You do not have to take their Shit-Gangstalkers.

TO YOU TRUE TARGETED INDIVIDUALS– you do not have to take the gangstalker’s shit.  Went for a simple bike ride and coming toward me is a cyclist that has his light blinking at me. You all know what it is: gaslighting. I yelled at him and said,  Your MK Ultra crap doesn’t work on me.”  He told me to Fuck off and I told him to fuck off. So, I am letting you know that I am busting down their crap. Now, I am not saying violence.. you just can voice yourself and tell it like it is. Let them know by VOICING your defense.  Their gaslighting doesn’t work on you. Their blinking lights do not work. I do videos to let you know the truth about this black and white masonic world. Their Orion Empire/ Reptilain world that goes all the way back to Egypt.


Anyhow, take care of yourself and eat right. They believe in self-sacrificing and they believe in you doing it for them. That is how sick our society is. They are the ones that put the GMO’s and the general public know or I should say the gangstalkers or buzzing bees.  Remember their Nibiru/ Planet X  will be a psyops program. Just stay level headed when and if it happens. All Military and not only that your general population will be part of the stage. So, stand back and watch. I was told in the beginning of my targeting to be an observer. So, be the observer and watch how the game is rolled out.


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