Earth is a Mind Controlled Planet.. EMR False Love.. so watch it.

I will try and start from the beginning. I suppose now that I look back on my life.. that I was created to be a test for the masons and the elite to do their psychotronic crap on. I have been followed from a very early age.  I suppose you could call it MK Ultra. I remember or should I say I look back on my life and see small clips of people “checking”in on me.  It is the gangs talkers.  I suppose my parents were the handlers.  This is what I really think is going on: The fucking powers that be trace their bloodline to individual families and then those families give their children up for the elite’s little games. Their science and sex projects.  In other words, there is holographic DNA technology where your little drop of blood will trace it back to one of the 13 families and I believe  that mine goes to AL Gore/ David Rockefeller. During my MILAB experience, I remember seeing David Rockefeller ,wearing of course all green, and ALGore in my MILAB experience.  In that particular situation, I saw a chinese man next to him and he was saying how my spiritual power is low. Of course, it is low… why the fuck would I use it?   So, man was made in which image? Annunaki or Nibiruian? I suppose for me it is Nibiruian.  I suppose I am a science experiment. I will never forgive what has happened to me on this rock called Earth. Nope. I won’t forget either.  Love does not come into this picture and how it jeopardized my life and my own family.   I do not go around placing thoughts into someone head to do a certain “function.” No. I don’t that is all CIA based.  I am now heavily implanted, against my will. Senator Lindsey Graham is responsible for putting an eye implant in me.  All of this was done in my living room and I was fully conscious. Then once the implant was done, I could see him wearing all red and smiling at me.  This of course is through my pineal gland. I know for a fact this is the very thing that mankind has to get a hold of if things are to return to normal.  The reptilians are using mankind to cause all this rift. I know it. It makes sense because you have it totally in the bible and the bible is their number one script.   So, my whole life I have been followed. I remember certain things happening to me like in college how people would appear in class out of  thin air” and then befriend me for my notes and papers. Of course, I helped, but one day it back fired and I almost got expelled. This person used my work word for word and I told the teacher to “test” me and not only that this person was rarely there and showed up in the middle of the semester. This teacher knew I had them. They could not deny my regular attendance/punctuality.  I told this teacher that I never imagined that this person would use my work.. especially notes.  So, I wish to point this out because this is how “they” put people in your life to upset you. I also remember in history class I had a small purse and I got up to leave and as soon as I got in the hall way… I realized that I left it under my chair. I went back and it was gone. There was a guy there and he said it was not there. I now look at that stealing but intentionally targeting me and my ID.  I can see how the gangs talking has been going on forever in my   life. My purse was taken because I was being checked on and the elite wanted to really make sure that it was me they were tracking because after all it is the soul that matters and not so much the DNA. I am just a carrier of their DNA, but it is the  soul or the mission that is carried out by me that matters the most to them.  ANOTHER time, was when I bought my first house and this girl shows up and was really in a frantic mode and she needed just $20.00 for her sitter.. I think. So, I told her I did not have cash, but would write a check. She accepted it and of course now that I look back on it.. it was another way to check in on me and make sure that it was me.  The check has your name and who you are married to. They also will track your children, if you have any.  Also, I wish to add that they corrupt people using this technology during REM sleep to get people to worship them. The pineal gland. The global elite watch everyone .. especially the good people on this planet. Which really concludes to the fact that I come from a higher source.  It is the only thing that makes sense. I remember really being young and these two women would just not stop asking me questions about my father and how smart he is.  It drove me nuts.   They were driving me to a camp that I wanted to attend and it was a half a day drive.  I was stuck in the car listening to these women ask me question after question. I was really uncomfortable about talking to these two ladies. They bored me.  I remember being really sweaty and just wanting to get out of this car, but I was on a long ride.  I was in their “care.”  So, let me write this down as clear as I can. I really believe that my generation that is born in the 70 was born for the elite to do their little experiments on and my family basically handed me over to the military industrial complex to place their implants in my body for their trans humanistic agenda.   All trans humanism is having a handler.. like Al Gore watch you your whole life and monitor your “growth.”     They think that I am married to Satan by going through their psychotronic world.  I have illegal implants in me. The only reason someone would implant you is because you are important and powerful and they are hiding something. They want to alter your thinking.   I read some where that the elite have no enemies: so they create them and that is exactly what is happening right now in the world for targeted individuals.  We are created for the conflict because they want to test their trans humanistic agenda and your so called society are the “bees.”  Your gangs talkers are the working bees.. that means there is a queen. Guess who that could be?  The queen?  We are really dealing with the reptilian race and the reptilian race goes all the way back to the fall. Like I have said: look at Cantenbury Cathedral on the west side and look who sits at the throne. It is Jesus. However, if you can see jesus you can see his dark side.  The shadow always follows the substance and He is copper based. So, my summation is that I came down here from a higher dimension to help mankind. I attached myself to one of the 13 bloodlines. However, it gets better than this: It is my soul that is on a mission. Again, not so much the DNA, but who I am on a soul. Deductive reasoning.  Yes. I have been followed around and hit hard with directed energy weapons, but it is my soul that is on a mission or should I saw an observer to perhaps “report” in on what is going on down here.       I also remember something else when I was a kid. I used to wait for the bus and I remember seeing this car go by and someone literally threw out a dog on the side of the road.  Then all of the sudden.. a person stopped and grabbed that dog and took him.  That situation was to shock me on purpose and also show the good and the bad on this earth.  That was HIM doing that to me. Your good buddy: Lucifer. That was him doing it to me.  I was like did I just see a heartless person kick out a dog on the side of the road?  That dog was howling horribly.  Then.. someone picked the dog and took him.  I couldn’t do anything because traffic was heavy and my bus was coming and I could not miss school.  Yep. that was him alright.  So, many discrepancies.  I know that what I am going through is not meant to be. In other words, this is not what life should be like.  However, if this is earth.. I do not want to come here again.  Nope. I think I want to jump off of their reptilian circle. No more around and around on the wheel of fortune.  I think I will do the best I can for now..but I do not want to be caught up in this wheel.  I think that it is time to release and let go of the horse shit.   I will hold those people who have hurt me accountable.  They need to address why they ruined my 3d life.  I ask my parents, Al gore, Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden. Everyone that has interfered with my life need to be accounted for.   Or is that a trap. Maybe the answer is just to zip out of here when my time comes. Leave immediately.  To hold someone accountable needs to be done in the universal cosmos and I give that to the Creator. Not lucifer.     I do not want to get tied up in his crap.  I know exactly what love is and it is not here on this planet. I am just to report in my findings and go after the elite and their shit.  Expose them as much as possible because this goes on and on in families around the world and as a sick example, people used to have pride in having kids. Now, people like Michael Jackson dangle babies over balconies after he bitched and complained how he could not have children. He had to find a surrogate and then after all that was done.. he treats his kids like dog meat hanging out side a balcony.  This is also depicted in the news on Facebook how a man dangles a baby over a high balcony and yells that he wants a 1000 likes on his Facebook. He is a prime example of child abuse and child sacrifice. This is your elite and the EMR being played out on a global scale.   I will write later.


I remember during my heavy gangs talking how the “food” thing was a problem. So, I asked what I should eat?  (This is during my time to follow Jesus.)  The direction or my AI handler told me to eat chicken and a vegetable dish. Now, back in the very very beginning of my gangs talking I was told that the food was poison. I was actually squeezed by the chemtrails within my body to denote that the food was poison. This is a point where I realized that I was being guided by something evil because here I am being told that the food is poison and I am eating chicken? Hm… something did not add up and it did not add up at all. This is why I refuse to follow this AI or masonic mind control thing.  Humanity follows it. They are everywhere. It is MK Ultra on a global scale. This food problem that was told to me was a way for me to weaken my system so that they could perform their black magic or pull my kundalini apart. My chakra system and then pull my sleeping consciousness into their “church.” To get me a part of their sisterhood when I turned down the sisterhood.  This girl was behind a cash register and I turned down the blue ring.  I said No Thank you in my sleeping consciousness. I did not want it.

I have an implant in my left eye and to me that means they really want to know what I do on a daily basis, which ties to an article I found on $250 a week for two years  and you could spend the money any way you want except you have to be filmed on it.  This is called a Universal Earth money thing. The govt will provide you a job, food, and an apartment. Except you have to serve these devices outwardly. This is mentioned in the ringing cedar series. The narrator, Anastasia, states that  every day a computer will assess your body and tell you what to eat. ” Each computer installed in an individual apartment will be linked with he main computer, which will thereby be able to pinpoint the exact geographic location of every individual along with his state of physical and mental health.  Any criminal offense will be easily uncovered with the help of a special program in the main computer.  Besides, the social conditions which now foster crime will be absent. In return, the visitors plan to ask the government’s permission to settle representative so fate civilizations in sparsely inhabited areas.  The aliens/visitors  plan on taking over everything. In fact, man will self-destruct because he will be a biological robot.  All people on the Earth will be compelled to render daily service to those devices which outwardly serve them.  All mankind will fall into a trap, surrendering their own freedom and that of their children for the sake of an artificial technological perfection. Before lone many Earth people will intuitively recognize their mistake and start ending their lives by suicide.   Mankind lack of faith and in the perfection of himself. ” I really do not care for the book after I found out that her so called lineage comes form lilith. Lilith is  Egyptian and I book the book down. However, I did find an interesting chapter on her take of the fake alien invasion and how it might be presented.  The $250.00 a week is a” feeler” that is done to see how people will react to everything being supplied to them. In other words, you don’t have to work for the man anymore. Nevermind the schooling that you just went through. So, how exactly will the debt be paid? If I remember back when Hillary was running for president.. she mentioned on how school loans should be “forgiven.”  Also, there are children out there talking about how a janitor and a banker should be paid the same.  Now, that right there is some serious brain washing.   What happened to knowledge, skills and abilities? I guess that went out the window.

So, the chemtrails are used as a medium to invade your central nervous system  and then  black ops can use directed energy weapons on your pineal gland and take you down the road of masonville. I kid you not.   I fell into the trap of listening to a guy on You tube to teach the bible and the reasons why  gangstalking was  occurring.  So, I believed in a man called Jesus and guess what.. it turns out it is Lucifer.  So, now I just try and ignore it.  Turn it off.



4 thoughts on “Earth is a Mind Controlled Planet.. EMR False Love.. so watch it.

  1. Thank you for leaving that comment on the pineal gland. Like you, I’ve long since realized I was purposely entrapped in this hell and lied to about nearly everything. These satellite and drone attacks, and yes I’m targeted badly now. So much so, I’m ready to take my site down. They’ve shot chemtrails in me to the point, I can feel the Ai in my fingers. This is a sick system that’s falling apart. I agree with Milabs/Darpa etc. I’ve seen them take control of entire areas; some do look cloned, hybrid. But don’t give up just yet.

    You might want to listen to Max Spiers – I relate, maybe you will too.


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