Street Lights track you

I got in my car today and noticed that the street lights have beams of ray hitting me and my car. It was like a horror show or the video game Watchdog where you see white lights tracking you. It was horrific. I thought it was my glasses, but then I used my eyes to look at the lights again and yes, sure enough, rays of lights are hitting me. This is how people in the hive are able to track and trace me.  The time was around 7:00 am on 12/28/18. Horrible.  All of this ruins your 3D walk on this planet and how the lizard elite are tracking and tracing you.  I knew the street lights were rigged, but today it was like beams of light or spider webbing was hitting me.  It was sick. The whole entire system needs to go down. All WIFI, GWEN towers, LED lights, all of it needs to go down. The reptilian elite have invested so much money into this artificial world.  It is such a scam. Now, I know why LED lights were pushed into the media.  Some of these media people are NOT human and  fucked up clones.  I say blow it all up.. its the only way to make sure.  There is nothing wrong with technology, but it is being abused in such a way that is wrong. Taking away your sleeping consciousness , your independent thought, your creativity to the universe. ETC.  I have told you Lucifer plays the double. He plays himself and of course, false narrative, Jesus.  Such a fucking scam, religion. I’d say blow up the pyramids. That will really piss off the elite. I remember one guy in a video that said: Those pyramids are NOT you friend. I tried to locate that video, but He took it down.  So, he was right. Those pyramids are NOT your friends. That is lucifer’s crappy design and I know for a fact Earth is NOT my home. No way.  Such a loving god, Jesus, right.. Wrong.  He is not loving. He is a manipulator and I know he is trying to destroy God’s creation. The mechanism and or at least have it obey HIM and those things called the greys.  I know all about Love and this planet. I have had it. I think many other people have had enough of his shit.  You can’t get answers from school or the priest because it just doesn’t happen and won’t happen. Oh, can you handle.. uh, the sun/ moon is fake, your government is a joke, priests, and doctors are worthless.  Can you handle, you need to hold your own weight?  Chris Thomas called them the Velon from Vellus. I believe him. He said that the illuminate is trying to block the whole soul from inhabiting the body. Why? because then we won’t need them because we would have our own natural psychic powers.  The whole soul back within the body is what he said.  Right now, I am getting hit with ELF.  I will be back.

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