I LIVED DOWN THE STREET FROM A KILLER. HIS NAME WAS BOB BECHTEL.  He is dead now. He died last year.  I used to go over to his house to be a swimming friend to his daughter, Carrah.  She and I were what I thought friends, Apparently, in 1955 due to bullying he states how he killed someone. He paid time in a correctional facility for the criminally insane and then released back in the wild producing a family and got a high position at the U of A, as a psychology professor.  The reason why I am writing this is to let people know how the masons put innocent children in areas that are deadly.  Since I know that lucifer runs this planet he made Carrah my friend. How was I to know that Carrah’s dad was a killer back in 1955.  I am announcing this to let other Targeted Individuals know that it is NOT you. It is lucifer who tries to shape and mold your life.  He uses DEW. Directed Energy Weapons. No joke.  You need to know this because I think you need to know why things are fucked up on this planet. Right now, in this day and time we are seeing huge amounts of women and men just act out like complete animals and monsters and rightfully so… because some of them are NOT human.  Anyhow, the reason I bring up the bechtel family is because you need to know that I had no idea that it was a trap. Sort of a spiritual trap. What you also need to know that inside that family was a red book. A red book that was satanic and next to it was a black book: the bible. Now, I have already explained that Lucifer/ Jesus is one in the same.  This also goes with the gangstalking colors of black and red.  I just left Carrah’s house one after noon because I just left. I think it was time.  You see, you have to realize that your life has been manipulated by Lucifer and you have to know his technology that he is using to shape and mold and INVADE in your life path.  He is a real piece of shit.  I am a targeted individual due to the nature of who I am on a soul level , I believe. My blood line has been targeted by him, but I see people in my own family that walk free from DEW.  So, now I know for sure that it is a spiritual war from Heaven. I believe I am from that neighborhood because my heart is still out there. Earth is Ea, which is Enki.  A real pain in the ass. I remember standing at a bus stop when all of the sudden a dog was thrown out a car window. I was so shocked to see this. This dog was in pain and then all of the sudden someone  picked him up and took the dog. That was all predictive programming done by him and his so called masons followers. That whole entire process was probably a hologram , but is sure did look real especially to a young child who just wanted to go to school. I noticed also that no one had any emotions about it.  Everyone just moved on and that is why for now.. I don’t participate in the so called activitism.  I can’t stand this place.  I have been forceably moved from an old job. I did not like the job, but it paid the bills.  I also have an implant from Lindsey Graham. He is a illuminate puppet. Good for him.  I just remember being attacked with a laser beam or something in my mind’s eye and he was just sitting there wearing all red with a staff and just smirking. Unbelievable. I still have this damn implant and NO doctors are going to remove it. They walk away. So, I am stuck with this alien implant and against my will. It has devestated my life because all I wanted was to be left alone.  Unbelievable. Of all the people on the stupid planet.. it has to be me.  Well, anyhow, just a short writing on past childhood memories.  How people are placed in your life on purpose. I don’t know why the bechtel family was put in my life. I look back it now and like wooo.. Carrah’s dad was a murderer and he got off too. He got a nice pay check in the end too plus they wrote a book about it and a movie called “the killer within.” Hollywood 2016. Oh, by the way hollywood is full of reptilians anyhow so it is no surprise to me.  Yes. Sir.. this stuff is real. How humans are manipulated from the 4D to the 3D. However, how was I to know this until now?  I have promised myself when the time comes.. never ever to come here again. I am done with Lucifer’s planet. Done. I wish to go home to my one true love.. myself.  Get my powers back and fly away. chow.

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