I figured out how NASA is cooking humanity.

I figured it out. There are two suns and two moons. There is a sun simulator in front of the real sun and this is how they are harnessing energy to cook humanity. Then you have two moons. There is the real moon that is actually artificial, but the elite go to it on the dark side and then you have the flash light that is used to fuck humanity during sleeping consciousness. ok. So, now we have neighbors who hate humans so they put LED lights on their homes and they know first hand why they bought them too,. It is to be available for the cooking. AKA spirit cooking or soul cooking. So, the flash light moon is used to invade your body.

This morning at 6:12 am I noticed the full moon was pretty high up from even going down in the west , so I filmed it know that the jesuits are trying to fuck humanity. I noticed that that moon simulator was the top of the pyramid down to my neighbor’s flood light then I realized hmmm. the energy goes somewhere to the electrical pole to my smart meter and to my home. This is how they are cooking humanity or spirit cooking. Those fucking lizard vampire fucks. Your neighbors should be rounded up and arrested for attempted murder for know first hand that the LED lights are used to cook humans. For the knowledge and secret societies of knowing first hand that these items are being used by the dark cabal lizards to cook humans on this fucking rock in space called Earth. I hate this goddamn planet and I hate slimy lizards. I have every right within every living cell to express my life separate from these goddamn rosicrucians. They have fucked my phone via through their AC current frequencies because they want me to be a good little girl and just being food to them. Fuck that. I have every right to express anger on this planet and towards the walking dead lizard / hybrid / grey fuck twats. California is on fire and no one gives a fuck. I figured out how the Rothschilds are doing it. It is quite simple if you put fucking Star Wars shit in space and aim it on humans who will go against you via through DNA discrimination. Getting my goddamn DNA and hunting (Orion) me like I am piece of trash. Fuck them and their goddamn esoteric shit. Well, that is it. I have to sign off for now, but they have fucked my recording shit because these lizards don’t want me to tell you the “setup” of their shit and how real fucking humans die in their sleep. Well, it is called a goddamn moon/ sun simulator and they use the energy from the sun to zap you from the moon down to the neighbor’s house (led lights) to your electric pole to your smart meter. These jerks. I hate this planet sooo much. Well, I have stated my stuff. So, chow for now. I hope to never ever ever ever return to this shit Milky Way hell hole ever again. I figured it out for ya all. Do something like fire the corporations that make this shit and fire DC.. because it is only 68 sq miles of crap full of witches and warlocks who fuck and make babies and then sacrifice their own kids. Who wants to come back to this lizard planet.. not me. 5G Tesla technology needs to be destroyed. All of it…. if you want to return to real dreams. YOUR dreams… not theirs being manufactured from DARPA / Lucifer / JESUS. YOUR DREAMS.. NOT THEIRS.

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