EARTH: battle ground for truth.

HI. Targeted Individuals. Hope you are doing fine. Just want to write some thoughts I have about the world and what I have been going through.  First and foremost, I want to tell you that you do have reptilian hybrids around. I will not deny myself what I see.  If I did that then I am no good to the truth.  I know the dark side wants me to conform to their ways: namely, the church. I wish the address that organized religion is the root of most of this evil, but it was designed by the annunaki/ Nibiruiam families.  It is a way to keep people in line and a way of worshipping an earth god.  My idea of being a human is just simply being able to hold a job and raise a family and I think that most people fall in this category.  It seems that nothing I do will ever satisfy the gangs talkers or hive mind.   I believe that I was targeted because I am very different and I know the Orion Empire/reptilians wanted to converted me into worshipping their way.  I can’t do that because I remember the very beginning of my gang stalking in 2012 and how a very evil presence was placed on me, driving.  I will never forget that. It came up out of the blue and it continued for about a year and half. People wearing their dark shades and treating me like shit.  I want to tell you that they are using the chakra system that is you against you.  The annunki hold the pineal gland and it is depicted in art books and the reason why we go to war in the middle east is because the elite do not want you to find artifacts about aliens or more importantly our history and how wonderful we really are. Gangstalkers have surrendered their power away to this dark force and in return I guess they get gold and freedom to eat and drink what they please. In the mean time, they turn a blind eye to real children and humans who just want to live.  They steal children who are undocumented for a reason. They sacrifice them to their pagan god.  It is like one lady said that a man and a woman who are a part of the mason’s club get together and produce a child and that child is then sacrificed. It is horrible.  I remember on Coast to Coast a woman had a one hour show and told the world how she is giving her baby to Lucifer. No one called in on that show because every one is in one it.  Most of the general population knows what happened to these children and good people.   Their hold trinity is Lucifer, Satan and the devil.  Three separate entities in their bible. They mix the names up on purpose to confuse you.  That is their holy trinity. I knew at a very early age that things were really wrong on this planet. Most of the crimes the are committed is from horrible mind control or MK Ultra.   I was MKULtraed in the 70;s, but for some reason I bounced off of it and lived a happy life until 2012.  2013 is when the “bump” occurred with Montauk/ Phoenix III project. I believe we have been thrown into a artificial time line because the sun is getting hotter and brighter. It has moved onto the next Eon. This is a time when we are suppose to be really leaping in our creativity. Our pineal gland. However, we have been hijacked with GMO and chemtrails and it ruins our pineal gland and our chakra system.  All of this was done on purpose. To make sure you join their side.  If you don’t join them.. then they believe in self sacrificing that way nothing leads to them… the military industrial complex and the senators that are guilty of hunting me down. Yes. I have names.  Since society knows that you grew up in a stable family they will unstabalize you by sending their workers out to hurt you by giving you horrible looks and then they expect you to love them.   I believe that I am different for a reason and my job is to expose them. I do it for another little boy or girl so they have the upper hand on the annunaki traditions.  The truth has to come out.  This cycle needs to end and children need to be free from evil humans who worship reptilians.  Besides, even if you join them.. what good will that do for you. You will still be a target because then they have you and you have to do their bidding.  Why would I do that. I rather be a underground reporter telling you the truth.   So, they infect you with food that upsets your body and then comes the EMR or frequencies that are beamed to you head.  It is constant for about two years until you are exhausted. Then they tell you that all the food is poison and their mind to mind interface says to juice.  So, you juice and it does work, but then what that does is weaken you so that they can attack your chakra system and have mystical sex with you and then they do something that is more horrendous: they soul zap you.  Take what does not belong to them. It is the most horrific feeling because you just walk around with no emotions. It is horrible and this is what the Grey have done to themselves.  They want to take your identity away. That is what this whole AI thing is about.. to Get rid or real men/women and children. The millennial are suppose to help, but they got caught up in the technology that I am afraid they don’t know what a can opener is.  I am a strong bitch and intend to be throughout this whole Age of Kaliyuga.  Know you enemy on this planet. Earth is a battle ground right now because we are at war with the reptoids who torture humanity.  They believe in androgyny . I have explained this in my videos that this is Christ. The reptilians designed the bible and hands that information to Masons.. who swear to uphold the secret of what the reptilians to on this planet. Christ ( Horus) is asexual.  The only reason Mary ( isis)  ( in the bible)  got pregnant is from this technology where they are able to have astral sex with you.  The movie: Agnus of God is a great movie where she becomes pregnant and then by mind control she kills the baby. Where she is told to give the baby back to god. This is the shit I am talking about. It is all EMR and I am very correct in researching their crap. It has gone on since ancient egyptian times.   They want love; however, their love is very mischievous.  It has conditions attached to it.  That is not love. Love is something that doesn’t ask for anything.   It does not attack and then turn around and ask for love. huh?  They really want a zombified society where your passion is gone and your creativity.  We have technology on this planet that has been hidden and secret and then unleashed upon innocent people simply because they will report it.  The technology could really really help people.  It could change the surface of the planet to being lush and happy.  However, it is in the wrong hands because they are reptilian and they are assholes.  Tell it like it is. I wonder sometimes if I am with the Paa Tal.  There is a legend about how warring with a race that was creating human life forms that were opposed to draconian philosophy.  The Paa Tal created life forms that could evolve on their own, with free expressions. The draconian created races to function as a natural resource for their pleasure.  This to me sounds like a right explanation of my situation. That I have been against them for some time.  I came here on earth to do battle with them.   If this is true then I agree on how ,we humans, can evolve on our own with free expression. I guess I came from 11 density to this 3rd density. I have business to attend with these reptilians.   Their greatest weapon is  the mind control on the planet. I fell for their Jesus entity and then realized that why would a god need my love?  I realized that it was mind control being played out on me.  They used their love and hate on me.  Bottom line is that they hate all Targeted Individuals even if the TI promises love back to them.. it will never be enough because I know how they destroy what you build.   This is why most people walk on eggshells in their life because every single one of us is being monitored by the NSA/black ops.  So, my voice is that we need to stand up because they already know who are and you need to claim your stake on this planet.  They use DEW on people who are real truthseekers. I believe I might be the Paa Tal. I came down here to kick ass and take names later. So, yes. I will carry my sword.  If they want star wars.. they have it.  We humans needs to really claim what is us because all they do is take and yes , there are humans that worship the lizards and protect them. It is slowly coming out. The snakes.  They only reward who they want to reward.  Look at hollywood / politicians and  scientist.  Studied humanity and then decimate it to maybe a cell left.  WWII was an experiment done by the nazi on mind control and fucking with our chakra system.  The jews are telling what they did to their own people and many more.  The jews: false israel or should I say: Nibiru/levittes/ benjamins/ annunaki/ Siva.    Age of Kali is where they bring out their ultimate weapon: EMR out on the people and target specific ones who might have “insight” as to what is going on in the world because the next great show in the sky will be them.  It will be them pulling your leg and lying to you and most of humanity is going to put on a “show” when the UFO shit occurs.  Target: NYNY and probably other cities.  Fine. See you on the battlefield.. you lizard.  The Paa Taal is here, but you already knew that.  Oh yes: for those that might be interested: they use bio-energy to feed their system of deceit.  To shock you=chak/ra system. They put sensors, I will say, on 9/11 to measure the “chi” frequency of humanity. Global Consciousness Program did this study and stated that on 9/11 it went way up.  Question: They knew that 9/11 was going to happen and the sensors were already in place prior to 9/11 so that the global consciousness could be measured.?That is your world. A pre-determined death squad.  After all, they want to be gods and fly in space.  Oh that’s right.. your copper based. You are fucking special except that you need creativity. Which leads to the implantation of chips in people’s bodies. Very illegal, but you don’t give a fuck.  I do. You are measuring me. The weak ones attack the strong. What is that? The shadow follows the substance?  Max Spires is correct in telling the world that the reptilians attack the human heart. He is totally correct. I know their love and I know how to look at them.  I believe that he is probably one super solider that really wanted to help. He saw the shit and how these snakes want to get rid of humanity for their god-complex. So, for all TI’s:


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