DUMB HUMANS worshipping a spider.He eats his own, you know.

So, all of this started because I was walking down the street one day and out popped a Mason asking me what kind of car was before me. I said a Bentley. He said yes.  What I did not realize is what was going on and the future attacks I would receive.  All I know is that I had to quit my job because the whole world is in on this swiss templar deal.  I was being terrorized by complete strangers .. so I had to quit my job. However, before I did people within the team that I work for betrayed me too. They set up a scenario  where I was going to be blamed on the “mental illness” of an 18 year old kid who did not show up for their job. He ran off to vegas and his mom could not find him. His name was Cody Johnson.  He and I used to talk about reptilians on You tube and mgmt thought that he could not handle it and went over board and left his job and went to vegas. This is my problem? no it is not.  No one knew where he was for 24 hrs and then the next day around 7:00pm I heard that his mom found him and he was fine. ( this was an exercise done by the people that I work with)  It was to totally upset me. That I was responsible for someone else. I don’t think so. Soon after that incident, I had to quit because I had the general public become gangstalkers. They were throwing eye of RA shit in the bin and acting like snakes. They were just disgusting people and very ugly. So, I quit.  I knew nothing about gangstalking and their evil little swiss templar empire until now.  Guess who runs this planet. Well, his name is Michael. He is a fallen angel and I hate him.  He is also a shape shifter and has been after me since I was a kid.  We are talking under one years old. I remember his ass when I was real young. He was outside as a black cat.  I could also feel his presence when I was a baby. I can reflect back on all of this now.  I remember the greys when I was three years old. I was trying to take a little nap and three of these greys showed up and I believe they put an esoteric tracer in my left wrist.  The second implant.  The first implant  is behind my left ear.  ( I am trying to get rid of this one).  My third implant and the real nasty one is in my eye.  I can not risk doing anything to this until a real competent eye doctor can take it out.  Anyhow, I remember seeing UFOs as a kid too. They used to just sit there. I remember one when I was 7. Right in my back yard, it shot down from the sky. I was like whatever.  Then came the Phoenix lights. I saw this on TV and was like “Oh its just them.”  I walked away. Everyone was all excited. Pretty big ship , if you ask me.   The governor of AZ just gave some stupid talk off like it was no big deal.  However, now that I look back at this little incident.. everyone knew it was the swiss templars. Your masons’ at play with their secret technology.  blah blah blah. I don’t know what i have ever done in my life to deserve this torture and believe me it has been with directed energy weapons aimed at me while I try and sleep at night.  All my friends, co workers, family have all been in on it.  Stupid girl. So, fast forward a little to 2012 when all the new age shit hit the internet. Love and light. Right. That was a trap. However, my attacks were real like the gangstalking and the assault on my chakra system and my pineal gland.    After the cody johnson thing, I looked up his back ground a little and found out that he worked for a Pegasus outfit which is tied to the center for consciousness studies at the U of A and there is a foundation attached to it Deepak Chopra.  That sicko indian.  He is another one of those satanists cults freaks.   I remember the attacks on me via through synthetic telepathy: Alex collier with the greys, The girls sucking a pig’s ass, seeing people that I don’t know, seeing a spider, seeing someone taking a kid from NW hospital,  how the whole border patrol thing was a set up and internal job to kill that one border patrol guy ( inside job; tied to the Eric Holder incident fast and furious). I have seen what happens when my pineal gland is inverted. I saw these men sitting at a table and they hit my pineal gland with frequency so that I could see their boss. Guess who: Lucifer. Oh yeah. Great.. now what?  What exactly do you want me to do with this.  Yeah, you could say he hates me. That is fine. I prefer to be left alone. Yeah, he likes to use the chemtrails as a mechanism of choice to burn you up. Well, if you gonna do something. Do it. Don’t waste my time. I prefer to go home and roll off this rock, called earth. You can keep your friends. You have a shit load to choose from.  Like I say: solve the problem. don’t stare at me and ask permission. I have no problems leaving. NONE. I know I will move on.  Just show me the door.. your archway.. and I will get out of your fucking way. You can have your special fucking worshippers. keep em.   I prefer to be MY PEOPLE anyhow. MY KIND.. NOT YOUR KIND.  From what I understand my body is just a loan, right.  I got the report.. so Let me be.  You have a shit load of buddies in the system and they all work for you. You hate me anyhow so disconnect me from your web and I will move on.  I get a stupid job and you can have your whatever.    Well, I think I will stop for now. My rant. I stopped doing videos because it really is a waste of time. Comments from people don’t matter to me anymore. I don’t even want to look at the news. I watch shows now and just write.  The whole government/ corporation/ what you can say etc.. is bullshit. I just pull up a chair and watch. I told you I would watch the freak show.  I will be like peter from Office Space when he walks past his boss with no care in the world. I hope to achieve that.  I can’t stop the pedophillia, eating of humans, stupid fires. DEW, escape pad to the moon, etc.. hahahhahha I can’t stop that!! You fuckers won’t listen.  So, kiss my ass.  I will make tacos and drink a beer until you dumb worshippers get it right.  Save you? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Save your fucking self.  Better yet.. go ask your AI system how to do it.  What is the AI system you ask???? hmmmm…… think caps on kids.  LUCifer. You dumbs shits. The fallen one. Fucking war that occurred in heaven. Idiots.  ( Garbage  music please. ” I think I am paranoid.” )   I see people walking around with their fucking phones tracking me and worried about what I fucking think when they don’t realize they are on the list too.  Dumb IDIOTS. Hey, stupid.. LUCIFER EATS HIS OWN.   ( stupid girl music.. more Garbage music, please.)   Well, I am going to sign off now. I want to check out some stores and be nosey.  Anyhow, again I am done with making You Tube videos. Strike this strike that. All that matters is that I can see.  Hasta la Vista, baby.  ( By the way, Lucifer plays the double.. Himself and Jesus)

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