If someone asks for directions say,” You are Here: Kaliyuga.”

How about you are on a trip and you go to those billboards that has all the diagrammed sites. You look at it and you want to go to a certain location. On it, is has “You are Here.” Well, if someone comes up to you and asks where are we? You, as a Ti, you can tell them: “You are in the age of Kaliyuga.”   You are at the bottom of a sine wave. I guarantee you that they will look at you very strangely. You can then tell them: Humanity is on a cycle. So, hang on tight. This is where we are headed. Star Wars. You are in a frequency war. Yes, sir. I have done the digging for Ti’s. I dove deep and fell into the elite’s past. I did it because number one: I wanted to know what was happening to me. So, I dug. I listened to numerous web sites. However, there was just one voice in a video that told me to look into something. A book. That voice that spoke up.. saved me.  She was very soft spoken and quickly knocked down. However, I listened. I went and got that book. It is a dissertation written by a women who has studied the Veda, Bible and other things. She saw parallels between events in man’s history. She saw similarities and wrote how man kind has been lied to about his past. Certain secrets kept from him and how society behaves.  I found the reason why society is in a mess right now. We are in the age of Kaliyuga. A damn cycle for man kind to act and give him a reason to act out. Let the beast out. People doing just crazy shit. The age of the robot is hitting us all. However, I dug deep, as mentioned before, to discover that gangstalking goes all the way back to at least Sumerian times. The control mechanism was hitting people back then. People who stare at you and really have this horrible negative frequency.  They gang up on you and have this horrible attitude and feel compelled to violate your space. Right there was history of  society’s habits.   This woman who wrote this book was very upset because she tells you how society keeps man down on purpose and does not want you to know how we are really awesome.  She points out how health has not changed. Insulin for example was a problem back then. Now, I took art history and everyone is familiar with the venus of Willendorf. I remember seeing this object and thinking.. ok how could something like this get fat.. if the food supply is hunting for meat and plant life in the paleolithic time?  Why would they sculpt something like this? Probably because it is true. Overweight people in the Paleolithic time? The author then says how anthropologists hide by lying and telling you this for fertility. A fertility goddess.  Huh? She then says.. this is human? Then I went further to look at art work of the seventeenth century-italian art. I see work from Giorgione or Titian.  You see two women in this painting having a tummy.  They are depicted as “venus” figures. The school system then has words that are written “not to be read according to modern preferences in womanly physique, but poetic.”  However, if you really look at the past and then move within the art world you see how painters are painting women this way because it was their true physique.  I even see the statues of ancient egypt have a tummy on them. Look at Ka-Aper. That statue has a tummy. Check out Akhenanten in the temple of Amen-ra. Yep. He has a tummy too.   I just discovered that he has an over active thyroid, with acromegaly . “His hips are like a woman’s as fat deposits accumulate . If you look at Aknenaten’s statue he look feminized.   Anyway, I wish to tell you TI’s that this whole entire thing is repeating itself because if you go back to Egyptian times the number one culprit to keep the people under control was EMR.  We now have an AI system that is EMR. It is just advance. We now have holograms, voice to skull, synthetic telepathy, remote neural monitoring all of this is being done by your military who are all masons.  This is just like the movie ” They live.” We have to find the signal and stop it. It is hurting humanity. These reptilian/humans do not care about you because they take your talents and use it for their own means. Your pineal gland is under attack and you can not have natural dreams. You have been interfered with your whole life and you have to recognize that.  In my opinion, you body is a suit, but your soul is who you are.    What I am saying is that the problems that we have today is because we have been under assault by these reptilian people who are protected by regular humans.  However, there are those of us who can see and we are here for a reason. They are trying to keep me down and keep me quiet. However, I am fighting back by means of  checking out history and then comparing it to what is happening today.  We are in the age of Kaliyuga because we have people who are altering their bodies and changing their identity on purpose. ( dramatic sex changes) I know that androgyny is big because Christ was I see it in magazines. I believe that humanity is being changed slowly and from what a gang stalker told me they do things in baby steps that way you accept it as they go along.  Well, I am here to really bust the ice. I am telling you that this whole entire AI system goes back to the Annunaki.  WE DO HAVE REPTILIAN PEOPLE WALKING AROUND.  Yes. It is DNA and that is how they judge you.  They attack you TI’s because you are VERY different and you have talents and you see truth. Do not sell yourself out to them.  They give nothing back.  Keep your integrity. So, what if your neighbor drives a fancy car or has a bigger house or that six figure salary.  Who cares. What is really important is YOU. You have to stand on your own two feet. They have poisoned everything with lies. What matters is your truth because right now they are using major frequency.  HAARP.

The Shroud of Turin.  Now I really wish to put holographic technology with stroniuum 90. The chemtrails have strontium 90.  According to my research, ” strontium has no use in the  human body, yet the earth carries 2.4 atoms of strontium for every 100 atoms of calcium. It is claimed that because of stellar explosion and our own Big Bank, it has always been around after it defused from a non-radioactive form.  It stabilizes in zirconium.  What elemental strontium we have should be passed through the bones and blood as waste and not accumulate if we are healthy and get plenty of calcium.  If you are healthy or not, when strontium -90 get you, it will lay down in your bones.  Unfortunately the bones cells are attacked as it decays, losing energy; the bones become hard and brittle and resorptive as it is removed.  ” Ramses II suffered arthritic conditions and dental problems.  As strontium has no use in the body, I cannot help but think it was an artificial product of someone causing an unnatural event nature would not have caused eons ago. ”  What she is saying in the last sentence is that strontium -90 is being used as an artificial production.. which leads me to Alex collier’s statement where he says: The shroud of turin is ” one example of extraterrestrial manipulation and an assault on our belief system. The holographic image on the shroud was created by the Grey in order to strengthen a belief of a “savior.”  So, strontium -90 has been and used on the planet for artificial means to keep man subjugated or down. It is in the chemtrails and if you  see history and the present …you can connect the dots and realize that the elite are doing the same thing: manipulation of mankind into this robot age.  I remember seeing the doctor and mentioned that my hands hurt and she immediately asked  me about arthritis in my family.  I said no.. not really. I have strong hands.  So, Ti’s I am telling you that the hive mind already knows that this game is being played on your and it goes all the way back to Egypt.  The Pharaohs of Egypt suffered like we do.  They had weight problems and their bodies were hurting them.. because of EMR and they knew how important diet was.   So, ladies and gentlemen .. you need to wake up.



I guess my targeting started when I was young.  However, I have dove into the top of the pyramid’s past and found out that we are on a cycle. Right now, we are in the last 1000 years. It is the kaliyuga.  So, the Krta age lasts for 4000 yrs; Treta age is 3000; Dvapara  is 2000; Kali is 1000. When the Kali age has been spent the Krta comes around again.  This total period of 12,000 years equal an Eon.  Now each one of these ages has a dawn and a dusk. So, for the Krta age is has 400 of dawn and dusk.  The treta has 300 of dawn and dusk.  The dvapara has 200 of dawn and dusk. Kali has 100 of dawn and dusk.  So,


4000+3000+ 2000+1000=10000; however, you need to add Dawn and Dusk to get the 2000.

400×2=800   300×2=600   200×2 = 400  100×2=200  Add: 800+600+400+200=2000.
So, your Eon is 10000+2000=12,000.

Can you imagine a regular person like me can figure out the elite’s  cyclical system? Imagine that. I guess I dove deep. This whole thing is in the Veda. Imagine me . An average c student in school to dive in and discover the insanity behind why society is falling down. It is because we follow this cycle. If you stretch it out it is a sine wave and we are at the bottom of it. It was funny last night, I was watching You Tube video on Lisa Haven and she was wearing a diamond round necklace. Now, I know what they means. It means the snake eating its tail and how we are on this cycle.  So, for all you Ti’s out there:  It is not you. I guess just hold onto your surf board and ride this out.  However, I have to agree with Lana Cantrell on how things are going to get sticky.  I am going to try and do things that I like.  I just want you TI’s to know that it is not you. They really do hurt people with EMR. It needs to end and somehow we have to find a solution because we are not meant to be slaves to a bunch of sick people who pretend to care. It needs to end, this fakery.  Black ops is really judging you. It is them, not you.  I will write later.


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