The Masons is what is wrong with the world

I woke up. However, I know I am hooked up to the AI system. The military. There were two men in the “dream.” One was seducing me. I guess we had sex. Then I woke up and a sharp pain was in my vagina. Very painful. I knew it was THEM. No one talks about the secret stuff because if you are part of a gang you keep your mouth shut. The alien technology has gotten out of hand. The reason for the chemtrails is to infiltrate your body and they send frequency to break into your mind somehow. Your DNA. Who you are on a soul level. The soul I believe is your mind.  They hurt  your  mind with attacks. The aliens walk among you and that is the 13 illuminate families. However, the monster that work for them are everywhere. I do not like this place anymore. They have robbed my 3-D walk on this planet. It is black ops and I was stolen or chosen when I was a child because I am part of a nazi experiment done back in the 1930s. I am a super child. No, not a super solider.  Let’s get that straight. I am lyrean-human. I am like the rest of the targeted individuals. A toy for the world to play with .  I grew up in a average home. Nothing special, but I could see stuff.  Bad people. I could easily scan a room and now the deal. I still have it. I am under attack with Directed Energy weapons.  I have a chip in my left eye done to me by Senator Lindsey Graham. A satellite did this to me. A laser weapon.  Why? because they love sex.  They love to violate it. I don’t even know these people and yet I have been thrown into their “sisterhood.”  Very satanic or should I say the Hermatic Order.  I have many handlers.  My life has been limited to a few things. I am now reading the Gods of Eden by william bramley. His book is onto something that I am telling the world because this shit needs to end.  The slavery of human DNA and of soul/ mind. Once they have your frequency you are fucked because they will hunt and track you to every spot on the earth. That is how possessive they are. They are sick fucking assholes.  The secret in freemasonry is that they have developed a way to have sex with each other: hive mind and connect it to the body.  Astral sex. To have illegal sex without your spouse knowing. Have you heard of share and share alike?  That is them.  Another violation is that they can penetrate the damage to you on a physical level via the chemtrails. The chemtrails are a weapon. A bio-weapon. They can make you sick or make you bleed via the DEW.  I would say that 70 percent of the problems we have on the planet is from the chemtrails. It is a weapon to kill. I have already stipulated that I am willing to die that way I am off this planet and never to return. I won’t.  I have seen humanity and it is time to leave this un-grown up planet. If this is lucifer’s playground .. you can have it. However, it is man. The DNA from he illuminate is here.  The greys  only give a fuck about getting away from the Orion Empire, but they fucked up on their own souls. Now, they want our shit. I say fuck all of them. The govt, military, your neighbor etc.  They created this mess. Not mine. I came here to be happy and that has been torn from me, by them and their fucked up mason religion.  I have not had a real dream of my own since 2010, probably. I went on-line with their system 2012 and that included heavy gangstalking, break-ins, poisoning, harrassmsent both physical and electronic, high pitch acoustic sounds, unbelievable pain to the body, violation of my pineal/ chakra system and my mind.   The reptilians/greys/ humans are all involved in this.  Why am I here?  To write and let people know that this game is still being played out by the elite and their people for dominance of the human consciousness. To steal from you and your initial creation of the Universe.  To fucking steal from you.   You have a black government that just takes and does not care because the greys and the reptoids are behind it all. The humans that work for them.. they are on their own. They did it to themselves.  I have a You Tube account: Jan Smith for anyone interested. On there I bitch about all  the shit I have gone through and expose some documentation.  I bitch because I know what it is like to be sold down the river from my biological mother to the elite. Yes, she was a private witch or a part of the sisterhood who willingly gave up her daughter to the illuminate because I have traits in me that they like.. like copper.  I have copper in my DNA and they think this gives them the right to violate me and my life. I wanted sooo much to be a concert pianist, but you have to sell yourself over to that industry.  I have the talent, but can’t stand the scum.  I have tried other jobs and it seems that every job I have tried.. I get scrutinized and kicked in the teeth. I worked for their fucking govt: TSA and it was suck a joke for me to be there.  There is no threat , people.  The threat has been concocted by your black govt who has access to high technology. 9/11 is black ops.  Right now, they are attacking my cat. He is puking. I know it is them.  The entire planet is under attack due to fear from black ops and the weapons they have.  Right now , in the news there are some assignations going on between Russian and the UK. This is all due to alien technology, money and knowledge. Some people are in the hospital from a nerve agent. They are russian. However, I know that these people all knew ahead of time the line of work they got themselves into. The Greys.  They don’t work for you. They work for the Greys because the greys and the reptilians  work together.  It is all about power and control.  The greys don’t care about money . They want DNA for their cloning and to get back what they have done to themselves.  Lost their essence.  Masonry is tied to the aliens. Period. end of discussion. The system is designed from when you are born to hand over your fucking DNA to them. Doctors don’t care about you. They study you.  Here is a pen and a questionnaire to fill out and give me all your talents.  they study you.  I lie on that shit. Family history is none of their fucking business. However, did you know they track and trace your family through the divine feminine? Yep.. your great, great, great grandmother.  All that shit like ancestry . com. Stay away from that crap because it is a database for black ops.  They follow school children through exams and hearing tests.  I remember hearing test and very strange people showing up to my school.  To test me. Why? because I fucking have talent. psionic. You see they design people to take out other human beings. I am not here to take anyone out. I am here to expose them and their lies. If you can not handle what I write then walk away.  I have had to deal with this shit for 7 plus years due to the fact that I was just born.  I am strong bitch and they fucking know it.  Like I have said: I am super children or indigo.  I remember I was at a piano concert and this man was just watching my speed of how I play the notes and he was like: “wow, I wish I could do that.” Solfeggeito by Brahms.  Two pages of playing broken scales, technique. No biggie, right. However, I learned from my music teacher one thing that is very important in life:” Don’t assume you are better than anyone else.” I took that information with me my whole life. It is a way to keep yourself nice and cool.   I give that same advice to black ops and the people behind the curtain.    Well, now back to the news. This thing with russia and the UK.. that is a spy vs. spy mission. James bond. Apparently, someone work for M16. Hmmmm.. not hard to figure that out.  A mess. Well, the governments will have to just play with each other. Send in their Black ops virtual spy people.  Yeah… it is amazing.  To sit back and see them let it rip. I would be happy just to have a job and walk away from ALL of this stuff. However, here I am. I got chosen. I guess they made the wrong choice in getting me. Did not think of the fact that I might go against them.  I want to write just a few things : They are playing the race card and weather modification. Alex Collier warned every one back in 1994 that this race card thing will be on a global scale. It is here. Immigration is a problem in the European nations and the news is pumping out , but you are white shit. Well, I got news for ya all. At one time , the skin was green. HAAA. Didn’t think I knew.  So, this whole race card is horseshit and time to grow up and face the powers that be that run this planet.  Skin: green, red, yellow, black and white all due to radiation and degeneration of the DNA.  Stupid girl. Another thing is Weather modification: Yeah, they have control of that too. Hurricanes, artificial earthquakes.. blah blah blah.  That is being done from the moon. They use cross particle beam weapons onto the coasts of the “unflavored” nation or people.  This is being done by humans on the moon. So, how does that grab ya.  Fukashima ring a bell in your ear?  Your fellow-human on the street hates you!!!! They are called gangstalkers and they work for the greys. Wear shades? yeah.. that is them to hide their big fucking eyes and to tell you who they work for.  Isn’t that something. Want ET disclosure: I give you the gangstalkers. Your fellow human who hates you and wants you away because they have to groom the next generation of humans to hate another group of humans. The cycle continues.  Oh.. and bring out the clones. California is under attack and they are transforming it to an alien factory area. All cameras everywhere. So, I say .. use their cameras against them.  Use the technology against them. If a hurricane hits. .. check the cameras.  How is structure?  Yeah.. They have toys alright. Nasty ones. To control you. So, watcha gonna do?  Do you know they can kill you while you sleep?  You did not do your job today.. so you must die. By the way, we have a clone of you and NO ONE will know.. Shhhhhhh Hey, I have heard on shows where musicians even say: I have a clone and that is how they do their rock shows at odd times. Duhhh.  Hey, stupid are you gonna wake  the fuck up or are you gonna get that starbucks coffee that cost $8.00. Or how about the pretty girls.. their hair, nails, makeup, and dress with their pretty cell phone.  They can hurt you too.  As a matter of fact, they hate fat people.   I am fat. However, I have fucking talent and I can walk into their fucking room and just stand. They know it too.  Bitch ass girl.  I might even be good with a sword. ( however, I know this is part of their Alpha training).    I am not going to fall for it. Oh yeah, they do all of this to get you to lash out in public. It is the frequency war.. I talk about and what Deborah Tavaras mentions in silent weapon… silent war.  They use sex and jealously as choice things. To make you feel jealous  that they had sex with someone younger than you. I know that all this seems insane and it is, but it is apart of the mind mapping program and deep state  stuff going on. The violation of humanity’s sacred skills. Everyone is psychic . We just have a heavy amount of frequency to hold us down.  Anyhow, I will be back and by the way: you have not walked in my shoes so don’t think for a second this stuff is not real.


Hermatic Order

I have discovered that it is the Hermetic Order that has attacked me. I have lost six years of my life to this organization.  These people want to take down the constitution, plain and simple and bring in their sick pedophillia ways. They are in everything you see in society. These people want you to join them or die that is how fucked up this planet is. I am able to see them and I know they are reptilian. Period on my end.  I woke up today to go to the store and I could see their cloud UFO’s in the sky.  What do you want me to say? do you really think that is going to change me?  I have met their cloud UFO’s back in 2012 . There was one parked in front of my house and it was a spiritual feeling. However, I could not figure out why people would not question it. They did not question it because they were in on IT to begin with.  All of these gangstalkers know about the violation of the chakra and pineal gland.  All of them . They do this to kids. To get them to fall in love with their cult. That bible is evil. I tell you. It has jewish implications on it. What kind of God wants you to sacrifice your kid?  All of this whole thing that we are going through is behind secret societies and corporations.  The entire system is poison.  They are kicking out  so many people out of California and that is from PG and E.. the rockefeller and the rothschild.  They groom the next group of kids to be like them.   I am pulling chemtrails out of my ear. They look like tiny white lines and that is the shit they have invented to control the human mind, body and the spirit.  ;You have to get past their technology and realize that it is someone that is using synthetic telepathy to fuck with you.  You have to have a strong essence.  A strong personality to tell them to fuck off.  Carry the sword.  It is the hive mind because these people have sex through this technology and it has been abused. The violation of who we are and all they do is take.  Like I have said before in the past: Why does a god work so hard to gain my love? Why? If their so called god was good then why does it need my love? This was the major wake up call for me.  I knew that their so-called Jesus was NOT correct. Something was wrong and it was technology that I was dealing with. That is why I say: their lucifer is jesus and their jesus is lucifer. It is one in the same.  I have heard that someone went back in time and got his blood; therefore, they have time travel.  Then they use that frequency to violate us humans on the planet for control.  Our DNA has frequency and they have fucking violated that. WAKE UP.  These lizards are pricks to the end!!!  This is how they are controlling things. If I tell you that jesus is evil ; you will be crushed. What I am saying is that  some how they are USING that frequency to manipulate everything. Perhaps he did exists.  However, I do not trust that bible. Those are just words. What I am saying is that They are using some jesus frequency to manipulate and download shit into your head so that you conform to their ways. That is why I say you have to stand on your own two feet.  They have manipulated me for almost seven years with this ping pong game. It is not until now that I realize the whole thing ON THE PLANET IS TECHNOLOGY BASED.  They have been doing this to me since I was a kid. Why?  Perhaps because they know I come from a higher density or somewhere else and can see their lizard asses.  I won’t give that up. I see what I see.  I have every right to call them out.  I know I have implants in me and that could be why I see these lizards or the velon.   The implants are there to manipulate my emotions.. to make me lash out. However, I know better.  They do this to all targeted individuals. They want people to lash out. To lose your cool.    I don’t understand why these gangstalkers put themselves in harms way for them??? That is something I do not understand. Why do they jump in front of a bus? Perhaps it is mind control on their end. I don’t get that aspect on why these gangstalkers do it?  They do it for money or they are married to the cult? Probably married to the cult. This is nuts. Self-sacrifice on their end. Not mine. These secret organizations are a huge detriment to humans on the planet . So, I have to agree with Chris Thomas on the fact that the velon emit an energy frequency on the planet. They are the threat to humans. That is the threat. It is an energy pattern on the planet. It has nothing to do with the planet itself.  Nibiru, Planet X all of it is gonna be based on their DEW and what they will do with it. I woke up and listened to Alex Jones and I love the way he ended his video: FUCK YOU GLOBALISTS.  The media is bought and paid to scare the shit out of everyone when I know for a fact that the globalists do not want a nuclear war. WHY?? because they have invested soooo much money into their little structures on earth.   A previous gangstalkers told me that they do not want to destroy structure.  It takes money and people to work for them because they won’t figure out the quantum physics behind a math problem. They hire people to do their dirty work.  They don’t wake up in the morning and worry about that shit. No, they hire people to destroy other people so that their hands are not dirty.  So, they can get off scott-free. (scottish rite shit).  They have hired people to work behind the scenes to work on the human body. To figure out its secrets and to experiment on the human mind and the body and the soul. It is all technology. to invade into the cellular structure of the body and cheat. I know that I am being cooked to death. I probably won’t make it. To fulfill my life the way I want to.  I have lost my fucking job and 7 years of my life to this fucking shit lie.  Now, I guess I am the only one that is here to tell you that it is all a psyops. The whole entire thing.  We don’t need organized religion to function and just walk down the street. You don’t need any of that. I have known this my whole life. I knew when disaster struck Northridge, CA that there was something really wrong. I was sick with the flu when that happened. There were people in that apartment . I think it was done on purpose.  That is how they strike. Military operation and then call it Acts of God. They have murdered three of my cats and taken stuff from me. Stuff from my house that does not belong to them.  These people or lizards are fucked up.  I wish I had a huge laser cannon on load it onto their CERN and blow up their space station. Then we might have a conversation and their god like manners.  Aim it at their home and see if they can collect their insurance policies.  run to the bank for their possibility of re-building.  I have no problems saying: fire on  them.  Let see how powerful their dicks are now. Line up in the unemployment line. Get in line now and be a good little boy and show them your wound.  I know show me your RFID chip that is in your dick. Slow sperm? I wonder why.  Can we say: radiation. OH.. but you volunteered to be a good little boy and go with the crowd.  What is wrong with your penis?  You can’t get it up?? Too bad.. I guess you won’t be enjoying your high frequency sex.  I hear that there are sex robots. You might wanna check that route out. ( besides I am too ugly and fat for you taste..). so go build yourself a toy that is to your specifications. How about a clone?  I hear that designer babies are in the making.  You can lower the IQ level that way they just lay there. TTFN

There is no SAVIOR; SAVE YOURSELF. I have known this for a long time. YOU need to know.

We have at the top of the pyramid, the elite. Rothschild/rockefeller etc and I have found that they are reptilian. Their DNA is copper based and different from humanity. Earth is a mixture of human/alien hybrids.  ( you won’t get disclosure from  the Government because they are all involved) They call this the crossing of genetics. or X marks the spot.  Then you have regular humans. Almost all of humanity worships the elite and their church. The problem we have on the planet is an ideology and it is tied to scientology and the church. The church or religion is the problem.  Everything we see is because of them and their egyptian ways. I mean everything. The entire system is based off an old egyptian cult.  The bible I am afraid is a tool where the elite use to make you fall in love with “jesus.”  There is no savior. There is only you and until people wake up they won’t see the crime that has been perpetuated on the planet for a long time. They use this as a weapon. There might even be a jesus; however, I have a strong feeling they are using frequency that they have stolen. Stewart Swerdlow mentioned how he went back in time to get jesus’ blood. They have time travel. So, they probably went back in time  and got a sample and are  using the jesus frequency on people. It doesn’t matter now. I have seen people say that Allah is satan and  that is good because what it reveals is that people are really waking up to the organized religion.  I have seen very evil children and these children are trained to hate. The system is designed for them and their church. All from plumbers to your doctor.  They have a hive mentality. If you don’t fit in.. you get punished.  This is the system.  Their pyramid scam.  WE have a sun simulator. That is another factor in this war. NASA is using it to do this. Have you noticed how white it is?  That is the sun simulator.  They are blocking the real sun.  Notice how un-warm it is?  I used to think that the sun is going through a transition, but that is a lie once I found out that NASA is using a toy in front of the sun. We are being hit with frequency that lies to us. That is what is going on. The elite are using weapons to lie and keep us down. That is the story.  They have been doing this for a long time: ancient sumer. Remember the story of many gods?  That was them.. lying.  WE have to clean up this mess. Only us… humans. They are threatening our children and our lives because they want power and to live on the moon/ mars. Only them and they stomp on humanity to get what they want. They are also cloning. People have doubles. So, if a crime is committed .. it could be a clone.   We are made up of light, color and sound .  That is our DNA and we all have special talents except that I have seen humanity surrender their talents to the elite and then those special gifts that we have are used against us. Like remote viewing: psychic powers thrown towards a person. To spy on a persons’ aura.  They have been experimenting on the mind and the powers we have for a long time. I would say real heavy since WWII.  I am full of their nano-technology that they can see through my left eye ; my voice box; my hearing.. everything. I am a walking camera for them. That is why I spill the beans and tell people how they use this technology on people to really WATCH you. It is part of their masonic cult or hermitic cult.  My first MILAB was with AL Gore and my implant was thrown at me from Senator Lindsey Graham.  This is not jesus that did this to me ; It was them. A satellite over my house that zapped my eye to put a tracer inside my body to make me conform and obey.  The problem that we have is a society that worships the elite and protects it. It sits in silence and in the mean time you have many children being hurt, abducted and murdered  for their cult.  Why?  Because they do this tho their own.  They have goods on other families and politicians that they participated in this event.  The military does this too.  Most of the events in the news are staged. All the shootings are by design. Meaning that it is man.  Man sets his own demise by organized religion to keep power, money and obedience.  I used to believe in Jesus and think that maybe he existed, but not after my hell with the elite has been done to me. I only believe in saving my fellow human. To get the word out. To warn because this technology that they have is evil and will spread to other worlds. It could. It probably already has.  The reptilians according to max spires said that they like to daisy chain other planets and it has to end here.    Everything that is happening is from the  elite. Everything.  Religion, medicine, schooling, all of it.   They think they are superior because of their DNA. They are not. They bleed like everyone else.  They are using seed and cloning to design an obedient society.  Who to say that once they design this society and that society doesn’t conform: guess what they are killed off and they will do something else. With what tools? They have killed humanity. Themselves would be next.  They have innerbreeded for a long time. Then they will die by being complete idiots because of their ego.  Will they go off to another society? probably and kill them off. That is lucifer. To divide and conquer.  To destroy the ultimate creators universe.  You have to understand: they are using Jesus as a weapon to get you to conform so that they can fulfill their mission and that is to keep you down. A robot. So what is your life worth?  I Have discovered that I am just a number for debt, a reproducer, and a battery for their astral sex. I am a guinea pig. A science experiment.  That is what I have come to. They have beaten me down to the point that I look at this planet as a joke. The only thing I have left is truth and my soul in this war. They are still reptilian trying to “love:” me. This entire thing is about control of emotions and how people “behave.” Mental health… you need help is bullshit. They are using that on Mr. Trump.  Grabbing at straw. I see that teachers are now teaching armed in Colorado. That is good. Now, it might wake up people to say.. you know what.. I am hear to teach and if you really wanna fuck with me you have about 30 seconds to make a decision on if you want to learn algebra or not because the probability is pretty high you will die.  However, the elite don’t care. They want man to fight man and that way the responsibility lies on human not reptilian.  Human.  The lizards want to get off scott-free and laugh at the fact that they have concocted the whole thing.  They go to the moon while you fight or suffer from their DEW.  They have been doing this for a long time. This is how civilizations fall and get built.  They want to shove the blame onto someone else: can we say JFK and the patsy they designed. ????  There is always someone taking the fall . How about Hillary Clinton. Is she going to jail? No. She will get a pardon and someone in the DNC will take the call because they love and honor the “system.”  FBI took the fall.  What are you working for?  To loose your valuable pension for an elite?  What court is going to prosecute all the people involved? See ? They flood the system with bullshit and paper work and make no real arrests. Isay just arrest them and worry about the paper work later.  Of course, get the evidence, but arrest them.  I am guilty of being born.  So arrest me.  Arrest everyone because they are all involved in a secret cult and get their mind-to mind transfer.  Well, that is enough for now. I have told you who you are up against. The Orion Empire. TTFN

Pychopathic Black Ops people

I am hooked up to an AI run by Black ops and I realize today that my AI handler is gay. I was watching a show where these men were in bed and I made a reaction of EWWWH and my handler gave me the signal to F off. Meaning, that he is gay and all in cahoots with being in bed with men.  My AI handlers are AL Gore, lindsey graham, and probably someone that I don’t know because my DNA has been hijacked by these gangstalkers who work for the Elite. I realize also that rothschild is in charge of PG and E in california and most of all the Utilites in the world.   They have mind mapped everyone. I still can see he reptilians and I refuse to give that up. I know that they  are creating a geo-engineered society. I also found out today that the story about the 101 being closed down in California due to mudslides was a fake story.  It is all about money and generating lies to get people to fund certain things in California. Right now, there is a helicopter coming in because I am printing the truth.  I will continue to break down their lies.   They are using DEW on me right now and hitting me in the chin because they hate me. Well, I hate them.  So, I now realize that my AI handler is gay.  Time to really challenge them, black ops.  I know who controls the news and the weather. The elite. So, there you have it. People walk on eggshells. hahah can’t confront them.


Anyhow, I wanted to write and say that my AI handler is all for being gay.  EWWW. My other site at is down. I am having trouble logging on. Oh Well, I will write here for now.


Yeah. This planet takes from you.

So, I was following along someone that was breaking code in the pizzagate. It was interesting, but I find that I can not follow this person. Goess who it is.. Lucifer. The whole entire web is designed by him. I keep telling people about this world. I did a video on how he is using humanity to create a digital world. How chinese people are being used as slaves to create I phones and manufacturing parts.  FOXXCONN is a corporation that is guilty of human slavery in the form of a corporation.  Hence, the name foxx/ conn meaning this place is conning you. I hope that people really wake up to their world. Probably not because they don’t see what I see. The lizards.   I remember back in 2012 or so there was a blue sticker on my car and how they are coding people. I received a blue sticker. It doesn’t matter because it is all a part of the orion empire… this ancient egyptian stuff. However, I still believe that you have to know your enemy and the enemy is the fallen one.   The society is headed towards a star wars deal and I am afraid no one sees this. I watched the clone wars and I saw a particular episode where Anakin’s student has to withdrawal from the jedi temple because she is convicted of a crime that is not hers. As a matter of fact it was anakin had to go to the dark side to find out the truth before the court because the dark side  told anakin  that he did not listen to her. Anyhow, she is freed and she walks away from the jedi because she quickly found out how Yoda was quick to judge her.  So, she walked away and that was pretty much  the end of the clone wars.  However, it is just to show how things are black and white in this movie.  There is always a third option and even a fourth and that is to really look at this organization that is being formed around us.  Chemtrails are a bio-weapon and then subliminal messages are sent on the “love” on this planet. The hive mind= the grey aliens and the lizards equal the elite and then you have the little honey bees that work the hive to protect the queen,  which is lucifer.


I personally feel like I have landed in a big nightmare on this planet. I have. I have woken up to the MK Ultra and the CIA program; however I am hit with frequencies and my psychic powers/ pineal gland has been hit hard with their black goo.  No one believes me. Most people follow this jewish/egyptian cult thing.  Jesus/ Lucifer/ Mohammad/ buddha.  Everyone has been poisoned with the food/ air// everything. It is such a  mess that is purposeful to make me look crazy and get rid of me.. when I am actually the one that is trying my best to really wake people up.  I guess my mission is to get people to realize what the annuanki have done.  The use of CERN/ GWEN Towers/  GMO / DUMBS/ everything on this planet and also the fact that they are time bandits. The whole pizza gate thing is where they cut a slice of pie and fold it like a “boat” to get from one point to the next.  Altering the space or bending it to get there faster than the speed of light. Cheaters and able to go back in time and alter events.… I tried to show everyone how #PizzaGate is directly connected to what #Shewbread is. The “Cone” is Shewbread. So through the wormhole mentioning cone pizza is no coincidence. I showed before the Time Travel connection with #PizzaGate and no one listened. Donald Trump Time Crystals & Time Travel……

This is not my work. However it does depict the evil on this planet.  How every thing is out in the open like pizza and if you take a slice out of the pizza and bend it like a cone you can get to one place to another quicker.  I know this is hard to get, but this technology has been passed down through the ages. After all, this is where lucifer fell, right.  So, why not pass it onto his crew.


I knew that donald trump would be president. I was shown it. He even knew my maiden name.  He is a part of the whole entire thing or enslaving humanity.  I was  communicated by him via synthetic telepathy.  He said my name in a way that was like a threat to  the whole world that they want to create. ” Oh well”  I have seen the DUMBS and there are a ton of them.  The inner earth stuff is real. The dumbs, I BELEIVE are run on geo-thermal energy from the oceans.   I am just trying to really shake up the plans because it seems that people are just followers of this organized religion  and organized religion is the most dangerous thing people can believe in.  You do not need duality not the balance stuff that the masons’ pump out. I did not need to know this information when I was growing up. I just wanted to live a happy life. However, we have organized religion, which is being used as a weapon. Also, I wish to point out that the sun has a sun simulator , which has been designed by NASA.  That thing is the very thing was beam upon my body to get me to believe in Jesus.  To take sides, instead of my side. To brain wash me, but as I went through it.. I was fighting it because why does a god need my love?   Anyway, I will write later. It is evil technology that is shaping our world. It is free energy that is out there, but being purposely  and slowly being pumped out on the surface of the planet. You know your drones etc…  Yeah the mixture of mankind being okay with a robot delivering your boxes.  To get you to say it is okay to take away the human factor because after all Lucifer is on a mission to get rid of the one true Creator.

write later.






Bad Night from DEW

I was really under attack last night from my AI handlers or should I say DARPA. They really hurt me last night because I won’t submit to their Old World Order, which is this reptilian worship. It is jewish. It is egyptian. It has everyone following it.  Lindsey Graham and Al Gore are behind my torture and I am learning a few things on the way. I went to the store and there was a gangs talkers and his arms were crossed. I have seen that before esoterically. Where lindsey graham crossed his arms.  For some reason, Linsey Graham has been following me. I don’t know why. It is probably genetics and the soul. I see theses gangs talkers on the street and they have this attitude that their way is the right way.   I am sick of this program. I am sick of this energy on this planet and this fucking attitude to worship lucifer. I am sick of it.  It is this egyptian ideology. It is bullshit. A world without the masons’. That would be a sight to see. Where one can fucking do what they want.   They use energy weapons on people to create the energy or something like that.  I have seen their jump room magic acts. One moment they are there and the moment they are gone. I have seen that shit and it is on the movie They live.  You can’t trust anyone.  What are they doing? Mapping the soul?  i hate this fucking planet and I hate lizards.  I hate this planet so much that I could scream all the way up through the universe with names attached to it. AL GORE, LINDSEY GRAHAM, MY RELATIVES,  NEIGHBORS, This whole entire planet is under my judgment now.  THE CLINTONS; OBAMA. ETC. THE ENTIRE GOVT IS UNDER MY JUDGMENT AND THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.  every last person is guilty of this torture, except the real TI’S.  I HOLD THIS PLANET AND THE CONTENTS WITHIN GUILTY AS CHARGE. THIS PLANET IS GUILTY OF THE SILENCE. I hold everyone accountable for this. I do not believe in love because it has been used as a weapon of choice on me.  These fucking people are guilty of choosing to do this program.  I know all about their love and how they pretend to be “nice and how they use “safety” as a weapon.  Oh yeah,,,, Your gangs talkers that purposely released her dog onto the street is guilty. That was a purposeful stunt. I saw her release her dog on purpose so that an “accident” would happen. I spotted it. Everything in the news is pretty much “setup” for an emotional trigger from the public. It is most likely to get the guns and not only that I have a feeling that the biggest con in the world is our constitution, where the freemasons’ designed it. To give the illusion that we are safe and we have rights. When it was them that took from the King and gave to parliament to make their own rules. However, back in the day the King could kill on sight and take away from he nobles.  Magna Carta.  Anyway, I am going to stop here because I have a feeling that I am being programmed.  They want to control everything. I have seen their temples and they are called churches. A place to worship their false god.. Enki/ Siva/ Marduk/ Lucifer…. whatever you want to call it.  I hate this planet, but I am not going anywhere. I plan to fight them.   Antifreemansonry needs to occur.  People are being assaulted with DEW and their ships in the skies.. yeah, well, that is all cloaked.  You are damn right I AM A REBEL. I AM BIGGEST FUCKING REBEL YOU WILL MEET. I WILL BE BACK. AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE ME TALKING.. HIT THE ROAD AND HOLD HANDS WITH A LIBERAL THAT WILL PROTECT YOU.  BYE FOR NOW. THIS BITCH WILL BE BACK.

A major Rant.

I know that they want the guns. The constitution is in the right to have a gun. However, the masons’ created the constitution. They use what they create to cause chaos. Problem: solution. So, If they created the constitution what do we do with laser technology being used on us?  Tinker toys.