And He Became MAN-Lucifer

And became MAN. Where have you heard this? The bible.  Everyone thinks that Jesus’s birthday is December 25, 2018, when in fact it is 9/11. 9/11 was a day that should of woke you the fuck up. Yes, the government did it, but how? Well, the sun simulator took down those buildings and a few lives.  It is the same technology hit in California. The fires.  Anyhow, going back to ” and he became man.”  Lucifer is Jesus. Period. You need to know this because you are in a battlefield and you have to know thy enemy. IN my opinion, you don’t send your enemy love either. That doesn’t work. “love thy enemy” does not work. Not with Lucy/ Jesus. Nope. I have gone down that road of trying to love this place and it just does NOT work. If you are a REAL targeted individual you have to become a bitch.  Why? Well, for one: most of these people that look people are NOT people on a spiritual level. They are grey alien hybrids or reptilian. 9/11 represents the double. The black and the white. The jachin and boaz deal. HIM.. His shit. This is why I don’t get excited when shit happens because behind it all is lucifer and his minions putting on a performance to social engineer people. Like the one in france. The yellow jackets. Yellow =elf. Extra low frequency.  Ugly color, right. Yes. If you are observant you will look at those colors and go.. EWW.  Not pleasing to the eye cortex.  I know you won’t what I write here, but one day, sometime in the future someone will read this and say: WOW.. someone spoke up on a HIGH LEVEL.  I do it because I know what has happened to me in regards to gangstalking and the whole entire TI deal.  I have read some history that this occurred in ancient Sumer times. People were hunted down because of who they are on a SOUL level. This is a soul attack if you want to put it down on the table.  Lucifer looks for God’s angels. So, yeah, a high dimensional war is occurring and you are worried about the NSA?  Why do you think you are seeing UFO’s and secret technology coming out?  hmm. Well, he is launching an attack out there in space to other dimensions.  Get it?  It is stupid in my opinion because we are multi dimensional beings and right now the body I am in is a suit. Look, he has led me down the road where he told me I was Joan of Arc, reincarnated.  I have read other books  where other women have been lead down that road too.  Once I read that book and saw that other women were told that: I knew the lie.  Besides: arc is archonic.  The archons. The fallen ones.  I am trying to remember that book. The dark side of Cupid: by Eve Lorgan. She mentions how she was told she was Joan of Arc and that was her favorite saint, but I have learned through the super solider program that Saints are the ones Lucifer beat up and if Joan of Arc is part of his family why is he attacking his own people?  It is a joke. Besides, I had to rely on my heart to tell me the truth and asked a question why is Jesus working so hard to gain my love? Pretty interesting. Well, because Jesus is lucifer and I have been meaning to watch a show called Preacher. I have seen small segments of it and see how Jesus is a gay guy. Men come to his quarters, I suppose.  But yeah, I have been told that Joan of Arc deal and how a massive lie was imposed on me spiritually. This is why it is mandatory for people to walk their walk.  I have waken up to NO Dreams.. just attacks from HIM.  Chemtrails are an important part of the attack and I can go back to my 20’s where he would literally take my sleeping consciousness and just drop me like a rock.  It is equivalent to falling in your dreams except really fast and very mean.  I remember coming home from college and just feeling horrible.  I was having massive painful menstraul period. It was not common for me to have.  It was just a horrific attack and I finally got home and crashed. I just remember just feeling like shit and when I did wake up it was not a normal dream … It was a psychic attack from HIM.  So, let me re-inerate: you are in a world that is run by Lucifer, which is Jesus.  He hates God’s people. The real ones. You have to be real.  I have been a TI for 7 plus years now, but this whole entire enchilada goes to your birth. You came down here on a soul level. period. that is the deal. He hates it when I break it down.  I can even remember him attacking  me when I was very little. He showed up as a black cat. Yep. A black cat staring at me through a sliding glass door. I also remember the greys that visited me when I was three years old. I believe they put in a esoteric implant in my left wrist. Then speeding up in time to 2012  , I received another implant. This time it came from the satellites and I got another implant in my left eye and then all the chemtrails in my brain are exposed to me.  Through my pineal gland , Lindsey Graham showed up and just fucking smiled at me wearing all red. Damn. Oh yes, I have been MILABED and this chinese dude next to AL gore was saying she is real weak in her powers or something like that.  Yes, I remember my MILAB experience. It was bullshit to have my consciousness pulled up like that.  Total violation of doing that. However, I probably signed some damn document to have this done to me. My luck. I agreed.  I am the dummy.  Anyhow, the government is shut down and I really don’t care.  I tried the whole government thing and guess who showed up: Al gore and his minions to do Job-mobbing so that I quit my job. Well, I had to when the whole world fucking hates  you.  Complete strangers who can’t stand you for no reason. Yeah, that was a fantastic experience and that is why.. I have decided to do mission and get the hell off this planet and GO HOME.  Eww..

Anyhow, for me personally, I do not like Earth.  I have tried to “get along” with these people, but it is useless. So, I don’t get excited with the news. It is all controlled by that thing called Lucifer.  Unless a huge vortex is taking out half of the country, I don’t get excited.   Also, to add is that if you are  a TI .. your parents sold you out. They are probably luciferians.  It is funny to see mexicans worship Jewish cult. Do you want to know why it is that way? Because the catholic church is actually Jewish which is actually freemasonary deal which is Lucifer/ Jesus. Get it? All one package.  When lucifer fell down here he imposed mind control. Religion. His number one is Jewish. Then from there is went to many tribes. You know go forth and be  fruitful? Yeah, that his religion.  Jewish to all these different religions around the world when in fact it is all one big gang.  :You could go to Morocco and see the Jachin and Boaz deal in all architecture.  It is everywhere. It is just sort of hidden and designed in art differently, but it is there.  So, the whole enchilada is his design, so  don’t bother these people that walk around and gangs talk you.  They are not worth your time. However, if they do assault you, by all means protect yourself. Fuck them.  Like I have said: some of them are NOT human.  If you run into his immediate jewish orthodox people… just laugh because it is just them testing you anyhow.   Remember, most of this stuff comes from Egypt. The stuff they wear. Black and white etc.. Just blow it off and move on with your day.  Just know that there is no way you are going to change their minds. Just know who you are and what you want.  You can certainly get up from the chair and leave.  Let them squabble in their own stuff.  They like it that way anyhow.  Just remember don’t have sex with a robot and if you do have sex make sure it is with YOUR OWN KIND. Check to make sure they are human.  ” Wear a rubber, dude.  If you get a stranger that smiles.. just be on the look out. They are up to something evil.  The Mona Lisa smile is a freemason smile.

Parents train their kids to go along with this system. My mother never did and perhaps she did that on purpose to offer me up to this lizard freak.  Yes. parents sacrifice their kids to Lucifer. Oh yeah, missing children. You betcha.  They get perks or a debt has been settled.  Nursing education debt written off.  Who is the biggest banker of them all? Lucifer. He designed it.  Sure, I have seen kids that go missing and then all of the sudden you hear that the parent had a job nursing and guess what… I betcha anything that debt is paid off. No questions asked because the whole entire medical system is to hack into the human body and destroy is form within. ( chemtrails)  My mother for example, would show her loyalty to Lucifer by constantly being in the hospital. Always looking for attention , right? Wrong.  It is one of the ways to do this to me. Her snaking path to get me to “help” her.  I have tried to help her and get shit on by her. She is determined only to serve Lucifer and I also believe that she purposely had a retarded baby to help increase the mind reading technology.  She purposely held back on having a healthy baby. ( she crushed my father’s heart).  She told me some fucked up story how there was no doctor to help her in the delivery, but I have a huge feeling she did it on purpose. She purposely did not deliver her child on time. Made her blue or lack of oxygen. She should be arrested for this, but it was done back in the day when people did not give a shit.  I know that my dad’s heart was broken because he told me one day that the greatest gift you can have is to have a healthy child. I think he was just broken by what she had done. Perhaps.  I don’t know for sure. I am just making a real guess. However, this is how people do this to worship Lucifer. Fuck up planet and now you know why I can’t wait to go HOME to my one true love. Get away from all of you.  Perhaps, I am a gatekeeper for the doors of heaven.  I have to ask questions about what you did here on Earth.  Did you stalk people on behalf of Lucifer?  If so. No entry. Go back to HIM. Boom. No entry.  Did you gangs talk and make someone’s life a pure hell?  Did you try and convince people that it was more that just the government? Did you realize who was behind it? Or were you  money hungry?  Did you kill?  Was it in self defense? Evidence?   Did you covertly poison people with lies about joining a religion you knew was a trap for future generations?   Who are you?  Did you get caught up with the technology that you forgot that it was hurting people?  Did you take deals? If so, why?  The biggest one is this: Did you witness someone being stalked and harassed and sit in silence and did not explain that you were being paid by Lucifer to watch their power go down?  Did you sit in silence?  I did not because I know what it is like to be the victim of your gangstalking tactics and almost lose everything to you shit system.  I am speaking out against all of you. You who sits in silence and allows this shit to continue.  Did you make deals for glory in Hollywood?  I bet you did.  Did you play a role in the Me too movement to keep young men down? Women to power and Men down? Did you play a role in that shit? Did you fuck over people who wanted to have a dream using their talents, but kicked them in the teeth?   These are vital questions to the entryway of Heaven. What did you do down there?  I can answer for myself.  I tried to warn people, but they were so heavily entrenched in Lucifer’s shit that they did not care about what was happening to another human.  Yes. I avoided certain people, but at least I went out and used the technology to speak out.     God, the real creator, can question me on my experience here. I would hand it over in a heartbeat.  Why? because I am truthful.  He knows that I will go to war for it.  To tear down the wall.   So, is Lucifer sending his minions to lie to the gates of heaven?  He has corrupted the souls that when they go to Heaven they infect the other angels?   I know that Lucifer is trying to get to God’s throne.  He wants that throne.  He wants my Man’s throne.

suicides in Hollywood:

kate spade, anthony borudain, So, for example, you can see how mind control is being used on the planet and how this shooting was done near a McDonalds, which is mason related and also another key point is a Saturn electronic store was nearby. Very interesting. So, I see in this scenario how Lucifer and the mind control via through the chemtrails is being used to create a scenario to get guns and get people to comply by staying in their homes. Yes. there could be a threat, however, I believe mind control is being used by Lucifer.  Another key point is that most actresses are supposedly hanging themselves. I wonder why? I know that cyrostasis is used.  I question a lot of these suicides. Kate spade for example, hanging?  anthony Bourdain? hanging? Very interesting. I even wonder if these people are really dead?  Like I have said: the technology is out there to fake a death and then come back once Lucifer unleashed his REV 13:13 : fire in the sky.  You see you have to realize something. Jesus studied under egyptian text and he knows the Book of the Dead.  Anyhow, I know from my gangstalking that I went to the bible to get answers as to why this was happening and at the end of the day the illuminate plan on REV 13:13.. the great fire in the sky and that is NYC. Why NYC.. the apple of his eye. The fallen one and the garden of eden deal.  It is double and something to the effect of the broadway is for the evil ones and that Jesus will save his people.  Well, if you have cyrostasis and slow down the heart beat and then revive yourself then there you go.  Pay to play. I am just questioning the suicides. I do see a pattern here. Most of the actors/ actresses hang themselves.  I find Johanna Sallsrom’s picture disturbing. She is eating a pizza which is tied probably to pizza gate. So, all these people know about Lucifer. I find it very interesting and checking out these suicides. I really wonder if these people are on ice for a later strategy.  After all, if Jesus can come back from the dead  so can you, but you have to sell out to HIM.  Catch you all later.

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