Human cooking/ AKA spirit cooking

I believe I have figured out how these witches and warlocks are hurting people under the guise of ELF. First you have to have several teams on your side like NASA. Well, first you need a ton of money to build a sun simulator. 2. You need Chemtrails. 3. You need operatives in the electric company like PG and E to change the light codes. 4.You need people that work for the dark side and don’t mind if their neighbor gets cooked with ELF. You need NASA to have your DNA. Once the DNA is stolen then we upload it to the FBI/ CIA/ local police dept. This is how the local cops track you and also how complete strangers track you. Then, you put occular implants into everyone. I would say most of the population have occular implants. The LED lights are placed into every single outlet possible because this is one way v2k and synthetic telepathy is carried out through the light waves of LED. I was riding my bike and just stood in a position and stared at the locations of all these lights in my city. It is a massacre. Sun simulator to the satellites to the GWEN towers to the LED street lights to smart meter to you trying to get sleep. OH but wait: the CIA has to zap you. I wake up in pain every single day from this game. They are not human in case you are wondering. They are vampires and the reason for the sun simulator is to cool the planet down; not warm it up. It is also a weapon for DEW. A huge laser gun or Death Star. Now, the moon is also two fold. It is artificial as well. From Alex Collier, he states that the moon is probably a ship. They stole a moon and hollowed it out and put a ship inside and what you see is just a rock on the outside, but inside fully operational ship. That also is one way the dark satanists are cooking humanity. Also, they can project a fake moon at any time. I remember one time I saw the moon red and it was a present. I just got off work and to my left down towards the horizon was a red crescent moon. CAstlevania. I was like that is totally abnormal. I am filming the phases the moon and they are way off. One day it is in the Far East and then next right above me. It is all over the board. This is how I know that Alex Collier is correct. The moon was stolen from Ursa Minor; they carved it out and it probably has a fully operational ship and this is how the evil ones come and take off from the moon because there is a larger ship inside. This is the activity that some people say they see. It makes sense to me now. The moon is actually a physical place where people who worship the dark side go to. The moon goddess. It makes sense on why people worship the moon. That is where Dracula and black ops reside. I call it Castlevania. C for the cresent phase. Anyhow, I am dwelling on the moon. So, in my opinion this is the flowchart of how they are spirit cooking or human cooking. 1. Sun simulator 2. Satellites around the Earth 3. Build GWEN towers for wifi 4. Use the electricity poles to carry this energy. 5. Also use LED lights to carry energy out 6. To zap a human just get them implanted. 7. Use space based laser surgery to get an occular implant. 8. Once implanted they are trackable and give their moments to local police. 9. Anyone can zap you now. You are now zapable. 10. It Is called human trafficking. 11. DARPA or your perverted cops can electronically rape you. 12. Short term memory is disrupted. 13. Your central nervous system is on over drive due to Chemtrails infection and ELF waves coming from the LED lights. 14. LED light is probably the way the satanists communicate with the aid of V2k and synthetic telepathy. Brain Link from the Obama administration. This also explains how if you go from one town to the next they are waiting for you. Hive minding is done with occular implant and this space based weapons system. I believe it was handed down from the grey aliens to the military/ Vatican intel. Humans in exchange for technology. It is the selling out of humanity to be with the Gods, Dracula and the elite. Also, COVID-19 is one way for your DNA to be uploaded to the NSA and make you trackable for the police departments of the world. The test is just code to get a hold of DNA and pretend that your government cares about you. They don’t. They only care about power and the technology and you paying for it. Murder to children well, that is just a small token. Missing children.. guess where they go. In a ship or down in the earth for food. People fuck to reproduce kids and then sell the kid off to the reptilians or better yet.. train the kid to be a ashkenazi jew follower and become a gang stalker themselves. Yes. I have seen this. The parents train their kid to be a future gang stalker. It is a passive aggressive behavior. You can’t do anything. It is a form of child abuse with mind control. They are turning these kids into assassins with v2k and synthetic telepathy and telling them to join “Jesus”. This is the secret society deal. The Jesuits or askenazi jews. The dark dark ones. Sith almost. You already see some of the child abuse with cases like when Senator Gabby got shot. That kid was under complete mind control. Also, the shooting at Las Vegas. That kid was used and abused by v2k and the military industrial complex. Once the tragedy occurs the cops already know from brain downloads how this is going to occur. They already know. They get or see the downloads being performed on a person and are ready for it. This is why I write and bitch so much because it is NOT human that is doing it. These are offsprings of Dracula. 1/2 human and 1/2 reptilian in some cases. Their DNA is fucked up. So, what am I saying in this article. I am saying you have a space based weapons system that is mind controlling everyone. I believe that the LED lights are used to slash and burn people in the privacy of their home and also this is how brain information and secret society information is going on. They used LED lights to sustain their brain communication in secret. Do you know how the Iraq army was able to put down their guns to the Americans? Synthetic telepathy and v2k. This is how they test the equipment or their military toys on the population so that they can go to the next phase of their sick luxury of being evil. Yes, this is a complete mind fuck: Covid-19. This is just one way to get everyone on board with their hive minding and secret society shit going. Cops, nurses, doctors, air condoning guys, plumbers, your mail man, everyone. It is everyone all linked up via brain telepathy using LED lighting as a communication or slash and burn. I had an air conditioner guy stop buy to check my system and I now know he was a CIA plant. Just to check in on me. I know it. So, yeah, the whole population is fucked. The evil lizards of the world have fractalized the system, but it is just a jigsaw puzzle. Once you put the pieces together you get a big picture of how fucked we are. The cabal is using AI to get drugs into the state. This is how corrupt the cops are. They use this technology to allow drugs in by telling them this trucker is good and this trucker is bad. If you are the drug cartel .. you want this technology so you can make a fortune. CIA comes to mind. Sure, you have a trucker with drugs and how do you smuggle it in? V2k and synthetic telepathy. This is why I could never get a job because I would see the corruption in the justice system. Only those who pay to play get the jobs. It goes like this at the border. The cop already knows what to look for because he got a download. So, the trucker shows up.. the cop allows him to go and everyone gets paid. The cartel get their drugs in, the cops gets paid to look away, and the rich snobs on the inside get to distribute the drugs to the street. It is the perfect secret. Shhhh don’t tell anyone how AI is being used for drugs. However, this can be used on children and humans as well. A perfect thing for the CIA to use and black mail someone. Jeffrey Epstein anyone? Ring a bell.? How the crown prince Andrew could use it? Sure.. get me a girl or a little boy. Why do you think synthetics are coming out? Sex parties. This is why the tragedy in Haiti was important to the Clintons. They can create a problem: HAARP earthquake, send in the Red Cross, look for children with dead parents, and kidnap them as missing due to an earthquake and take them as sex and food. Whaaaa bam. No one will question a “tragedy.” After all, it is an Act of God that these kids get help. Right. ??? No one will ever miss them because they are low lives. It is a haven of people who reproduce children and those children are probably sold for food and sex and probably off world slavery like going to Mars. I would not put it pass them. When it comes to the elite… you better believe I don’t trust anything and they are very evil. Just look at vaccines. Africa. How Bill and Melinda Gates go to Africa to be “helpful.” No.. they are looking to test their product and mind control the children. Those shots are full of nano technology. If nano technology gets into the body then DARPA can latter down load information to that kid. Mind control. It is like flipping on a switch using ELF later on. So, basically we have a sick society full of mind control puppets being stimulated by a military and your local police dept. Parents sell their children down the river for the elite. I know this from experience and fought it and now exposing it. The secret jew society imbedded in the churches. All churches are secret societies. The word of God will save you. NO.. we must a parents expose what they have done and that goes to the medical field. Many many doctors need to lose their license because they know how this AI technology is being used on future children. It is right down to the cellular matter, but the cabal want to use their 666 shit to scare you when 666 is just You. 6 electors, 6 neutrons and 6 protons. It is just you. See how the church likes to fuck with people and say the devil did it? No.. man did it with a mixture of Lucifer’s blood or annunaki blood. How does Pharoah control his family? Mind control. All of this goes back to Pharoah or ancient Egypt. This is where the mind control occurs. I am watching FREUD on Netflix and the elite used children or potential children with psychic abilities and they fucked their head so bad that it looks like they are possessed. In the show, he realized what the count and the countess were doing to Fleur. They were using her for these stupid seances. It was interesting how the Emperor wanted a peasant girl dead.. because she was being used. The elite are sick. They create all wars and then pick up kids and use them sexually, mentally, physically and then tries to throw them away when there is a soul attached to the mind. Sick. Freud figured out how they were breaking the mind and using it to their advantage to over throw the Emperor’s seat. The count and countess almost got it, but Fleur got the police involved to stop them from killing the Emperor. This is where you see the inside job of using mind control to get everyone else to create their war. There is an important scene where Freud was confronted by the Emperor about this Fleur. He knew .. he knew about her talents and what she went through psychically. He knew and he told Freud to forget about it and that he could have his old job back. He said he would not comply. He knew the dangers of abusing the mind like that. He saw what they did to Fleur. To tap into something not right, but wanted information from the other realm and abuse this little girl. Basically they traumatized her with war, picked her up, gave her a home, but abused her daily with seances. Then , they wanted a personal invite to the Emperor for the purpose of their people killing the Emperor and they would save “Hungary.” It was secret mind control being unleashed inside the palace. Fleur figured it out how she was being used and so did Freud. That is why she left. Finally, the police killed the count and the countess and she was free from their slavery on mind control. She finally met Freud and thanked him and told him to move on. There was love there, but she was considered a fugitive due to the abuse the count and the countess put her through. She got money out of it.. so she could leave. She even said she could deal with the secret police, but not the mind control. So, they went their separate ways, but it was sad to see their love get torn away from a diabolical training. I thought they would run away together and start over. She had money and they could start totally over. It was sort of sad how he is going to marry some woman that he really did not love. However, the police man said it the best: Vienna needs you and you must stay alive. So, he remained a doctor, but not working for that man at the institution. He started his own practice. That was nice, but sad to see Fleur leave. She had to start her life too because who was she? She was raised by evil people and she needed to start her life over again. So, that is what Hollywood tells the public. How kids are picked up and used for what ever reason.

Well, anyhow, I know there is a space based weapons system being used. I wake up from it every day and it is painful. I wanted to at least put down the flowchart of how they are doing it to people. For Targted Individuals at least. The real ones.

Went for a bike ride yesterday, and the police are just nasty. How they try and cut you off as you ride along. Amazing shit. I know it looks all innocent but it is not. I can’t film any of this as I am riding because they will just knock out the video while filming. So, that is more money wasted on “technology.” I can totally look back on my life and see how these sell outs were “placed” into my life and how the technology really targeted me to destroy me in some manner. I have never been able to get a high paying job because of Dracula’s system. It is actually a feudal system. I don’t even care . I just want occular implant out and away I go. I don’t even care about humanity anymore because I know how they abuse the AI system for their sick twisted system. I know how children go missing and how the MIC uses ELF on people. I know how the police get away with looking the other way and how they get paid to look away. So, nothing here on this rock called Earth gets my respect. Nothing. 5g is a weapons system designed to cut corners and interfere with life. Real life and real pathways or real missions. You see, they have to spy on you to get ahead. To know your thoughts and how you spend your time. It is really sick. How about I turn the tables on you and spy on how many people you mess around with. How do you really earn your money? How do you cook your eggs and put on your pants in the morning. How about I inflict pain on your remotely because your hair is wrong. I know: how about I inflict pain on your DNA and make you a weakling. Then ram a stick up your butt, that no one can see? How about I torture you from Head to toe and saying: it’s all in your mind. You don’t feel that. You need to be on your medication and talk to a shrink you will “label” you crazy. Take your gun rights away. Take your house. Take take take take take take your kids. Destroy the system that you walk inside and claim you have rights.? Oh.. you mean you like to talk? How about we rip out your voice. I know take the shot and see what happens. Maybe your sperm count will go down to zero. You can’t have a family because Bill and Melinda freak gates say.. It is for the planet that you shoot blanks from a shot that we developed. You are not allowed to feel. Be a robot. Take orders.

Remember: when you are a solider.. did you do the order? Because when you loose your become the citizen and if the citizen has nothing you have nothing. What goes around comes around. Remember the order. Is it right? Because if you fuck up it will come to haunt you.

Anyhow, earth is not my home. It never has been. I know what governs this planet and it is Enki/ Jesus/ Michael. I am just sick and tired of this game being played out. Signing out for now.


Continuing on with my Saga on this planet.

I know for a fact that this is a fallen planet. I wish to emphasize that NO one and I mean NO one has the rights to who you are. Being torn apart with Directed Energy weapons is just unbelievably painful. It is a system where people will NOT believe you. The government should never have your DNA and personal information at all. None of it. When you decide to have children.. the state should butt the fuck out. When you decide to get a loan it is not the Government’s deal to know how much you pull and what the loan is for. When you see the doctor.. it not the governments job to snoop into your medical file and spy on you. The government has gotten way out of control and if the President of the US can not answer simple questions then there is your secret government. It has gone black to the Crown corporation and that is your secret government. I have seen enough of this shit. I have seen complete strangers track me using their stupid iPhone to report to the CIA my whereabouts when I am just trying to get fucking exercise. I am fat. However, that is not me due to DEW ( directed energy weapons) My body has been infected with chemtrails, implants, poisonings, electronic frequency and rape. I have had enough to step into battle. I don’t give a fuck if people follow that Jesus cult because I know who Jesus is: Dracula. Sorry, but when you throw religion into the mix of electronic rape.. a voice has to be heard. I decided a long time ago and perhaps it was “my promise” to humanity that I would fight. Well, here I the fuck am. However, this is my last promise to humanity. I will no longer step up. This is my last rodeo with this third dimensional planet called Earth. No more. This is it. I have decided to destroy 5g. I have decided to bring society to its knees and make sure that every man, woman and child that decided to go with this secret cult feel the pain. I Have endured the smirks and the looks and the passive aggressive behavior long enough. I have decided that it is action that needs to be shown. To really shatter their precious little iPhone world. I agree with Alex Jones on the fact that it is “action” not paper work that needs to be thrown into their faces. They need to feel what it really is like to be tortured day in and day out secretly by DEW. How the table will turn. Spin it around and put a knife to one’s throat. That is exactly my life. A dagger to my throat. Every fucking day. These rock fellers know I know their God. Sometimes it takes a monster to fight the real monster within and there are leaders and then there are followers. My life has been destroyed almost by secret cabal shit and I have had enough of the Lindsey Grahams and the swiss templars I could puke and also their earth god: Enki/ Jesus/ Siva/ Jimmy or what ever stupid name he goes by. A good name is Dracula. Everyone knows that stupid name, right? I saw a report on how Lindsey is head of the Intelligence into FISA and that is a joke because he is part of the DOJ gang. It was an article going back to Obama administration and how three years of stupid FBI paperwork was thrown towards Trump. Supposedly there will be indictments, but really? I doubt it highly. Need to really clean or shut down the FBI/ CIA/ British INTEL. We don’t need law enforcement. It has gotten wayyyyy out of control with the spying. I even figured out how the cops are doing it to: Sun simulator to the satellites to the GWEN towers to the LED lights ( v2k) to YOU. They do their spirit cooking that way. It is known as zap or cooking humanity. Going after people who are deemed a threat to their precious Dracula god aka Jesus. I have a pretty good idea of what stands at the top of the pyramid, the feudal system. Down towards the bottom are the corporations like Palantir Technologies that have people’s brains mapped. This is a jewish cult. The askenazi jews/ Rockefeller’s etc. How they have designed a weapons system and use medical establishment to deem people crazy who are getting microwave hearing from a patent authorized by SERCO, the queen. So, the royals are involved and even prince Charles says he is a descendent of Vlad the Impaler. So, where am I going with this writing: well, to warn real people that we have a real enemy: Dracula. Also, the elite have a really nasty sun simulator that is actually a laser pointed right at them and NO one can escape globally if your DNA has been hijacked. I am very angry in the fact that no one prepared me at all for the abduction of my powers. I am very angry because someone somewhere made a judgment call on placing an illegal implant in me. They made assumptions that I would be ok with some one reading my brain and abusing my central nervous system. They were very arrogant in assuming my wishes and dreams. By watching me in secret and trying to pull the wool over my eyes as to their true intentions: to get me to join them. That is not life down here. I don’t give a shit who you are: you do not make judgment calls and try to predetermine someone based on “watching” someone. I had dreams and they were torn from me. Now, I have the government in my brain and my whole entire body is in pain due to their secret cabal system of satanism. How would you like it if I put an implant in you and violated your central nervous system and laughed in secret while everyone is in on it. Oh… your complaining. I’m sorry .. take your meds. Oh… your hearing voices.. … take your meds. Oh… your skin is on fire… take your meds. Oh… your bones hurt… take your meds. OH… you want organic dreams… your not allowed that because we are DARPA. Oh… you want sex.. well we will watch you do that and can even arrange a payment schedule. OH.. you want your heart medication.. well we can call the black cabal on that one, but it has to be done in secret. We need a child to sacrifice, first. Then when your heart medication comes in from Columbia we will make sure the cops at the border.. get their v2k to look away. You see we have to pay the cops off first and then the trucker can roll it in to a town near you. Then we send in the minions to do the distribution and the cops just watch as the transactions go through. He get a cut too. It goes all the way up to the FBI/CIA and back down to the local cops and to the NSA or DARPA whatever agency works.

P.S. I am sick of being treated like I am the bad guy in all of this. I never asked to be liked or disliked. Quite frankly, I am tired of being judged and tired of the witches of EAstwick reigning down on me like I am suppose to kiss someone’s ass. I never asked for this targeting. All, I ever wanted was to be left alone. If the implant could be removed that would be great then me and the rest of the world can finally go our separate way. If people want to continue down this path with their Jesus god.. that is up to them, but don’t expect me to go down that path because someone made a decision for me and thought it was the right thing to do. I am tired of it all. Tired and want to be released. I tried the love route and it just does not work. The only thing that is left is to put my foot down and bitch. I have a player in my midst and I don’t like players. In the end, it is what real is all about. Do we have monsters? yes we do and they have unleashed a really nasty energy weapon and it literally cooks humanity. So, don’t cry on my shoulder when your government takes from you. Don’t cry when you can’t have your cigarettes or your booze at 8:00am in the morning. In the end, I will say>. I told you so. I tried to warn you all, but you all fucked me and now you might not have a job. You might not have that small business or that farm your family worked hard for year after year. The new farms are on Mars. So, unless you have teleportation abilities.. go to Mars for that farm. Everything on this planet is a swiss templar code. Everything. I even sometimes thing that the Constitution is a big CON job to get you believe in something that the founding fathers designed. Is it a CON? Are you being Conned? A CON JOB? What do you fight for? Freedom? What is that when the queen bitch infiltrated your local governments. Where is the justice system when every man, woman and child has been implanted? Cops are implanted. The evidence is on their hard drives: at the station. Watson 2.0 software. If people have been occular implanted how does that go down? Does that mean people have to be scanned to see if they are implanted because if you are… what does the mean? That means you receive v2k and synthetic telepathy from the MIC. So, how do trials exist? They don’t. This is why implantation is illegal. In order to find out if a cops is corrupt or not and part of the MIC is to get an fMRI scan done on them. If they are implanted.. they are compromised. Did you know they can scan your car as you drive it and place illegal stuff inside your car because teleportation technology exists. Yes. The cops can do this. They can teleport a human and a object now. So, they can plant shit in your car. Did you know this.? They can also remotely control a car too. Just look at the car that ran into the crowd during the Charlottsville escapade. I believe that car was remotely controlled because I have rolled back the video and see nobody inside the car. I believe Michael Hastings was going to do an article on this, but his car got blown up by DEW and he was executed. So, now you have an idea of the space based weapons system and how they read your thoughts to prevent you from completing your mission on Earth. The dark cabal has worked and worked since the 1940s to get this technology and now it is perfected and they have unleashed it onto the population for further study. This is the targeted individual groups. A unique group of people who are here to kick ass and take names later. Now, how do we get everyone on board with this New World Religion? Well, you create a crisis: a virus that will scare every man, woman and child. We need the DNA in order to complete and seal the deal for total remote neural monitoring. We can control your thoughts and your feelings from space. We are DARPA. A pervert and psychopath. Yes. it is real and why I write about it. To control every man, woman and child is key to their pedophillia and their black mail. I will never forgive what happened to me. I was attacked in the privacy of my own home from a laser weapon that inserted this occular implant and for doctor’s to sit there and lie about it.. well, their license should be revoked because if you see a foreign object and lie and say that is due to old age.. then your license should be revoked. No. the object in question is an implant. It shows up black and is not due to “old age.” I know the assault. It is a lie being spewed out into the public. I have gone to numerous doctors and tried to explain this problem, but they all throw my file in the trash. They are with Dracula is the only conclusion left. Therefore, it is an old war: Orion. Humanity won’t grow up. I have come down to the wire and the only thing left is that Lucifer is creating his army and is on its way up through dimensions to get to the Creator’s thrown. He has many names: jimmy/ Indra/Siva/ Jesus/ Lucifer/ Satan and of course , Dracula. Draconian.. The draconic star system. It is tied to abductions done by the greys and our own Military. They are called MILABS. Where they tap into your sleeping consciousness and violate you that way. The only thing left is just war with the satanists because like I have said before it is action that does and change anything. It literally takes someone throwing a sword across the room and scaring the shit out of them. If the swiss templars have a sword ; then you need a sword; if they have a laser gun.. then you need to match it. I am not kidding with this upcoming nasty war. They have un-veiled themselves in the form of antifa and the DNC. I am also going to state that I saw a red floating satellite really low and pointed at me. This was last night around 9:00pm or so. It was the Sith and they were pissed off because I figured out the LED lights and how those lights are used for v2K and synthetic telepathy.

I will write later…


Woke up with more pain. It was a horrible night. More Directed Energy weapon from my handler. A handler that has been assigned to me from the local police. A cop that has an “assignment” to watch me. Like I have said, I have an occular implant and they use live time to spy on me. Why? Well, because you have this evil Dracula called Jesus. Jesus is Dracula actually, a batman etc. Also, the sun is a laser weapon. It is fallen technology. I will never ever do this again. Never. I have pretty good idea how this started. I was listening to Alex Collier and I downloaded his book “Defending sacred ground.” I took it to work just to read in my spare time and then that is when things at work started to get weird. I also was watching some You tube videos on his speeches. You see, the Government does not want you to know how much intwined they are with the Greys and the reptilians. They don’t want you to know how they manipulate people and lie. All this stuff on the planet is false. Voting etc.. that is all decided privately who will be president. It is a show down here on the third dimension. A show. Just a show. People walking around with masks. A show. They look ridiculous. All mind controlled puppets. There is no virus. It is a show. However, over on the right hand is the military rolling in their Bradley cars/ tanks. I have seen some video of that and that is what worries me. The rolling in of tanks while everyone is in lock down. What a joke. Throw a virus in everyone’s face and over here we are the miliatary with our toys to throw out on the American people. I did a video on these Bradleys coming in and boy did they do a Chemtrails dump on my house. Be right back.


Time: 8:27am

So, I woke up today, again in pain. Mostly in my back where my kidneys are. Andrenochrome area. I was outside doing some more videos on how they are using microwave hearing and I realized that everyone is occular implanted. That is probably the mark of their beast system. It is actually a way to lie, steal, cheat in a system that is suppose to be just and fair. Especially in court system. If the judge is occular implanted, juries, cops, attorneys.. there is no justice. zero. It is gone. It is your word against theirs and it is a good idea to film the cops because if they are implanted and acting like “doctors” then you need to film them. I am happy to film them. I also wish to point out that going bike ride there was a man in his golf cart that drove side by side by me for quite some time and then left. This passive aggressive move was to inform “security” that I was in the area and considered a threat. So, the security guard from the bank showed up, but anyone can get a uniform and pretend to be a cop. These are the masons. Their secret bullshit cult. You have to go to their education and knowledge in order to find out if they have the rights skills and qualifications to be a cop. Policing is to find the bad guys ; not suppress American civilians who pay a salary, but you see they have this fucking private bank called the federal reserve and they can print into oblivion to pay these people off no matter what. This is tied to their secret missions like getting kids into college like USC scandal. The whole family is occular implanted and the kids know it when they lied on their application. They are not into sports; they did the back door deal just to get in to get a “college degree” in something so that they can say they went to school. Back door deal: you know pay off people to take their SAT test; resume writing; etc. Photos have leaked out showing them on a row boat pretending to be athletic. However, you get them out in the field.. I am sure they will sit it out. I can see how this occular implant is used now. It is tied to microwave hearing, v2k and synthetic telepathy. I realized this when I was watching a stupid horoscope thing on You tube. I can tell because it was written a little for me. The knitted cap; herbal garden; etc.. yeah, I could tell that this was a video set up for me to hear and how they hate me. The military industrial complex has sure fucked up people. They think they are speaking to god, but it is the wrong god. A manipulative god like Dracula. Do we have reptilians? Yes we do. It is the fall. My neighbor is a reptilian and a cop.. so there you go. Why would you become a cop? To protect the king. Who is the king? Jesus/ Dracula etc. blah blah blah. I looked at the news and all these deaths.. Wow. Bring out the coffins. It is just ridiculous and I think people realize the news is just B.S. Here is an article for you all to see how the police are not “policing” , but being annuanki bulls:

Time is 5:20 am

Date: 4-28-2020

The night attacks was a flat line last night. No dreams. No dreaming in infrared. I am in a nightmare produced by the annuanki and I have a cop around my neck as a stalker. I have DEW marks all over my right arm and it is in pain as I write this. I can hear my bones creaking when I wake up. It is called radiation from their Sun god, Enki, Jesus, Lucifer, what ever name you want to call it. The movie IT depicts exactly what he is. A nasty alien spider. Yes. I do know what governs this planet and it has nothing to do with love. It is about dominance and control of over every man, woman and child. The reason why I write about this is to warn other future children/ adults about this entity called Jesus. He is evil and I Know how he gets his followers and it is through Chemtrails and frequency upon the human chakra system. Opening of the pineal gland against ones will and stalking that person. I listened to the David Knight show yesterday and he re-played a person who had a conversation with one of the Rockefeller’s and basically in a nut shell it Is totally enslavement of every man, woman and child. I know how they are doing it and it is through remote neural monitoring and brain link. How they can monitor your brain waves if you are down with the NWO or not. Chemtrails get to the central nervous system and once your DNA is taken it is uploaded to the NSA or some handler to watch over you via through the satellites. It is DNA or biometric scanning hostage. It is criminal activity guaranteed. Once they use your DNA they can planet things or create a scene that you were there. However, in a court of law you have to know their technology and how they do it even if it is outlandish. They use this technology for their human trafficking and drug lords form Columbia and elsewhere around the world. The way they get the drugs in is to pay a cop off. All cops no matter what have an ocular implant. You have to guarantee yourself that every one is implanted. You have to. Our justice system is corrupt beyond belief. Judges, attorneys all can now receive a “download” of a case and judge that person according to someone else who is not a professional. They use LED lights to communicate the synthetic telepathy and also LED lights are used as a weapon on the human body. It is almost like you need a coffin made of pure LEAD to sleep at night to get away from the technology. Actually, get out of the cities, but you can still get assaulted from the satellites even in the woods. I don’t know if this is true, but if you are a TI, you will probably still get hit with DEW from those satellites because the evil cops follow anyone that knows about their corruption. It is Tesla technology gone wrong. It got into the wrong hands. In my opinion it needs to be shut down. All of it. If people are to survive and have a normal life: 5G needs to be destroyed. My whole entire body is on fire right now due to DEW aka Lucifer/ Jesus. That so called loving god is an alien. I even caught a picture/work of Van Gogh and realize that he saw this too. He knew that these people were witches and warlocks and painted the 4D. HA. I caught it. One of his paintings was stolen and I really looked at it. There are certain things in the paintings that show the 4D beings. Earth is a fallen planet. There is no disputing that. This is where the creator kicked him and 1/3 of the angels out of Heaven. I wish I could go home. Get out of here. Where is those Pleadian doors 69 so I can get the hell out of here? I have had enough of Earth. I don’t even like to be around anyone. Yes. I hate earth. Get my wings and fly out of here and don’t look back. This is my last rodeo. I do not want to ever ever ever ever ever do this again, NEVER. I don’t care if a guarantee is given. No. I plan on turning around and leaving. Away from the false light. The Universe here I come. You go straight up and out away from the grey alien false light narrative, if you do not want to be recycled and used by the reptilians/ grey. Straight up and out and make a verbal effort to say FUCK you EARTH. You don’t go to the sides: that is the trap. It is straight up and fucking out of here. UP UP UP.. you go uP to escape. Then finally, you will see space for what it really is and you leave. I know for me that is the key to getting as far away from the vampire planet , Earth. Earth is a 3/4 dimensional hell zone. I got the memo and plan on warning Heaven. How Lucifer or Michael is cutting his way through dimensions to get to Heaven. I see his foot soldiers and they come in forms of regular women who train the children to be future gang stalkers and terrorists. They mate and take the children to be alive or sacrificed to their alien god, Lucifer/ Jesus/ Abraham,/ or what ever name IT goes by. My mission is simple: get the inside scoop on what is going on down here and leave. Don’t expect anything from this place. Live simple. A place to stay; food; water basic plumbing etc.. that is all you need because once you go up and up the ladder they take.. the masons and their demons. However, if you have very little debt to the velon/ vampire world .,you are kind of free. This is why I say: less if more. It is true. Live simple because you can walk away from the society that so cares. I don’t donate money to any institution. That gets raped by Bill Gates. I don’t participate in their events like gun rallies etc. A man by the name of Chris was correct in that do not participate in the velon’s events. Let the people do that because they already received synthetic telepathy on “how to act.” However, are your rights being assaulted? Yes by the cops and the evil agencies like FBI/ CIA. I just look at them at the top of the shit pyramid or feudal system that hijacks blood. I hate cops and always have. Now, I really do because how they use AI against a real citizen. I know their technology so they can’t fuck with me. I know all about Palantir technologies how they use emergency personnel to “harass” me and say non verbally how they want me dead. So, yeah, I know all about the cops and their precious technology. How they use : interferometry, synthetic telepathy, v2k, jump room or portal technology. How they can scan a car before hand and then perhaps “plant” something in the car. How they use the FISA court to get a warrant to search someone’s property when they use AI to “plant” shit. How the FBI was used to mess with Trump and his family, but in my opinion, that was a game too. His family was a “example” of what Clinton can do with the Justice Dept. She knows all about the technology.. so yeah, they can planet shit and wire tap the president. Duh. How three years was blown apart due to her bullshit “investigation” and how it was sort of a wild goose chase. They use AI to fuck with people and also to “verify” if something was done because trolls are occular implanted. If you are a TI you have to really assume that all people have an occular implant and can not be trusted and that is why I say live simple. Walk away from “sporting” events like gun control etc…. It is all a sick game down here. Your rights will always be there because a liberal or a sick tranny will want a gun to protect them in the end because you have to protect the far left. I have heard that liberals are now purchasing guns because of their leftist “thinking.” They know the damage they have caused and also how AI affects. people’s central nervous system. Now this leads me to the next fact. How they use a passive aggressive mannerism when they gang stalk. Ok. They walk out in the street waiting to get hit when they are NOT in a sidewalk. I have seen them use their own children as future gangstalkers when ever I film the “gang stalking.” They like to use children as a weapon to hide their gangstlking. Like you should not put children you don’t know on You tube.. when they are the ones who put them there in the first place. They do this for litigation. In other words, my kids were on your film w/o my permission.. I say well, I was in a public area and your brought your kids. That is your responsibility. I have a right to film due to citizen journalism. See how they do it? They use their own kids to try and get you in trouble. I say.. well, if I am in a public arena.. I can film. I paid for the infrastructure through my tax dollars to be here and film the outside. This is why I say, Film the Police. I pay their salary. So, their actions are on film. They think that by tracking you they have rights to your physical being. Wrong. Dead wrong. That is stalking and that is on the books. You can’t stalk someone. How would they like it? Put an implant and then have military access to their brain and body? How would they like it? They have access to this shit and it is called Jade Helm. I never quite understood it, but basically, I believe it is where the cops have become militarized in a passive aggressive manner. I have been harassed twice by the cops. Your neighbor’s are in on this too. Community watch programs are Communist watch from the USSR. Whenever you see a sign community watch program.. steer clear becuase those are satanists. In my opinion, every little piece of info matters. It exposes the corruption within society and your tax dollars at work. So, if the public bathrooms go down.. pee on the ground. Government is great when it works or until it fails and you are left with shit lying around your so called beautiful Earth. Save the planet!!! HAHAHAHA. Went up to the mountain.. and due to the Cornovirus plan the bathrooms were closed. And how long have we been exposed to bateria and viruses????? So, there was shit every where hahah. Government is great when it is open to business, but your on your own when you have to take a crap outside. Whoops you neighbor saw you and calls the cops on you. You have to take a dump and the forest service closed the bathrooms. Go for it. Shit on their land. Shit on the vampire land. The Velon. Velus. Vulcan. V for vampire dump: Earth. When in Rome, eh? Running plumbing for the “people.” So, where am I going with this article. Well, to expose the gangstalking and the satanist right next door to you an dhow they use their children. Also, to inform future people that the technology is being abused beyond belief for political gain and money. Also, human trafficking. Why else? Because they are vampires. Think about it: why human trafficking? food and sex and ultimately Death because Marduk/ Enki/ Lucifer / Jesus in on this planet. The cops protect the king. A feudal system. So, if you are really targeted it is coming from Arch Angel Michael. The evil one. The one that got kicked out of Heaven for a reason. So, don’t blame me if your body get messed up with ELF. I have explained how Sun simulator is not a real sun. I don’t even know if there is a REAL sun. Maybe they blew it up. Depleted it. Or maybe the sun is going through a cooling phase. I don’t know for sure. It is possible that the sun is going through a cooling phase and then will reboot itself to going to a class G star. The sun could go down for three days and during those three days: three days of darkness and all hell breaks loose. It would be perfect for the illuminate crew to pull with the Cornovirus deal in place and perfect for their bible thumping. Ahhh,.. the jews have the answers. Run to your local jew and see what they say. They will stand there and have no fucking answer for you. HAHAHAHAHA. Why? because they are jews. Stubborn as all hell and work for their secret clubs. I dated a jew once.. for about 12 hrs and that was enough for me. Cold as ice. Nice to make out with.. but no sex. That is what I mean… have your fun, but move on. They never return a phone call. If they hate you they hate you. Cold as ice. It must be in their blood. They love to play victim. Ohhhhh woe is Me and my religion. Walk away. Best answer I can give ya when dealing with the nasty jews. Lies. They love to lie so that they look good. Anyhow, I am going to sign off for now. I don’t know if I am going to publish this or not. They key for the future is to know the technology that is being rolled out from years of secrecy. That is your black government. The rolling out of their secret cabal. Know that they are using this in the open and don’t hesitate. Know their tactics as askenzai jews and how their mannerisms are being handed down to future generations. Cloning is also going on. Well, I am going to sign off. Write later. LED lights is the way they are using v2k and synthetic telepathy to communicate and get “jobs” done.

Veronica Van Helsing. (maybe)

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