5G is cooking YOUR ASS.

Welcome to the dark side on Planet Earth. Where Lucifer reigns and his army. https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2019/08/28/davis-researcher-no-health-hazard-5g-cell-sites/

I did not get any sleep at all last night due to 5G. The reptilians were attacking me mentally and spiritually. It is called spirit cooking with 5G. You will get horrible marks all over your body and blood coming out of your mouth. But don’t listen to me. You have to the EPA. You have your police. You have your doctor. You have your neighbor. SAVE ME !!! Right. Now, now now.. according to a professor.. YOU are safe. HAHAHHAHAHA Wait.. Let me grab a chair and a beer. Now run along now kids nothing to see here. Run. Waste your energy on this. That is what the elite want you to do. Why do you think Obama Care was created? It is insurance for stupid humans who trust the Government and the things that run it. Yes.. did you catch what I wrote? “Things.” Yep.. Things. Did you read sentence number two? Reptilians. A relationship? OH yeah. There is a relationship alright. I have been bitching and bitching for ten plus years about this 5G and the WIFI and the danger it brings to HUMANS. Yes. ARE YOU HUMAN?? You better check. Run to that doctor and find out and get your DNA examined, but wait… where is your DNA really going? Hmmmm.. Violation of HIPPA? Yes. Your blood will be analyzed by a holographic DNA spinner in the 4Th dimension and if you fit the profile set by the reptilians.. you get ZAPPED zapped and zapped until you are fucking tired. Then comes the voice of God demanding you quit your job because you are a dumb fuck. Then comes the synthetic telapathy ordering your to go out in the community and do damage. Do it. Run out there and be different. Act out. Then comes the politicians and the MeeToo movement ordering new laws on your ass. Get the guns. Get the guns. Oh but wait.. The elite have lasers. You have bullets, but they have lasers. Oh but wait. we have to examine “mental health.” Make money for the doctors who are dumb fucks too. Chemtrails saturate the earth then the evil neighbors who are witches and warlocks get your DNA and then they hand it over to black ops or to the Queen of Lizard England. Then comes your Voice of God shit and synthetic Telepathy and the burns and burns burns burns. Oh but wait.. there’s more. There is this creature called Enki and ancient Sumer God and it has to do with the Fall. The fall is where God the Big boss creator kicked out Lucifer and then Lucifer does the double where he is playing Jesus. So, Enki is Lucifer/ Jesus Matrix on this crappy planet. Everyone just goes along with it. Trust me on this one and the creators of 5G are your scientist and Engineers at NASA. The sun is not a sun, people. It is a weapon. The evil reptilians built this city above the planet, Earth. This is where the crew hangs out. Above your head. NASA designed like this city thing above your head and this is how NASA/ NSA are watching everyone. You see.. the elite don’t want to lose control of the FARM. So, they get all the birth records together and watch as each individual life unfolds. They have spies and spies of people to watch normal people. You are not allowed to be psychic by the way. You are not allowed to be insightful. You are not suppose to see the grays. You are not allowed to see shapeshifting of people. That was a glitch. You are sick and need help from the doctors of the world. You are not suppose to point out the evil of the Vatican and their secret pedophillia. Sh.. Epstein hung out with Prince Andrew. Shhhh… Did you know that the elite / blue bloods are reptilian or vampires. Yep, they sure are. They eat human you are food to them. Missing children.? What is that? hmmmm. We have the police on the payroll and we look the other way. An illegal got em. That is it. Blame an illegal after all they have rights too. Actually, they have more than you. They will get off because the masonic court room uses synthetic telepathy and have already JUDGED you via the synthetic telepathy. Yes. The courts rooms are all rigged. The judge, prosecution and defense know all about mind link and how to fuck a person up. You see they are circumventing the Constitution by using this technology on people. They spy on you and if they don’t like you getting along.. they come after you. Zap. Not only that.. your dreams are fucked. Literally. You will never have your own dreams because once they have Your DNA you are fucked on having organic dreams of your own. DARPA fucks you. They use electronic sex for fake orgasms and not only that they can kill you while you try and sleep. Heart attack anyone? REM cloning. Rapid Eye movement cloning. High and the low of an irregular heart beat. They can really fuck you up. Why do you think the Center for Consciousness studies exist? U of A? Anastehsia dept? Those doctors that put you under. Guess what.. they are using you as a model for this synthetic telepathy. There is a foundation involved in this just like the Clintons. Wanna guess? The Deepaka Chopra Foundation tied to the U of A Sleeping Consciousness Studies. These people are fucking satanic fucks and using medical files for their own glory with Lucifer/ Jesus evil reptilian. You see once your pineal gland has been violated.. (pinecone at the Vatican) DARPA will REM clone you while you sleep and that means they have your sleeping consciousness. You get inside news on how Lucifer is going to shape the world. You get your information from him and how he will throw it out on the planet. So, basically 5G is a weapon for those satanic followers of Jesus/ Lucifer or Enki. By the way: Enki is NIKE as an anagram. Just move the letters around and you have the fallen prince of this crappy planet Earth. Earth is vampiric. Deadly. Deadly. The people around you.. some of them are demons in human form. I don’t know how this is achieved, but I am sure it is genetics and technology. I saw a pretty girl in her 20s and guess what .. she is a demon/ reptilian thing. This is how Lucifer keeps his shit on the planet. Mating a demon. It is just like the movie, ” They live.” Mating at the end of the movie. The girl was human, but the guy she was fucking was a thing. This is how Lucifer keeps his family. So, we have big big problems on this rock called Earth. The super elite royal family is hiding this information to you. You have another species on the planet and they want your love and your worship. So, get down on your knees and surrender while they cook your kids to death and give them a death sentence. About 10 minutes ago.. they shut down my computer. They did not like what I wrote. I said that What do you want people? What do you really want? Do you want a planet where your kids can walk outside and not get radiated? Or how about some real food? I know: how about real air. ?? Got Chemtrails? BTW: chemtrails are a bio-weapon being used as tiny tiny micro-optical strings that attach to your central nervous system and that includes your brain. I am implanted and it was done against my will. I was fully conscious when it happened. It was in my home too. The evil reptilian elite used a satellite / military grade laser to put a spider like floater in my left eye. Your left eye is your spirit eye. Guess who is a spider? Lucifer and he sits on your one dollar bill. Can you find him? You live in a feudal system and it was designed by the fallen angels. The King is Lucifer. then his family, the nobles, then the knights ( cops/ DHS/ FBI) then the peasants at the bottom and some of the peasants are not your friend either. They work for Lucifer anyhow. She the shit we are in? So my question to you is What do you Want people? Some of you just don’t get it. Some of you KNOW FIRST hand the shit we are in: Medical establishment, especially and they sit in silence about v2k and synthetic telepathy and the high pitched sonic weapons that fuck up your hearing. Using noice cancelling ear plugs won’t help because they will continue to gangstalk you and fuck your life up. Many Targeted Individual were sent down an evil trap of losing their jobs. Good jobs. But you see : the lizards don’t want you to be successful. That is also a big no no. It is only in their best interest if your work benefits THEM and their city in the sky: NASA and their Mars Missions. Elon Musk and those spokes men that he hangs out with all know first hand what the reptilian/ Lucifer/ Satan agenda is: Robotic humans FOR SEX AND FOOD. They also seek people who are psychic. God, forbid.. you are psychic. fuck that. We have to kill you now. You stupid human from a HIGHER dimension.. what are you fucking doing here? You are fucking up our plans to run away to the stars as we fuck up the planet and your DNA. You are only to mate with whom we say to mate with. Love? Love pain.. that is our motto because we will zap you into submission by flogging you to love us and our pain. Pain, pain, pain. Get it? 5G is all about pain. Satanic Ritual Abuse is what it is called and it is performed by 5G. Mind control to the Nth degree. Get it? Degree? 33 degree freemasonry. 5g is a form of mind control. It is to guide you through life. What they want you to do. Your dreams? Are they real or is it DARPA controlled? Stupid humans … wake the fuck up. The military has your ass. That pentagon building is fucking you up. I lost my job to this Al Gore Creature. Did you know that? Yep. Very true. He was sent on a mission to pretend to be a passenger when I worked at TSA and then his bag was checked by me. However, secret agenda: was to SIZE ME UP. To see if my psychic powers kicked in. Al Gore was a mission. To get a regular human and size me up and then the rest of society hating me suddenly and using EMR to make me feel like shit so that I quite my job. Guess what I also know: 9/11 WAS DONE BY THE JESUITS. NOT ONLY THAT: DUSTIFICATION IS LASER TECHNOLOGY THAT FUCKED THOSE BUILDING DOWN. Not only that Dustification is in the Bible. Remember that story about how they went to the city to find at least 10 good people and save them and they did. Then a woman turned around and she was turned to stone? Know that story. Well, guess what: dustification killed her because she saw the fallen angel technology and that was a big NO- NO. So, the lizard fallen angels killed her for SEEEEEEEINNNNNGGG. HAHAHHAHAH get it? Earth is where Lucifer and a 1/3 of the angels fell. Duh. ALL I KNOW is the truth and I know that 5G is going to fuck up a shit load of people. Children have no defense and I have no defense against this technology, but it is designed by your electric companies like PG and E. Rothschild. Fire anyone? So, again, What do you want people? Your Tesla car? Are you asleep at the wheel? I bet you that you are. Zzzzzzzzz. Sweet dreams ( DARPA). Good Luck facing the lizardssssssss. Jesus/ Lucifer Matrix. They are really really nasty. A JEW WITH A DEW ( directed energy weapon). Good day. BTW: If you can’t handle this article. leave my office. I write to you because you need to be talked to this way. I got no hands outs when my torture began. I got no hand outs. I was thrown against the wall for being a decent person. So, again, You can’t handle my voice.. then leave. I am sure that Madonna as a spokesman can soothe you, I will never forgive this planet location,. Never. I have a report and will give it to the Real Creator. I give Earth an F-. Chow.

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