Remember that ” They” started this war with you- TI’s.

Yes. you are in a war. A war for you. I have thought over and over that maybe this war is not for me.  Am I being used for something else?  Am I working for say, the Greys, because Alex Collier mentioned how they want to escape the Orion Empire and they might be using humanity to fight their war.  Then I think… no. It is me.  They came after me simply because I walks the streets of Rome.  Is humanity using humanity for their alien buddies? I am now wondering.  The taking of bio-energy to keep their hybrids alive? These are real questions, people.  You have to look at the reptilian and analyze things that has been said or not said.  Maybe the test is to implant you to get you to fight the aliens if and when the alien show in the sky occurs.  So, lets think about this.  Ok. The grid goes down or a major “event” occurs. You stand there and you know as a TI’s shit is going down. So, you stand and watch. You don’t freak out because you are tough. They show up… the evil ones.  Then the good ones to save you from a situation that they started.  You know they all are a part of a team. People freak out. ok. Sit back.. watch.  They say something like your govt has done things to you on a physical level and lied to you. Now, you are being spied on with implants and your whole privacy is gone. The dark side know all your likes and dislikes. I wonder if these implants are to strip you down and then build you up. This is militaristic. This is trying to change you. They do this in the military. Treat you like you are nothing and then build you back up.  This is annunaki thinking. Just like the love that you withheld is the pain that you will carry speech.  That thinking is to put you in guilt trip. To judge you.  They are the ones that has inflicted pain on you.  Remember .. how your world flipped over and they started targeting you as the bad guy.  They have the hive mind concept down and this has been going on since Sumerian times. So, here you go. I know in my book.. they have torn me down and now are trying to build me up.  I guess to help you and myself. Ever since this whole targeting thing started I never gave up on myself and I don’t want you to give up because you have to live. They just take property and re-constuct it anyhow.  ( this is an analogy) So, you need to live because you owe it to yourself and your children, if you have any, to keep going because I know they just take.  I keep going because I know damn well there are a few people out there like me. In the same boat.  I have thought about walking away, but I can’t because I know what all of this has done to me. My happiness, thoughts, being, psychic potential has been fucked with and it was all done by them.  I look back on my life and can now see how certain things were done. For example, I let some one borrow my notes and the test was a test where you could use your notes from the class lecture.  This person ( I will not give the sex) said they were sick and missed most of the important day lectures.  I was generous to lend my notes to them and then when I got the results from the teacher .. it said on the test ” to see them”.  So, I went to the office to find out what was wrong and this teacher said that my work was very similar to another persons and plagiarism is a problem.  So, I stood there and said: test me now.  Ask me anything right here and now. You know I showed up for class every time.. so test me. Teacher could not deny my attendance record.  I got the A grade.  I found out later and this person even confronted me and said ” sorry” for doing that to me. ( when they took the test.. they copied what I wrote word for word and try to pass it off as their work.)  I tell you now people.. No, they are not sorry. It was a test to see how truthful I was and to kick me out of school.   All my hard work because of THEM. I stood by my work and that is why I tell all TI’s you have to stand in your own work.  Anyhow, I am going to cut this short.  In short, we have to find a way to claim ourselves back. Our Bodies and our creative pineal gland. Get our frequency back. Our individuality because this is what is a stake. Until next time.