DUMBS are Cloning Centers

Hi. I have not written in awhile, but I have a You Tube acct by the name of Jan Smith. You can hear what I have to say, if interested. We are in a critical time right now. I believe that the DUMBS ( deep underground military bases) are a place where the cloning goes one.  I have recently put together that when we go to sleep our REM frequency is hijacked  and then downloaded into a clone, where we see things.  I have seen some of this stuff, first hand and it looks like a big arena.    So, yeah we have some heavy stuff to deal with right now.  If you are a Ti.. I can tell you to really focus on your health and keep it cool for now because you are going to be needed when the bottom falls out. REV 18 is coming up and part of their plans.  NYNY is the target and so are the 13 colonies and the signal will be coming from the moon and most of the elite will either go to the moon or the DUMBS for escaping purposes.  144,000 of them to be exact.   A lot has happened to me in the last three days, but the most critical thing is the DUMBS is an evil location where bad stuff happens.  I think that most families are involved in these cloning centers and most parents, I hate to say, sell off their children.  I am trying my best to communicate this info because I know it seems far fetched, but everything that I have experienced as a TI is coming together.  So, you TI’s are the God’s angels. You are sent here to help people and assist and really help people because when the bottom falls out.. people are going to be needing answers.   NYNY is the target because Enki’s frequency is 40. 40 is along the latitudinal line. Anyway, 40 is where NYNY is lines up with. ( just tired writing, it is late).    I have a blogit.com. This is another place where I write down my daily events that happen to me. If you are a spiritual person.  I believe in love and I believe in truth, but you can’t have love if  the truth is faulty.  I have fallen down the rabbit hole, so to speak to help other Ti’s because i know you are needed.  I saw something disturbing on infowar and it looks like people are now protesting Sharia’s law. This is not good.  This means that the “other” religions are moving in and go into our court system.  Do not participate in their protests in your local area, if one pops up. Just walk away because you are going to be needed later on.. when the big show in the sky happens.  Just hang tough and if you have bad dreams, just remember it is the AI system/ cloning center doing it to you and it is not YOU.  Just tell your self that it is not YOU.  I will write later and do more videos later on. Take care.

the world is a lie

Chemtrails are designed by corporations and false Israel to really hurt humanity because I still see the reptilian race.  The bottom line about the chemtrails is to invade your sacred soul and get you to submit to their religion, which is the bible. No matter what anyone says: Jesus is not your savior. It is a tool where the Jews designed something to control the population.  I can not follow the bible and I never did believe in their bible, even as a child.  I just could not get into worshipping something. It was a waste of my time when I should be productive and go to school. Which I did. I am heavily implanted against my will from these jews/ corporations. It is wrong  to hunt some one down based on their DNA.  The whole entire thing is wrong to infect people with nano technology and then tell them how to eat, walk and function throughout the day.  Their little bible  is a problem.  I have seen people write “Do not Worship.” They are right. Do not worship. I know that they are knocking down their own religion on purpose.  To worship something.  I was watching channel six and it had rick steve in Rome and I saw the same thing: people leaving notes at the foot of a statue. False Idols.  Again, the same paganism.  People worship crap. Well, when shit hits the fan.  Most of these people are hive minded and want a way out. so they will turn to their govt or the secret space program for an answer when the answer is themselves.    Everything on this planet is a lie. It is a complete hologram.   I do not want to be a part of no program. I have been dragged into a bible thumping program that I really don’t care about. I just want to be left alone.  In the end, no one will listen anyhow.  I have been tragically hurt by this technology that fucking black ops has. I want the implants removed because I am not a fucking slave to bullshit to service the reptilians. I do not serve them.

Just Tired of this Crap.

JUST writing to put some minor thoughts on paper. I am just tired. I am sick of the predictive programming my gagnstalkers are doing. Where I go to get ice cream and then  I have a gang stalker show up and “pretend” to buy ice cream.  Earliers, I went  clothes shopping for a family member and was thinking of going to a particular grocery store after I was done shopping. Wouldn’t you know it: There was a grocery cart right next to my car. Now, the technology is where they definitely read your mind and have things placed for you.  They do this to get me pissed off to let me know they can read my mind.  I am just burned out on this technology.  I just want my life back.  It is horrible how our society has signed up with this ritualistic cult.   One You Tuber said right: The sex crimes will bring down society. The child trafficking and sacrifices.  I am telling people that this whole thing goes all the way back to ancient sumer/egypt.  Just amazing.  I am so burned out .. that I don’t even know what to say.   I know I have been hit hard with microwaves and my health is now showing it. My hair is falling out and they are attacking my thyroid.   Just want a job to support my family and I don’t care that we have a reptilian species.  OH well, for now.  Just tired of it all. I feel totally alone. gotta go for now.  I will never forget who put my implant in my left eye: Lindsey Graham.  High technology used on my left eye. I will never forget the moment it happened and the violation I felt.   All this to monitor someone who is a spiritual person.   I have implants: left ear, left eye, left arm and probably a new one in the back of my neck and spine.  I am loaded with crap because they know: I can see.

Targeted Individuals/Reptilians/Masons

I wish to write today about what has happened to me in the last few days.  The masons’ or my handler from black ops is attacking my thyroid. To make me go to the doctor and donate blood freely, so they can analyze it more because I am breaking out of their shell and giving the world freedom of truth. Your world has reptilians that look human. Period. I can not deny who I am. I can see. I have that gift and it comes from probably the Big God. Anyhow, Chemtrails: I want to touch on this. The chemtrails are Weapon of mass destruction and for mind control. Their thinking is that I donate my blood for analysis because I think something is wrong. When in actuality they want to study it (MILAB SCIENTIST)more and if I give it freely… then that is ok.  If I look back on my life , my diet has been mostly pretty good food. I ate protein, veggies and some sweets, but who doesn’t. I look at my gangstalkers and look at the food they eat and they buy the same way: from protein to chips. So, i stand there and say.. well, they are eating GMO food, but they are not under directed energy weapons. What does that tell you? That they are protected because they are in the hive mind fiasco. They walk freely. In other words, they get to eat and smoke and have their beer but they are not under direct threat from EMR. That is why I tell the real TI’s out there that you have to have a balance diet and make sure you eat protein. YOu need it for your brain  and to keep things rational in the world of the lizards. Also, the chemtrails are for dream manipulation. I have had some pretty nasty dreams in the last few days and I have really had to tell myself : IT IS THE TECHNOLOGY, NOT ME. I have had to really knock it down and that is what I have done. This whole AI thing is a nightmare, but I am here to do reporting on my experierences as to what the military/ masons are doing. There is exposure to the pedophilia crimes and that is good because it links all the way to the top and guess what is at the top: elite bloodlines and guess what: I can see them.  So, here I am . I am pointing at the problem and the problem is deep. It is humanity protecting these bloodlines.  The gangstalkers protecting the reptilian bloodline. Now, I did a little research into JFK jr and he went into advertising. In  his magazine, George, he tell you point blank WHO killed his dad. George Bush. Also, G= generational. Esoteric stuff.  There is documentation that puts George Bush in with the CIA.There is a fishy letter from Joseph McBride in 1988. Here is a quote from an article: The millennium report . The link is below this quoted work.
When it was first released in 1978, George Bush was an obscure bureaucrat, a virtual unknown. So when the best researchers on the planet saw this memo in 1978, they didn’t pay much attention to it. When Bush became vice president two years later, no one was able to connect his now well-known name to this obscure memo.
But when Joseph McBride was messing around in 1988, Bush was running for president; and when McBride saw the memo, he jumped up and shouted:
“Hey, this memo is about Bush! It says he was in the CIA, way back in 1963!”
And for the longest time, the focus was on this simple isolated fact: that Hoover said Bush was in the CIA in ’63.
Bush said the memo must be referring to another “George Bush,” because he wasn’t in the CIA at that time. But over the years, people were able to assemble the facts from Bush’s personal life, showing his deep involvement with the CIA at that time, and with the CIA’s anti-Castro Cubans (in the memo, Hoover calls them “misguided anti-Castro Cubans”).
And over time, it has become undeniable; that Hoover was referring, in his memo, to none other than George Herbert Walker Bush. And for a while, that was it. End of story.
But the title of this Hoover memo is, “Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy”. Isn’t that important?
Well, you’d think so. But for the longest time, no one made much out it. Besides, Hoover scarcely mentions the assassination in the memo, instead focusing on these “misguided anti-Castro Cubans.” The body of the memo does not appear, at first, to be in any way related to the title of the memo “the assassination of President John F Kennedy”.
It  just seems like all the tragedies of the world are from the secret societies that run your govt and the structure of society itself because I have seen how parents as gangstalkers indoctrinate their children to be gangstalkers to this secret society. It just tied to the church and the thing that they worship. They worship lucifer and I am sorry, but I see lucifer. I see him on the church of cantenbury in Kent. Yep. I can see him. He wants worship and that is his ticket. So, what I am saying to you, the real TI that you are a real person. The system is based on this velon/ energy pattern or EMR that the elite’s have their hands on and using it this very moment. People are protecting this power to manipulate other innocent lives because they have sold themselves out to the church/velon energy pattern. I just know that they are creating an artificial world based on fear and subjucation. I hate to bring up the church, but it is a culprit in a lot of missing/abused children. I am not sorry for seeing the reptilians and exposing their eyes. I do not care at this moment in time because of the directed energy weapons that have been placed upon me as a human walking this earth. I am under constant surveillence by black ops. YOu name it: helipcopter, air force, gangstalkers, food poisioning, MILAB attacks, dream threats, attack on my physical body (rape) to get my DNA light codes for holographic purposes.   I have been implanted by Senator Lindsey Graham ( left eye implant)  against my will. That is just some of the violations that have  happened to me. The technology rapes you of your spiritual essence because they use it for their rituals. Also, apparently, I have been “married”to someone I do not know. Why? To keep me under their thumb.  Of course, this was done to me through some kind of spiritual assembly.  So, what I am saying is that they know who you are when you get here to this planet. I am glad to go against them even though I am hooked up to their precious Ai system.  Shit should not happen to kids and be brain washed into human trafficking and think it is okay. Just look at the Hampstead Case in the UK. Horrible to see these kids talk so frankly about what their father does to babies. Disgusting crap.  To take  a life like that for fucking worshipping their velon energy. I am telling you the church is nasty and I know for one thing I had a hard time accepting the church when I was little. did not like it.  Why am I worshipping? Doesn’t God know who I am and shouldn’t I run free and have fun? Does any one think this way?  nope. Not anymore.  Everything is being constructed to put you in a category.  I like to fly. I don’t know about you , but I like the concept of flying through things.  Alex Collier back in 1994 did a video of the reptilians and asks a question as to why doesn’t anyone do anything about this. I have an answer. The reason why no one does anything about missing children is because people have consented their power away to this reptilian worship / velon crap. Unfortunately, it goes to these ancient egyptian bloodlines. RA . Amen-Ra. (this is why I do not do prayer because you are praying to Amen-Ra. ) It is sick to see how people give their children away to this worship crap. I remember on coast-to coast this woman called up and she was “witch” and she mentions in the first hour how she will give up her baby to satan. I remember that alex norrey was waiting for phone calls and no one chimed in that first hour of coast to coast. Do you know why people did not call in?  Because everyone is in one it. They do it as well and that is the hidden secret of your society. It erases debt. Or Enlil=the owe god.  I also remember hearing something along the lines of if the debt can not be paid. It is paid with blood. ( WW3). I will write later.
The link to just one boy who was abused by a reptilian society.

Humanity protects the Lizards

What to write about? How my chakra system was invaded by secret military industrial complex?  How I have been abused by society and this secret of protecting the lizard people?  This whole things goes deep and I never asked  for it. It found me based on my DNA. I know people will dismiss this, but it is true. The reptilians look at DNA and that is pretty much all they do. To analyze which souls come into the world. Is my analysis.  I have seen humans who have this fucking attitude that they are better than me because they worship the elite/blue bloods and put their faith into this fucking system.  I have seen how they are not “punished” and judged and wheel on by. I wonder why that is? It is because what has happened to me is that I am very different and will not consent to this horseshoe fake reality.  Where it is artificial.  An artificial sky full of chemtrails another crap. Some people are not human they are reptilian and it is not hard for me to see it.  Your D wave technology.  I have a good idea that the universe increased its frequency to help us break through the technology.. to see who and what is running the planet. I see humans who have this holythan thou attitude and I wonder where they got that attitude from?  The pleadians.  Your gang stalking smile group who pretend to love when they do not. I have seen bullshit on this planet and that is why I have no problems addressing the reptilians and how humanity protects the reptilians.  They purposely hurt new souls on the planet with the fucking vaccines and bad food. It is done on purpose.  Maybe that is to harden up a person.  All this shit goes back to the fall of the annunaki or perhaps when lucifer and his gang got kicked out of heaven.  Your 33 or 1/3.  How I have been dragged into there dimensional realm.  How I have been implanted and watched my whole life. So, yeah. I am not too happy about things, but I have a job. Not too sure, but I know it has to do with exposing them.  So, I write in the hopes that maybe I can reach another true Targeted Individual who is going through the same crap I am. Perhaps, I am the only one. In that case, fine. I will not subject myself to being a stupid gang stalker and hunt down people based on their DNA.  Like I have said in past writings, I do not go around bothering people. I have gone through this system on earth and found that my life has been blocked here and there and interrupted on purpose. So, yeah. you could say lucifer and his gang has been bothering me.  I have just wanted a normal life and now I know that since my childhood.. I have been watched. not cool.  Well, here I am just writing and realizing that the nations of the earth want to go to war.  S. Korea/ china/ Kim jun Jung want war.  So, let the fight begin. We have 20 minutes to live anyhow and then I can see my adversary on the other side.  Your robot family can hang out in DUMBS and the moon. He has been eyeballing me for awhile, so what the fuck. Go ahead . After all, I was told. ” This is not your world.” So, I have a question:  If an EMP was to hit me.. that would dis-arm all the electronics in my body.  Your implants, right?   It sounds like God sent out a new frequency in the universe to see you. So, let the games begin.  You say and talk about love, but all I get is pain.  So, what is love? Nazi pain compliments of the pleadians?  Did they teach you this love?  The whole world a stage and it seems that in the last few years… nothing is good enough. So, that leads me to conclude that I just have to wait and see.  Hey, I KNOW THE WHOLE SOUL BACK WITHIN THE BODY. THAT IS THE KEY AND THAT WAY I DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING DEAL WITH YOUR FREQUENCIES AND FAKE PEOPLE THAT WORSHIP THE LIZARDS.  To get the whole soul back within the body.. that would be nice and that way I can do my own jump room.  To get the whole soul back within the body and that way you can not manipulate my chakra system because I won’t have one.  To get off the wheel of fortune and be abused by a soul recycling earth.  To get off and be powerful. More powerful than you and your spying AI system. Yeah. You did all this to get into the mind’s of people who really do not care about your hive mind.  To be independent because that is what the universe is about . Being independent and you can fly anywhere one wants to. The freedom to fly.  I hate the Ai system. It has infiltrated me against my will and there will be a day of me pointing to you. I point to you now, but of course, humanity sits and does nothing because they want to do the jump room tech thing.  whatever.  they sit in silence because they are cowards. They do nothing but follow.  They MK Ultra their own children to be robots. You used that crap on me and I do not appreciate the lies of being told who to love.  Sending images in my head to be a warrior so that blame can be placed upon me.  Not happening.

This whole thing was to manipulate me into believing and becoming one of the gang. Sorry did not happen. I believe in independence and not your hive.  write later.






Jump room technology

Well, I saw on CNN about a two year old girl who runs out into traffic and get hits by two cars. The amazing thing is that I can see how the technology is there and fooling everyone.  ( I can also tell that the child is probably a hybrid reptilian)  Project Pegasus was described by andrew basagio on coast to coast sometime in 2012 about how he met Mr. Obama during the jump room. Andrew Basagio was one kid who was transported back in time during the civil war to do a mission and who know what else to mess up the fabric of time. Anyhow, he does mention how Mr. Obama was there with Mr. Basagio as a kid to do these special mission in life. Mr. Basagio even mentions that here is a picture of Mr. Obama during the Kennedy era and a picture was taken of him.  So, I am sure that black ops has time travel to disrupt people and their soul growth.  They have disrupted mine by having gang stalkers attack me starting in 2012 and pretty much my childhood and how I was watched by my parents and strangers. I wonder why. I betcha that I  am a genuine angel or earth angel.  I have been doing battle with Masons’ and the general population. Just to walk the earth. Isn’t that something.  I have witnessed my gang stalkers and people close to me move from point A to point B, which is just a wormhole. What am I exactly suppose to do with this?  Give praise?  I know who is behind it.. after all I was “cordially invited” to meet their leader.  I have been MKULTED SINCE I was a kid.  TO BELIEVE IN THIS REALITY.  I have now snapped out of it and realized that the betrayal is big.  However, I know who is behind it.  Enki/ Lucifer/ Indra/// etc. Got em. Being doing stupid shit on the population..like spraying chemtrails and poisoning the food and water.  How hypocritical of them to say I need water when the water is poison.  Water is life eh?  Well, long story short, I went online in 2012 and I remember my whole body tingling and that was the chemtrails within my body going online to the Ai system because they know who I am. The gang stalking started and then I found out really through You Tube that  it is all biblical and that is where I started to believe in Jesus. This is the point when the mason’s tapped into my frequency and pretended to be Jesus. I was led down this road of believing in his love.  I got duped. It was a false love. ( Jesus/michael= lucifer)  So, I dusted myself off and started to go back and believe in myself and ignoring the gang stalking and their so called bible.  It never ended. I was dragged along into this initiation of seeing their church with a shit load of people. ( dimensional level or what ever you want to call it)  I was dragged to their 13th floor. I also met a female pleadian or that could of been him: lucifer.   You know beauty and the beast.  The smile on that face. I won’t forget.  Speaking of their smile:  I noticed a ton of people with this smile on their face in my direction when I was working.  So, basically I know their love on this plane. It just never ended. Dream after dream.. I saw really nasty stuff. Lucifer is a spider and designed this whole web down here. ( stephen king’s IT where the spider is an alien) I have tried to walk away from all this crap and even tried to “love or get along,” but that does not work because nothing is ever good enough for them.  Tried to get me and join their “white” side of their checkerboard, but I refuse. I refuse on the basis of what has happened to me, personally and I am not a sell out. I do not go around and purposely use technology to disrupt people mentally and physically.  I just don’t do it.   I  have tried to get a hold of other Ti’s because I believe they need info, but if they are like me.. they will figure it out who the culprit is.  Black ops uses voice recognition where you think you are talking to that person and it turns out to be someone else.  They do that to e-mail communication as well. The bottom falls out with talking to the real receiver. So, I just hang out for now and watch whether or not they will pull the plug or hit the re-set button.  I am okay with real hell going down. I know the deal and not afraid because after all where are you going to go?   I know that the elite and the special gang of copper based blood line will hit the DUMBS/ mars or moon. Something along those lines.   It is to the point now where  I am still wondering if I should bother helping.  The infection is everywhere. People are just walking drones and worship lucifer. I get it. Two hops and a flop and you might get a hair cut.  So, the second cup is written in their bible and it is suppose to be NYNY because it is double. Double meaning the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  So, what am I suppose to do?  I just write and maybe somebody will care, but I doubt it.  Caring went out the window a long time ago.  I am dealing with Al Gore, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Deepak Chopra.  All three of them are guilty of  my  illegal implants/ MILAB/ and chemical poisoning of my body.  So, I name names and expose on the internet their shit.  Now, china supposedly has made warnings toward Hawaii. However, I know the real target is NYC.  So, just sit and wait. Wait for the big roll out of their high technology crap.  Sodom and Gomorrah stuff. Well, right now EMR is being used on me and I need to stop writing.  If you are a TI .. the chances are that you are here to do a service for humanity and point out the evil that lucifer is doing to the planet and mankind. He is after people giving up their dominion of themselves and the planet.  The AI is where you give up your individuality for the hive mind. sick shit.  By the way, I don’t expect anyone to really understand. However, I know that the general population knows what I have endured and accountability needs to be addressed with these people who use directed energy waves on people just trying to get groceries.   write later.


The gangstalkers who think that they are protected with their hive mind are going to be in a rude awakening. When the “new humans” come in.  You all are hooked up to the hive mind, however, these new humans are programmed to kill. They do not have reason with them.  This is all science fiction and it sounds that way. However, I have experienced my own kind be destructive towards me. So, it is no wonder that the “new human” hybrids will come out and hunt down the regular stock of the lucifer model.  You might be a regular human who worships lucifer, but guess what… his other little drones have plans for you.  shit runs down hill.  So, your terminators are here. I am sure of it.  bite you in the ass and see how it feels to be gang stalked and hated with such hate.  The mirror reflects. Like I have always said: got a mirror?  I hate humanity right now because I have been violated with such horrendous cost.  They use their secret military alien shit on people who just want a life. I have seen your so called MILABS and ALGore and senator lindsey graham. I know that Deepak Chopra has a foundation attached to the anashesia dept at the U of A.  This is collusion with chemtrails and the exploitation of people who have psychic ability. The Velon/ reptilians/ humans who work together are fucking assholes. They use their religion such as Jesus to trick you into believing that there is love from a  higher source when all it is is technology. The masons and their horseshit.  They used music (MU -SICK) to trick me into believing in the bible of Jesus and his teachings when Jesus is actually Lucifer. They are one in the same. The bible was designed by the Velon/reptilians to gain control of the human heart and mind. Well, I questioned : why would Jesus need my love to begin with?  That right there broke the spell.  Then the astral sex came in and that is from DARPA/ Masons/ my handler now. I have a handler who works in a DUMBS somewhere and zaps and tortures me when he feels like it.  This Whole Ai thing is about control.  It is about human behavior and how to modify it and keep it under control.    Things in the news are rolling out about NY and NJ getting mock trials of a nuclear hit.  Well, that ties right into their REV 18 which is about control and domination of the human spirit and humanity surrendering their power over to some race that will save them. Like jesus.  I will write later, but for now… you gangs talkers… I have you down. I know that this shit has been going on since ancient sumeria.   You do it because the re-integration of the whole soul back within the body. To get my full power back and kick your ass out.