with the fallen ones.. the pleadians.  Especially the main one: lucifer. How the hell did this come to me? My mom? No. I landed here and on  a job assignment, I  suppose. The swiss templars are to protect the king and guess who that is: lucifer.  Good for them.  I have a mission to protect myself for now.  How am I suppose to do that? Love. Love for myself and just keep going. He is a mean son of a bitch. He has hated me for a long time and so fucking what. Just a small war.. no big deal. I just wake up with horrible markings on my body and I don’t feel rested at all. In fact, I don’t want to do anything.  He is a piece of shit and has been following me my whole life. I don’t care if I have some of the DNA in me .. i am being specifically targeted because of who I am on a soul level. That’s his problem.  I came down as a happy baby/ kid and his system is bullshit.  I have done all the right things and still it is not good enough. So, in my words we are not exactly friends at all. I remember my first encounter with him and he hit me across the face. He was really mean. OH and he wore 1970s clothing. He was a piece of shit to hit me across the face, esoterically.  Then I received a bio-api and that bio-api was from the greys. A crown of thorns so- speak. They think I have forgotten all the shit they have done, but I have not.  I remember getting it and my whole body just itched horribly for a couple of days.   The greys.. I really think are behind most of the dirty work for lucifer. They are part of his party and they do his bidding.  So, a 1/3 of the angels fell. There is your 33 and the reason why things are messed up on the planet. I can understand some bad stuff here and there, but this is a whole different level. Cloning is really evil. I believe that he is cloning  and using this as a weapon for man to go to war.  If I have been cloned then that means he is pissed off at me.  He can destroy what he creates and I have felt his anger.  He has taken from me and cloned or made a child and I have felt his destruction with that.  He destroyed it. Killed that clone.  So, I don’t know what to say.  I never imagined this would happen to me. I just wanted to live a simple life and now I am thrown into his little world.  He is really pissed at me for no good reason. I guess it is because I won’t be like the rest of the people that are indoctrinated.  I can’t.  I have seen the work from the 1960s and onward on how humanity is really abused by the governments like sterilization and abortions when the patient did not know what was going on.  A women mentioned how she has been scared for life because she was 17 and pregnant and was forced to go to this re-education place. She was lucky because she had the baby, but the swissy took the kid for awhile. She was re-united, but she was persistent and that is how she won in the end.  Another women received electro-shock when she was young and the doctors told her that she was normal, but when she fell pregnant too she was told she needed more help and the baby was aborted and she was sterilized.  The pharaoh’s mind control.  So, the entire medical field is corrupt. I know this first hand because I have implants in me illegally and I have to wonder if my eye doctor handed over my file to the masons’ for this day. I still remember being in the hall way of my home when a satellite hit me and next thing I know it is lindsey graham sitting in red with a septor laughing at me.  This was seen through my pineal gland. So, I Know how it feels to be violated and fully conscious.  I know the greys gave me an implant in my left wrist. I know the military put an implant behind my left ear. My mother allowed it. I have to get this out.  I think the chemtrails are a fine substance that is like an optical wire and they can send frequencies to people and tell people how to run their life because they want control. The entire thing is about control. All of it. WE have problems with the guns all of the sudden? Why? because they don’t want you to shoot an alien / hybrid that they can control.   We have massive problems on the planet and it is tied to the masonic/ octogon/ swiss templar organization. We don’t need secrets.  We need to live.  Lucifer’s headquarter is Switzerland or at least that is where the top of the line.. his family lives. Earth to me is just a place for me to get a report on what he has been up to. I know that he causes all wars and is a piece of shit spider.  How do you break a web.. with a sword.  He has been cloning animals and things on the planet for a long time.. I am afraid.  So, here most of the people that I try to talk to worship him anyhow because of the Jesus factor.  The chemtrails act as splinters like the one on the cross. That is what they represent. It is a torture device on the central nervous system by him and then he infiltrates your mind/ pineal gland and tortures you through dream manipulation. I woke up horribly sweaty today and in pain again with markings or slashes from the technology called EMR.  EMR has been on the planet since the beginning since he fell here. So, what the fuck can I say. An old fucking war with God’s people and this is why we are targeted. He has no problems destroying, corrupting , manipulating shit.  So, I know his fucking army and actually everything is a lie and I just want to go home.  I know that in the news the DNC shit heads want to start some kind of war .. well like my friend said . maybe a few of his important elite need to die.  To tell them we are not fucking around either. I killed a bird today and noticed it took awhile to kill it. It was a hybrid. I could tell. So, these people if you need to kill them your gonna have to do it all the way. Really fire upon them because they don’t go down in one shot. Your gonna have to put several tactics in there to get them down. I hear that if  a lizard/ hybrid attacks you there is a heart in both arm pit and you can take them down just above the groin because that is where their liver is. You can strike them there.  I am not promoting war… but defense information. These lizards/ templars lived in caves and it makes sense now about the DUMBS and how the lizards go underground.  They lived in these castles so they could see the village and take hostage of people. Fuckers. We now have guns.. so if you need  a gun now is the best time to buy a few guns otherwise you are fucked. These lizard /templar/ swiss / nazis are cold and they don’t care about you at all.  They tried to convert me through their black magic / EMR/ Static electricity / GWEN tower shit that it failed because I know what real love it. It certainly is not this planet. Earth is hell and this is where Michael fell. I am just here to get a report on his shit for the one true God. HAHA. Anyhow, all I can say is Oh well.



So, I went to get the mail and up come a car with a license plate that says Blue 3. That means they worship the copper based blue bloods of this planet and the number three represents : iris, horos and set.  Oh yeah, I got it. The old religion on this planet. Run by their lucifer god, Enki , Michael, Jesus. I can not compete against people who worship jesus. Not my job. My job is to inform people that all wars are caused by him and he is the reason man is fucked up.  He wants me to go up against his people so basically a suicide mission. I won’t.  I have lost all hope in humanity. It is gone and I should just shut up and drink a beer. Yeah, I have a good idea of what is coming up.



I had sexual encounter last night. It was pretty intense and I know it was my friends from DARPA or my so called handler.  I am also wondering if LSD is being sprayed into the air by the chemtrails. Of course, they only tell you that it has barium, strontium and aluminum, but what if there is more to it? LSD? Lucy in the sky with diamonds.  Lucy is Lucifer.  Lucifer is the drug to people of this world. So, there you have it. A way to open your chakra system and have him infiltrate your system?  I wonder?  If you add EMR you will have a perhaps a more horrible experience.  I am just wondering if this is so? I know I have implants too.. so that is another factor.  Lucifer is trying his best to deflect himself from the scenery. I know he is.  He is trying to get me to steer in another direction, but I got him. He fell to this planet and has his minions working over time. To put it plainly, I got him.  How?  Well, by education and watching a series called the pharaoh show on You tube and also Octagon the empire of darkness. Also, a big one is that I have met him via through the pineal gland which is 4D.  His seed is on this planet and there is no question about it because all the architecture in europe shows it.  I came down here to  get a report on the planet and my report is pretty grim. He has done a bang up job of screwing up everything. So, he does not get a write off with me.  Nope.  The deal continues.  I saw a bumper sticker that had the I love Lucy and that of course is a gangstalker follower. These gangstalkers know that perhaps LSD is in the air/ food, but it does go a little deeper.  Lucifer himself because they don’t want you to believe the war from heaven. Oh no. They want deflection from him. Sorry, you king has been exposed.  You guys introduced me to him and now I expose his ass.  You should be more careful who you let into your house. HAHAHAAH> You invade in my house.. and now I expose your castle on the hill.  Lucifer has many temples.  The main ones are the pyramids around the world.  A shit  load of them. Sorry no deflection here. I have been through way too much shit to back down now. He became man. Did you know that? Now, that is scary.   He doesn’t want you to know that he exists. He does. He also plays the role of Jesus. He is white and He sit in Canada right now. He pretends that he is being gangstalked and harassed, but he is the bad guy. You can tell its him because he has an aura above his head. Yeah, no good.  He is a real piece of shit.  He trains his people very well and all wars are caused by him.  I would say to the big boss that his seed has expanded pretty far and wide.  So, why am I here? To be abused by his skinny ass? Oh yeah, I have a report to do and let the big boss know that this Earth is really fucked up and to warn the other angels. The good ones and loyal to the creator.  He  knows it. My heart belongs with the heavens. Up there somewhere. Yes.. he became man and now that is scary.. as mentioned before. I don’t want to know and don’t care to know, but he used God’s image and became man. hmm… I just want to do a report on status of this place.  He sits on the west side of the church called Canterbury Cathedral. CC=33. I have seen his friends and they are all 33 meaning they get to see him and do their plots on the surface of the planet and perhaps off planet too. I have seen his gangstalking friends jump from point A to point B. They come from out of nowhere. It doesn’t surprise me and I know he does it on purpose to make me feel jealous.  No. I remain true to my shit and what he has done to me. I have a borrowed body and that is how I look at it now.  I landed here and just have to keep going. I don’t give a shit about people anymore.   I know he eats his own and that is about responsibility from the parents who train their kids to worship him.  The way they communicate is through the pineal gland where it is inverted and you probably get to see all sort of winning people. One big orgy session, I suppose.  I was in the store one day and this guy was doing the whole fucking motion which led me to see that his boss is fucking me.  OH well.  I just keep going because I am only  loyal to the big boss, the real creator, not him who poses as Jesus. Jesus is NOT my savior and NOT my creator.  Lucifer is the Orion empire or the Octagon empire. He is NOT my friend.  I have always know this place is messed up. Always.  I tried to shrug it off by learning music, but it got worse or should I say it plateaued out.  I had a horrible accident when I was a kid. I think my sister did it on purpose because she was told to drop the bike by HIM.  She was mind controlled.  I still remember the doctors. The look on their faces.  Not to happy in helping me. That was when I was five years old.   So, you could say I don’t like it here and have every right to write my experiences because I know that his buddies on the planet remain quiet and hate God’s people.  I was in the hospital  and this girl was purposely vomiting. She was doing it on purpose because I was in the room. So, quite frankly I don’t care about people. I have lost interest and will write what the fuck I want.  I did not get any sleep last night because of Lucifer. He is a fucker and i hate him. I will always hate him until that moment when I can get the fuck out of this realm. I welcome home.  Away from this place because there is no use in fucking helping people. ..they all worship him.  I can’t wait for home or where I belong. I can’t wait to go home to the real location of love.  Not this artificially created love planet. Earth is dangerous and deadly. If you are just now going through this shit like voice to skull well you have a learning curve.  Just to let you know the prick fell from heaven and God kicked him out to this planet. End of discussion. I have my mission and  you have yours. So, fuck off.  I  have been through way too much shit  and I am not going to  have some drug tell me otherwise.  The pleadians are the fallen ones.  Watch Octagon the empire of darkness and how the swiss templars are there to protect the king. … Jesus/ Lucifer of this planet.  For now.. chow.. I will write more later on. Well, actually REV 13:13 according to that black book called the bible there is suppose to be an attack on NYC because Enki’s frequency or Lucifer’s frequency is 40. 40 on the globe lines up with NYC. So, who knows. I do know that DEW are being used by the military industrial complex.  Anyhow, I am going to stop now. chow.



So, what did you think I would do? Just bow down to abuse that I have been subjected to? Just to accept what society has been doing for thousands of years. Just bow down because its there? Are you fucking kidding me?  I have been through shit that most people could not even endure.  It is worse than childbirth. I have been taken advantage of  through some ideology and never again.  I look at things like in the news and I really don’t care about people that much anymore. I still care, but it has restrictions on it and that is the way it has to be because I don’t know their loyalty and not only that I don’t owe anybody anything. I don’t. I don’t owe a single fucking person on this fucking planet a fucking thing. I remember so much about how society so called wants to fuck me over that I will not forgive this sector.  Sorry, I won’t. No forgiveness on this planet and its so called things/ humans on this planet. Sorry, not for me.  I can leave and not feel anything for this area. I will happily walk away from these creatures.  I fucking hate it here.  Your so called  Jesus who became man.. can kiss my ass.  fuck him. I seriously don’t need the bullshit coming from Jesus. Oh didn’t you hear… he is the fallen one. Duh. I am very disappointed in humanity. Very disappointed that it would not take a stand for oneself.  To realize the abuse. But hey…  go down that road.  Parents who indoctrinate their kids through trauma for this very thing called Jesus.  I told you all he plays the role of both good and bad, but fuck me for trying to wake a persons’ neurons up.  Parents did not tell me shit and neither did my so called neighbor.  Neighbors just want you to die so they get perk  or some shit from their fucking earth god, Jesus. All of them work for Jesus. HAA.. He has the whole world fucking by the balls. I could gladly go and just take the report with me and just leave. There is no way in hell I would love him. NO way. Not after what I have been through. No way. Him and his greys…The greys are the ones that go after people. The fucking greys. Those little shits need to die. Those fucker are behind most of the technology on this crappy planet. Those are the ones that put fucking implants in people and they keep people separated who are like minded. Like the TI community.  These little fucking greys need to be killed. wiped out.  Are the people protecting the greys? Oh yeah,.. these greys used technology and probably went back in time to impose their religion on the planet to the point we are in now. Fucked up chaos. But I see them. They act as Jesus.  CERN needs to be destroyed. That is grey technology.  The greys are using human DNA for their own means. I saw a little girl who was definitely not human. She was green with black eyes.  No soul. She was like  a robot in the UK. I think that the greys are using  mind control technology for their little pets.  They speak of code on the planet with their symbology and hand down orders to the swiss templars like in hollywood and their little masons.  Humans are getting orders from the greys.  It is the greys. … they are the ones that we should be after. Our governments have sold everyone out for experimentation.  Alex Collier was right. It is the greys or black monks. Time to rumble.



Your neighbor’s know about secret technology being used on you to cause harm or death and make it look like an accident.You are in a Silent Weapons war.

I will continue to elaborate on this technology. They know what the chemtrails are used for and that is for their alien god, Lucifer aka Jesus. Yes. I am speaking about that supposed man, Jesus that cares so deeply about you. Nope. his love is deadly and so it the rest of the population. So, if you. are a targeted individuals you really probably already know by experience what to trust and not trust. This technology is designed to infiltrate your life and tear it apart bit by bit. They start with family. Your own family that you grew up in. It starts with your parents who could be secret witch/warlock. They practice black magic through the 5g networking system by gaining access to your DNA brain signature. Why do you think EEG’s are done. They have MK Ultra the entire planet with this hate crime. I never in a million years would of thought that family could f*ck you, but they do. They do it with high regard and a smile on their face while you suffer through electronic no touch torture DEW program. These people are very diabolical and also the thing is that they don’t care. Super evil comes when they know what governs this planet: an alien force called Enki, Lucifer, Michael or just plain old Jesus. My life was torn away from me 10 years ago with the meeting of Al Gore and it spiraled down hill ever since then. All my co-workers were worthless at DHS because they worship the elite. DHS was created by none other than the bush family. I have written humanity pretty much off. I have to push forward with what they have done to me by using psychotronic weaponry on my happiness. I was a very happy person once upon a time. Very happy. I minded my own business until the elite decided to fuck with me using their killer satellites and their gangstalking tactics/ MK Ultra. Ruined me and almost killed me too in San Diego, CA. So, now, I have no problem exposing everyone and everything including their alien gods they worship: Jesus. Yep,… he is an alien spider and I believe Stephen king wrote about him in the book IT. This entire program hit me like a ton of bricks, but I survived by yelling and screaming and defending myself from these alien reptilian vampires. I have no problem exposing the cops, neighbors or anyone that wants to try their “freemason 322 skull and bones ” game with me. I have never seen anything like this. The horrific crime set upon me and I did nothing except walk down the street. I guess I come from a higher dimension and I believe that higher dimension has every right to crush this one for what has been done to me. Trust me.. I went toward that thing called the Bible and it was nothing but a lie. Black on white. I was hunted down by police and a set up was occurring by my local police to try and put in the looney bin or get me to try and harm someone by using their secret technology called v2k/ synthetic telepathy/ and remote neural monitoring. It is so amazing how people will stand there and just fucking lie to you. No one spoke up about this technology and now I realize that perhaps someone is trying to “copy” my work. I doubt it because they have not walked in my shoes. I am original. Like I have said in the past a lot of horseshoe done in the news is just that. These vampires feed off of your fear by using RNM and also by using an occular implant that you may or may not know about floating inside your body. (doctors know about this too). All this is to gain Meta data for their cyber-genetic robots and their clones. This is part of their post-human world. No humans. Why? well, because Jesus/ Lucifer doesn’t want anyone spiritually gifted because they can see right through him/ it. So, if you are asking yourself why things are really messed up.. well I can tell you that it is coming from 4th and 5th dimension entities and also your local 3d neighbor who aid and abets with a smile on their face to comply with Lucifer/ Jesus. Jesus is palatine in Star Wars. Good cop. bad cop. If you don’t kiss his ass.. he sends his “hitmen” after you and will constantly beat you down using DEW lasers. Very sophisticated and this is why it is called Silent Weapon for a quiet war. No one hears you crying in the rain. It is all in your head, correct? Well, why is the media pumping out the UFO stuff? Also, I heard a very interesting You Tuber yesterday. It was kind of an eye opener, but the whole Kyle Ritten house thing. She stated that maybe perhaps we are forcing children to become adults more and more quickly. Like the case of Ramsey girl( MK ultra) dressed up as a model and found dead in the basement with a fake reward note. ( one lady told me that the “parents” knew) It seems like children are being forced to grow up faster. Kind of like the black eyed babies. Some of them are rolling over at three months or something like that. Maybe it is just me, but the genes(crisper technology) are now becoming older quicker. An acceleration of youth.. so that perhaps the adults can get their hands on them for more Pedo-experimentation. This kind of stuff behind the scenes in laboratories or in the bedrooms across the globe. So, Yeah, my life has been literally flipped upside down. I was raised to work hard and maybe get that office window job. Have a fairly decent paycheck and save for retirement. Now, that is all a joke now because I have discovered through this whole entire targeting program that putting your money into the NYSE or buying insurance is a joke. People will find your information and gamble with you behind your back. Nothing is secure nor private. Thanks to the “internet or web of light.” I wonder if the game could be flipped onto these criminals. Oh, you know: have someone go through your house; your mail; your phone; your computer; your clothes; your medical files; dental; IRA account; 401K account; foundations you donated to; how you like to eat certain foods; how you like your sex; go through their flight plans; have cars come flying at your from 90 degrees; gangstalking colors; noise harassment from the neighbors; walk by your home to show a scene of “presence” to let you know they are still watching you. Just a small list of things that can be throw back into their face. Scottsdale Parents are finding out now just how vulnerable their kids are when they don’t comply with School board officials and now their kids are targets too: it is called Gangstalking. CIA cointelpro/ Deep Mossad… headed toward alien infiltration. Chariots= UFO’s.

I can’t stop talking about what has happened to me because I know later on down the road the shit that has happened to me will happen to someone else in the future. So, I write this down to give someone reference on how they are NOT crazy. It is the system around them being used by diabolical people who obey orders from a higher realm. I made a promise to myself a long time ago when my gangstalking was really really intense. I promised myself I won’t be them. It has to be exposed because what I have gone through is that there is no forgiveness. None. I know this is my last rodeo on this planet. I will never ever do this again and be a slave to the royals of this planet. Nope. I am done. I wash my hands of it all. I just write and hopefully it will kick into someone’s brain that holy shit: she was right! I am not kidding when you have a government full of corrupt half breeds who are using Star Wars tech on decent people. The have’s and the have nots. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. (Spock) The mob rules and you do not count.. after all your vote didn’t. I know I won’t vote again. That was a joke, but it come to absolutely no surprise to me that the voting thing was hijacked by satellites and AI. Virus??? Oh, please. How long have we been here? eons.. yes, we have had to deal with sickness and death, but oh my god, the propaganda machine of THE VIRUS. Well, I am tired and I think I will cut it short here. I just know that usually this horrific ganging up on a person starts with the family and then expands out to the public. There is more information on just to start with. However, I know that the internet is being more and more controlled and web searches about what targeted individuals go through is becoming limited. China doesn’t want you to say shit. Anyhow, have a good night.


Perhaps my writing site has been hacked by some kind of Doppengangler.

I am under suspicion that someone is copying me. I have not written a lot for awhile because I believe that my ideas are being hacked by the Hollywood/ Music Industry or aka The Military Industrial Complex. I will say that last night was a rough night in regards to DEW (directed energy weapons). Many people are changing pace now and it is sort of in the air. Many people are just quitting and not feeding the alien system / AI system like You tube and the Rockefeller stage. However, they are using remote neural monitoring and tracking people as I write this. Many people are being assaulted, but many people are just turning their back on everything because they have discovered the absolute evil and corruption in local, state and federal corruption. They are done. I just saw a man on You tube who does discuss the reptilian shapeshifters in Hollywood and he is done too. He has decided to do a final video and walk away. Many people like this have decided they have had enough of the shit and not only that no one is really listening anyhow. I believe that many good people have tried their best to raise the alarm, but like I have said: Earth is a fallen planet. It is time to realize the hive mind and get away from the nasty bees or hornet nest. We all have choices and I think now there is some kind of shift/ movement where people are just fucking fed up and walking away and deciding something new for themselves. I think people are just feeling it out and winging it. Restaurants, doctors, schools, medicine is all judging everyone and I know that comes from the Orion GREY / alien agenda. Many parents are just pulling their kids out of a corrupt system of education and Charlotte Iserby probably did the best book: The dimming down of education and it began a long time ago by the elite getting a hold of kids by the time they are five. Many parents fell into the trap because you were told to work and trust the system with your kids. That your kid will be educated. They were safe. But nope.. shit started with bullying. Where kids are taught to one extent that they will terrorize another kid for no reason. Well, multiply that to a million and you have gangstalking. Where everyone hates you. Anyhow, I feel like someone is maybe trying to copy my work. I know that I am being spied by NASA and the evil gang stalkers, so it is impossible for me to narrow down who the fuck is trying to mimic me. I have a suspicion, but no actual proof. Anyhow, someone is watching my work and my warnings because I know the shit I am going through will occur again. It is better than what my witch mother ever did for me. She actually sold me out to the illuminate/ MK ULtra/ mind control tactics of the police and military. She allowed it to happen. The torture and no warnings or explanations that Lucifer is watching me. None. She did not prepare me. She just threw me to the wind. She talked in code towards me when all this heavy gangstalking was going on. She even told me she would pay for psychiatry. That was a big red flag that she knew what was going on because in this program.. mental illness is a askenazi jew tactic. Playing the “mental illness ” card when Dr. John Hall explains that this is a nasty program and not in the head It is a devious jew game. Hyper-game theory. Not only that I have discovered that this program has been going on for eons. Flip of the switch the Star of DAVID game. Jesus is down and Lucifer is up. Blah blah blah. The age of Kaliyuga crap. Well, I am going to quit for now. That is what I believe is going on.. someone is hacking my shit and trying to be me. This is why we need to be free sovereign people and not part of a Corporation of the United States. I am not part of the “hive family” called the Rockefeller. If I am I want my birth certificate destroyed by the Vatican. I don’t exist and I want all these implants out of my body especially the Occular implant which all cops and strangers have in their own eyes. Yes.. occular implants because that is how taro card readers get feelings and downloads. ( remote neural monitoring). This is how they copy and steal ideas and try to play off as someone else. Identity theft…. especially in insurance and medical fraud. This is also how they do their witch craft and warlock shit. How they do their v2k attachments and how they destroy lives in work, play and relationships. They destroy.. these ancient lizards killers. Enki’s family. The Orion Group. Sirius B group. The Grey group. They all have their own agendas and in the mean time we are being sandwiched in the middle.

How Military contractors, Psychiatry, Neo Rhythm, are making bank $$$$ on Targeted Individuals.

Well, I discovered another military contracting business turning into gold. Check out: NeoRhythm. It is a device you put on your head to block EMF. Link:

Check it out for yourself. You will find that there is a Navy person making bank and we all know that the military loves to experiment on humans. You will find it that they are trying to promote a cure for mental illness and welcome to a device you wear on your head to block 5g. Isn’t that something!!!! Wow. There is another company also making bank and that is Sound Beam.. where they can beam music into your brain now. Welcome Voice of God technology!!!! It is all based on Neuro-science. Guess who is the guinea pigs!! all of you! Welcome to Obama care where if you wear this device you are sending Metadata back to NASA where they wanna probably design the perfect psychic later on down the road. I betcha that all this information is coming from Fitbit too because Fitbit monitors your EEG sleep with your heart rate and that is how DARPA can read your brain thoughts and lock you into being tracked by the police.!!!!!!!!! Where human in probably military installations are watching you no matter what using those satellites in the sky. If you don’t have the appropriate brain thoughts.. here come the Swiss templar Cops!!! So, Yeah, I am bringing this to your attention so that you notice that this company is charging a shit load of money for a device to block EMF when all along they had this “solution” the whole time, but they wanted to torture American Citizens so that they can make Bank $$$$$ on torture. Charge people $335.00. Just like your iPhone where Chinese citizens are exhausted from working on micro chips so that you can gangstalk another human using that iPhone..( like the police- they gangstalk too) Like I have said AI is used for tracking people and tracking merchandise. This is how military industrial complex is making money and I am sure a shit load of “soldiers” thought it would be funny to torture a normal citizen and then secretly design a company and make bank on EEG readings like fit bit. All for one and one for all right SwisSY??? All hive minded. Anyhow, that is it for now. I just wanted to point this out about how these companies and the hidden science is being brought together for bank using 5g weaponization of airwaves ( emf). This has been going on for a long time anyhow. Since Sumer. Yes… EMF has been on the planet for a long time and it goes back to those fallen angels. Especially Michael aka Enki/ Dracula/ Jesus character. The Orion Empire. So, yeah.. I know how deep this goes and no one fools me. Chow for now.

So, How are you doing? Gangstalked today?

Howdy. So a few hours ago, I went for a bike ride and was harassed again by typical gangstalkers ( vampire familiars) using their SUV cars and one biker gang. It was real special.. let me tell ya. You see I have this horrific implant in my left eye and the illuminate doesn’t seem to wanna let me go. I piss them off so much that they must love it when I counter act them. These gangstalkers love love love to use bright lights on me when I try my best to enjoy a simple bike ride around the neighborhood that I pay fucking taxes for. Yeah, I love my fucking life right now. It is soooo enjoyable. It is so enjoyable to have police, and complete strangers do their jewish checkpoints on me. Cointelpro or Mossad.. I am not sure which, but they do it. Trust me.. I have tried everything under the sun to “try and get along” with this targeting system from secret cabals. It just doesn’t let up. These illuminate lizards just won’t stop and just decide to let this one go.. me. I must really piss them off for them to follow me and harass me using DEW. Maybe I am the first female to really not get along with the church and point out a few things about it. Nasty lizards and their nesting program. I know that here in good old Arizona the new and improved “count” for the election turned out to be nothing. Of course. No one and I mean no one will ever go up against the cabal and say.. hey it was rigged with dead people and their SSI. Good old fashioned lies. Well, you get what you pay for. Clown world in the schools and libraries now. Police that beats you up for no reason. It is so wonderful to see the evil on the surface of the planet. Bring in the Clones. I feel fucking protected alright. Maybe the constitution is a joke. Have you ever thought of that? A joke. Something you can wipe your ass with because it is so worthless now. How the CIA game of targeting love to play jew game with regular citizens who just want to be left the fuck alone. How you do everything in your power to get a fucking implant out and denied service from a doctor because he knows you need that implant in your eye for a reason. What reason?? Radiation burns from Drones? Yes. that is it!!!! Yes.. I do mention the jews. The askenazi jews. I know the damn spelling is wrong, but I don’t care. The dark dark dark ones… who decided to hunt me down at birth even my own family that I grew up in used MK Ultra on me and then sold me down the river to the illumianate gang. Well, I am going to sign off for now. I am just venting and pissed off and sick and tired of this shit I deal with day in and day out with the “following” of me around with AI. I am just really sick of this whole targeting program and how I can’t get a stupid job now due to everyone “hating” me. Yeah, my job taken from me due to AL Gore stalking me at my stupid job. To size me up so to speak. Yeah, HIM. I point. He was just the starting point back in 2013. Well, It is almost 1:00am in the morning and I am just really pissed off about this whole entire stupid brain link. Unbelievable that my thoughts are being read by who knows who oh,.. and “judging” me too. That is special too. Judging me,. How wonderful. All I ever did in my life was go about doing what I wanted to do, but here comes the jerks.

Write later.

Slender Man/ DEW/ Mind control/ MK Ultra.

I believe that the Slender Man situation is due to Lucifer’s technology. He / It can put stuff into your brain to try and get you to do something. Hence the case of the girls that attacked Payton Leutner. It was an “honor” killing. So, now the girl is going to be released. I figured out many years ago that a lot. of the violence that is done is from Lucifer’s technology. Voice of God and synthetic telepathy. It is. military grade space based weapons system. Jesus/ Lucifer is slender and very slick at what he does, but if you are spiritual you know who he is and how her does his stuff on the planet. Like I have said before: always know who you are and carry a camera where ever you go. They are filming everyone. It goes straight up to their AI god, Lucifer. So, be aware. This is a high spiritual war and Lucifer is behind it all. I have said this before that Lucifer uses this technology to build his army and his worshippers. I can’t change that. If you worship something that it out to destroy lives than you need to re-evaluate what you believe in because everyone has been lied to for eons. There is only one truth and that is the war from Heaven. He got kicked out for a very good reason. He is a mass manipulator and a great spokesman. A lot of these cases are due to heavy targeting of people’s minds and getting them to do things that is NOT human. But, what ever. I know what governs this planet and he is NOT friendly to man at all. Lucifer/ Jesus what ever name he goes by. Jesus is a very clever jew and very deadly. Like it has been said: The devil has many many disguises and be careful what you put your faith/ trust into. He is after all.. the father of all lies and who is that??? Dracula.

Lord Jesus aka Dracula

Uses fallen technology to create more babies. He is basically fu#k boy. He creates his hive using women or young under age children to create more children. So, Yeah, now you know why I left Jesus. I discovered his true identity as Enki aka Michael the one that got kicked out of Heaven. Jesus is no good for any human female. He promises the moon and the stars, but really is a massive manipulator of the heart. He uses frequency to attack the heart. He is just no good for a normal heart felt woman. I can see how most women fall for him because after all he is handsome, but in the end.. he just leaves a road of destruction. He is Jesus and a fallen angel. I discovered this mess back in 2012. He uses chemtrails and black goo for electromagnetism to attract females or males. I am just letting you all know that he is no good. Just up to NO good. A long time ago, I used to look up to the church and this and that, but with all the pedophillia cases.. well, there you go. Hidden behind door number one is a fallen angel and his name in the Bible is Jesus who happens to be Enki the fallen angel Lucifer/ Michael and he does nothing but spy and steal. We are all going through technology that is not good for our bodies and it stems from him and how he wants to use humanity for an army of darkness. He is very very good at being the victim. You have to be careful when it comes to him and his games. I have out grown him and am moving onward with my life. I have broken free from his spell and his AI games. Sure, I will do maybe a few reports, but in general, I really have to start my life alllll over again due to his interference with my path. I have implants that need to be removed, but due to the medical establishment and the brain washing, I can not find an adequate doctor that will listen. So, I pick up what I have and move onward. The lies are huge on this planet. HUGE and it stems from HIM. ( Jesus/ Enki) Apparently, he fell from grace and went into a void and became crazy. His family knew he was mentally unstable and like a child. Therefore, I am done. Rumor has it that the good news for him that another baby is on the way. So, bloodline. I am glad this is not my home. I am glad that Earth is not my home. I have never been appreciated and I can see it in children’s eyes and how they are brainwashed by Jesus to hate me for no good reason. OH well, I know that he wants to do his Star Wars/ Aruthurian display on this planet. More feudal system involved. Lord this and Lord that. Society never outgrew it. So, the targeting is coming from evil Jesus. Plain and simple and hopefully, in the future my words will perhaps someone at some point in time when they are targeted with painful lasers and MK ULtra and a false god. Jesus is a child. He never grew up. He sent his general public after me and ruined my life by getting me kicked off a job that I was good at. I even trained people. But whatever, I am no longer interested in government and “helping” the public. I am just writing to help perhaps one person that might go through what I went through. I will never ever forgive. I will always remember what people did to me and how they sat in silence just watching me get my ass kicked by their alien god, Jesus. He is just a fu*k boy. Nothing more. Spreading his seed to try and make me jealous because he is with a pretty girl and younger girl. I really wish none of this happened. I was happy prior to 2012 and his illuminate maggot AL Gore following me. I was super happy and fine. People were dicks to me sure, but I blew it all off because I grew up knowing that the masses are asses. I handled myself fine because It was for a bigger cause. 9/11 was all inside job by the illuminate and you all should know this. The Dark Ones did it to you and created law like the Patriot ACT to violate your human rights. NDAA and all the wars were all created by the Dark Ones to do propaganda for territory, drugs, sex, money, arms, or whatever they wanted. Another thing to wrap your head around and that is the aliens walk among you anyhow. So, if the jerk illuiminate do their alien invasion.. well, it will be done very well and a Hollywood production. I recommend you stay away from NYC because according to their bible thumping skit NYNY is “the apple of his eye.” The terrorists on this planet are reptilians and they look human. The 13 bloodlines.. check it out. They wanna do the whole terrorism thing ( turn the tables on normal people) because of the crimes they have done. ( pedogate; pizza gate and Marsgate) So, Enki/Jesus runs this planet and he acts like a child. I said NO and because of HIM I have to start a whole new life. I have to walk away from everyone and everything and have to re-structure a new life. When I go out and about my day getting groceries.. humanity has not changed their mind in worshipping Jesus/ Dracula and that is just something I have to deal with.

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Targeting started 2013.

My story started March 2013 when Al Gore from the Illuminate decided to “size” me up. This was a pivot point in my life and it was taken from me. My sanctuary. My Life that belongs to me and unfortunately complete strangers decided to take it upon themselves to treat me like shit because they worship an ancient god by the Name of Enki. Enki and his family run this unforsaken planet called Earth. I believed in the story of 9/11 which was actually a satanic sacrifice and a part of time where humanity will open the gates of hell. It is when the government decided to take it upon itself to do laws like NDAA and Patriot Act to track people who wanted nothing more than to be prosperous in their own life and get get caught up in the satanic realm. It was never my intention at all to ever run into Enki. But I did. I ran into F*CK BOY. He or it ruined my life and I wish to convey this very clearly that Jesus/ Enki is not who you think he is. He is evil. I did everything right in my life. I went to your church only to leave it at an early age. I went to your “institutions ” called College and that did nothing really for me. I decided to participate and sign up to “help” people with the whole “terrorism” 9/11 thing aka DHS. I fell into a major spider web weaved with lies from Enkii and his creation on this planet called society and government. I was right a long time ago to walk away from religion and nasty people. I learned this w/o the aid of so called gangstalkig Egyptians. However, Enki took it upon himself to really stalk me and tear my life apart by using remote neural monitoring and spying to make sure that I can not get a fucking job. He decided and took it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner of my life just because I am different. He has to have complete control of every man, woman and child henceforth into the future. Send in the clones. Every since my gangstalking started and I woke up or was forced to wake up to the satanic crap, my life has totally changed. I have learned very very quickly who to trust and not to trust and right now the trust is low. Very low. What has happened to me can never ever be forgiven. I was not born with ocular implants for the police and the higher level of government to hunt me like meat. So, here I am writing all this down to perhaps one day maybe explain it to a kid who might be targeted in the future. When your neighbor is not your neighbor, but a satanic / friendly working for the vampires. When you wake up and realize that every last person is a spy for the fallen ones and there is really nothing you can do except expose their asses. It is just amazing how the general public puts this bullcrap of “here follow us.” and it gets you no where. You follow their guidelines to getting an education and realize that it is just a piece of paper from some institution that lies and takes your hard earned money. Insurance, doctors, lawyers,.. all stealing from you and all you ever probably wanted in life was to be left alone and prosper in your own realm. You really don’t need the illuminate . You don’t need their lies of how climate change will kill you because it won’t. The earth spins on its axis, but has a NASA simulator aimed at it. Wait what did you say??? A sun simulator? Look it up. I have had sooo. many people tell me to move on and I ave from the love of that Jesus creature. However, that creature ruined my life by taking my special gifts away. He had no business chipping me. None. I know and I grew up with the knowledge that bad things do happen every now and then, but the shit that I have gone through is way over the top and NO person should ever be tortured by military grade Directed Energy Weapons. My sleeping consciousness should not be interfered with Hollywood actors who hack into my brain. My body is my body. I was born unique and I don’t need someone chipping me and saying I am property. I don’t care if it is a god. No one should be tracked and traced and tortured to death. So, yeah, I have moved on and have accepted that I have nano-technology in my fucking body against my will. I am just writing to let a future targeted person know. that if this crap happens to you it is because Jesus/ Enki ( whatever name) was kicked out of Heaven and you are just one person getting an update for the REAL creator on what Michael has been up to. Write later.

Remote Neural Monitoring- Brain Reading to a vampire, Jesus.

I said in my head, ” Fuck You.” as I was driving. Private thoughts, but wait.. Jesus is reading my brain. Guess what happens next…. A black SUV all most hit me and it was purposeful because the hive ( community) get “downloads” to attack. This is what I am talking about. Your private thoughts are read by this evil Jesus creature (aliens) spider or Octogon. Jesus is NOT friendly to mankind.. in fact he is the manipulator and gets all his precious worshippers as his private army. If you worship Jesus you are worshipping that creature in the Movie Aliens. He lays eggs and uses humans as food for harvesting. Very dark indeed. Jesus is androgynous. He has female/ male genalitia. The reason why Targeted Individuals are “targeted by society” ( gangstalkiing) is because you are probably a Van Helsing/ Earth Angel. In a nutshell, Jesus is up to NO good at all nowadays with the nano-technology and the uplift to Mars and all this talk about space. Mars is a Meat Locker. I highly recommend you don’t go to Mars or any other planetary place. You are better off here on Earth and just dealing with the evil gangstalking luicferians. Jesus attacks when people are born . They get chipped and he immediately gets that new individuals to “worship” him. He is a master manipulator and has his pink list killers (witches) attack the Van Helsings. So, in a net shell this is why these worshippers say, “have good thoughts.” Your brain thoughts right now goes directly to Skynet aka Jesus who is a killer. Even the Vatican states that Jesus is a he/she it thing. All you got to do is look at the inside and see the snake venom. dripping from those teeth. Earth is just dangerous, but it is even more dangerous out in space. The only way this Skynet works is to chip people and it is coming from that ocular eye. It goes straight up to Jesus and he gets to “judge” you. (and I thought according to that bible he was a loving god.) Guess again.. he is a vampire aka Dracula. One thing I did get out of all this evil targeting from him/ it/ she and his slaves is who I am and that is all that matters. So, he has the entire planet wrapped around his claw and he uses technology to tap into every one. Every last one of those strangers out there HAS AN OCCULAR IMPLANT and it goes straight up to that alien vampire, Jesus. This is how he gets his army for Star Wars.