LED Lights

I have figured out how the whole thing is working now. This planet called Earth. It is run by a bunch of psychopaths called masons. Namely, your neighbor and the cops and everyone. I have never seen such a nightmare until now. I used to be happy and very proud of humanity now it is run down and dead. The title of this is LED lights because I have figured out the flowchart of how these fuckers are targeting humans. There is a Sun simulator thing placed in front of the Cosmic Sun. Then NASA or who ever sits behind the chair harnesses energy or radiation from the Sun to the Satellites to the GWEN towers to the telephone poles to your neighbor’s LED lights to your house and namely your smart meter. Do you remember how the media was pushing LED lights now. To change your bulbs in your home? Well, guess why? To harness evil energy into your house. The safety of your home. Now it is a police state where the police are trying to asset strip anyone that comes in their way of a military smart city. The grid system. The Matrix. The evil. I have a cop on my ass.He is now my handler via through my brain and my central nervous system. It is illegal beyond belief, This cop is the one that was assigned to me to watch me during 2012 gangstalking, once my MILAB experience was done to me. Lindsey Graham and Al Gore did this to me. They are guilty as well. Here is my list of evil fuckers: Lindsey Graham, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Rhianna, and namely a cop in my local area that is assigned to me no matter where I go. I have snitches and evil fucks around me. So, if I die rather interestingly there is the list, but I know that nothing will be done. I rather die and be free from their alien implant they be here to “fight” for justice on this rock called Earth. Earth is NOT my home. I am sure that the evil shits of this planet just use it for food central because after all they are NOT human. My cop is not human. He is part lizard. I have seen it so don’t sit there and try to change my mind. People who try to call them mental are fucking dumb because there are over a million targeted individuals with this shit who are experience the same thing. This is why Dr. Katherine Horton is getting affidavits together. To show the court that this it NOT a hysterical problem. It is real. That there are people experiencing the same thing. DEW attacks and gangstalking and deaths in people’s homes. I hate Earth and will never be used again like this. I have been through absolute hell and don’t ever ever want this again in my consciousness. Never. Once I am gone.. I am going HOME. Fuck Earth. I will probably tell other souls to turn around and go elsewhere. You don’t want that. Find another planet to have an experience. Go find happiness somewhere else where delouse fucks like the fallen angels won’t put a tracer in your eye and then judge you. So, yes. the title on my page is LED lights. It is the false light. It is what disturbs your organic dreams from DARPA or the cops at the local fusion center. How your DNA is being used as a weapon against you. You have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. However, these masons are using AI to circumvent it. Like a big one is the 4th amendment rights to putting an alien object for them to use real time spying centriplo / Mossad/ black cube spying tactics from the CIA. This is all jewish . That religion called jewishism. The star of David is actually a pentagram and very evil to use. I know for a fact that people are now hived minded. Somehow your private thoughts are being read, which is very illegal and an interference with life in general. You don’t fuck with people’s lives. I know that the chemtrails are a white optical substance and sticky and when DEW is applied to the person an image or thoughts can be sent. I wonder if the chemtrails are off world from space and then designed in a lab somewhere and then loaded onto a plane for spraying. NASA design. This is how men who seek women out get laid I betcha. They see something they want and then make arrangements telepathically to get that woman. It can be used for drugs too, If you are a drug lord and you want a trust worthy crew to distribute your drugs you need them implanted right? Well, if you send thoughts privately to your crew or the police you can get your drugs through the country,. I believe that people are being run by this AI masonic system. They love it too. No complaints. They don’t mind being chipped and being told what to do. So, how do you deal with it? Well, you walk away from them because the old saying ” they made their bed and they have to sleep in it.” They made their choice. You have to walk away from them because I have seen way too many people just accept it as is. I am waiting for the day when their shit is hijacked and stolen from them and then and only then they might get it. Something happens to them and they realize that their thoughts go against them. I am waiting for that day. However, I also know that this is an imperialistic love. Just like Vietnam. How people were brainwashed by the Emperor to fight and even do suicide for their Emperor. So, how do you deal with that? Imperalistic love to an AI system run on a masonic order? Well, for starters.. walk away. You don’t need their so called “lizard love.” You don’t need them because ever person is creative and they hijack that with this AI system. They believe that you are property. Really? Well, how about your bank account. How about your girlfriend, How about your kids? Do they belong to me? I can take your home too. After all, me casa is su casa. Right? Share and share alike. Let’s be a family. HAHHA. What one creates should be careful of resistance. did you check everything? The masons are using AI for their own gain. Here is a good example: A woman in Florida was invaded by the police or DEA. They were saying how her husband was a drug person. She yelled at them saying NO.. we are divorced. Well, they searched the house anyhow and found $15,000 in her house and confiscated it. She went to court and won. However, she lost $5,000 of it to fight the Government in court. They are using AI to spy on the insides of your home and then do fake police rings to confiscate what does not belong to them. They make shit up and then do what is called Policing for Profit. Create a problem and they are the solution. Typical annuanki fucks. I know with this sun simulator NASA spy ring is how they are spying on people. I remember the beginnings of my gangstalking and how an NSA fucker was parked in front of my house. To verify. He had blond hair and was watching me. GCH!- CIA to FBI to the Crown to the Vatican intel. That is the route of intelligence. That thing in the sky emitting light is the false light. Lucifer’s light. It is spying on you and a direct violation of the Constitution. I also remember going to get coffee and the girl handing my coffee spoke to her co-worker and said” is it her?” So, this is a hive minding program and it goes all the way to the top of their fucking pyramid: Lucifer . Mr. LED Lizard freak. The false light . Actually, his real Heaven name is Michael. He is pleadian and wears Silver for his armor. His true form is a spider. Alien. Nasty. However, I know that is probably too advance for people, but then again, NO, I have seen my own neighbors worship this creature. This is why I am loving to give the Creator a report and tell him full status of Michael. Can’t wait to give a full report of his bullshit. Can’t wait. Then I can fly off and do what I want. Fuck you Michael and your GOOGLE NEST. I did my job and don’t care if you have your gang stalkers walk with their dogs. I know I am a bitch and that just proves to me.. I am doing my job.

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