Trying to upload videos.

I am trying to upload videos and the evil military industrial complex is attacking my computer. I am trying to show evidence of DEW on my arms at night time. I am using another alternative platform to upload, but the evil reptilians are blocking my uploads. I just paid for the platform and they are denying me service of my goods. These are the evil mercantile lizards. I also tried to use another platform called Lbry and My e-mail is under attack due to frequency. My mail box won’t open and I know it is black ops. I also was trying to upload holographic planes and situations. They think that I am their property. I am not anyones property except me. I have a cop as a handler and I know who he is. He is a cop that I believe has attached to me.

It should not take forever to upload a video. However, in my case it is taking forever because the chi-coms Chinese lizards are blocking my work. Humanity is under assault. They are using droning/ AI/ chips to implant humans and then tie. you to the NSA/ MIC and that means that any man, woman and child can be tracked and traced. I know this technology and it is very vile. It comes from the greys or zeta reticule. It takes from humanity and does not return. It only wants what it wants and takes the rest. These are very vile reptilian/ swiss templar things. Anyhow, my videos are being blocked by that sun simulator thing in the sky. The platform is this: sun simulator to the satellites to the Gwen towers to the telephone poles to LED lights ( where human cooking occurs via v2k and synthetic telepathy) to smart meters to YOU. This is how they are droning humans and trying to do the ultimate mind control on the planet, just like COVID-19 is nothing more than remote neural monitoring. Your thoughts are hooked up to the NSA/ Military and they know what you are doing. It is illegal and deadly by the evil reptilians or breakaway civilization. They steal from humanity and take creativity and say that it came from them or another person. Intellectual property stolen. They go after blood line. A threat to their own existence. They have copper based DNA. They can handle less oxygen, I believe. Anyhow, just a. quick note that the MIC/ Chi-coms are attacking video uploads and it could be any platform: LBRY, patreon, etc. This is why Alex Jones decided to get his own platform and probably pay for it himself. However, I know that the technology can wipe out his satellite too. Money means nothing to these lizards because the crimes they have performed is heinous.

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